The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1049 - He Would Be Xie Pinggang in the Future

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Chapter 1049 He Would Be Xie Pinggang in the Future

At this moment, the two of them had lost their arrogance from before.

The few people behind them who were watching the show wanted nothing more than to cover their faces.

“Master, it’s our fault for not being able to recognize you… I hope that you will forgive us for our wrongdoings. Please don’t take it to heart with the students.” Ding Mao immediately admitted defeat. After he reacted, he lowered his head, and he bowed to Xie Qiao.

If he lowered his head now, he could still save himself. It would be terrible for him to continue being arrogant.

There was no anger on Xie Qiao’s face. She only glanced at him indifferently and said, “Xie’er is only the grand-disciple of Old Master Li. Since he’s the grand-disciple, it would be better for me to introduce you to him. Why are you keeping quiet now?”

“I wouldn’t dare…” Ding Mao broke out in cold sweat instantly.

“Is this bullying the weak and fearing the strong? That’s right, everyone has their own aspirations. A unique person like you is also rare in this world. It’s not bad to live a rare life,” Xie Qiao said with a smile.

These words immediately set Ding Mao on fire.

This Taoist master… What a vicious mouth!

His eyes were red and he looked very angry. On the other hand, Xie Qiao’s smile was even more benevolent. She was initially going to walk around. At this moment, she sat down beside a stone stool not far away and beckoned Xie Pinghuai to come forward. It was a test of his knowledge.

Xie Pinghuai was very excited.

In the past, he felt that it was not good to acknowledge a teacher. Not only was he subject to control, he was often provoked by others. For some reason, he was hated by others. He was full of trouble.

However, now, when he saw that his senior aunty could say such a casual sentence and made Ding Mao so angry that he was stifling his anger, he admired her even more now.

“Senior Aunty, look at how angry he is. We should seize the opportunity to attack him. Let him kneel and admit his mistake, right?!” Xie Pinghuai’s eyes were shining.

“If he admits his mistake, would you feel happy?” Xie Qiao could not help but smile.

“Of course, make him kneel and say that he was wrong! In the future, when he sees me turn around and leave, he wouldn’t dare to provoke me anymore!” Xie Pinghuai immediately patted his chest and said, as if he had already seen that day coming. When Xie Qiao heard that, she was quite helpless. “So, you want to learn from your eldest brother and become a person like him in the future.”

“No! I live my own life. Who wants to be like him?” Xie Pinghuai was upset.

In this world, the person he hated the most was Xie Pinggang!

Xie Qiao chuckled lightly. “Your eldest brother is like that. When he is angry, he would want to beat up whoever he hates. When he is angry, he would rush up and hit someone. In such a situation, he would probably have to crush Ding Mao into a pit before he is willing to give up. He would be so tired that his fists would be half dead. Only then would he feel happy. If you are like that, won’t you be exactly like your eldest brother?”

Xie Pinghuai was silent for a moment.

After thinking for a moment, he realized that it was indeed the case.

In other words, he would be like Xie Pinggang in the future?

He despised him very much. “Sometimes, you don’t have to use violence in order to be happy.” Xie Qiao looked at him and said seriously, “You see, this penniless master is sitting here now. Those arrogant people just now wanted to leave, but they couldn’t leave right away. Those who stayed have to do things according to this penniless master’s intention. They didn’t dare to make a loud noise or vent their dissatisfaction. That comment of mine would cause him to be ridiculed for a few years. This is much more painful than being beaten up,” Xie Qiao added.

If she were to make the other party kneel and admit his mistake, it would be that she, as an elder, was too petty and humiliated the younger generation.

Xie Pinghuai thought for a moment and admitted it.

“Just like how that procuress threw me out back then. She only said one sentence and made me a laughingstock for several years?” Xie Pinghuai said.

This matter still made him upset!

“It makes sense. For instance, eldest brother… Your eldest brother once beat up the teacher of the Royal Academy. Although he felt happy at that time, after that teacher was beaten up, even if it was his fault at first, he became a weakling later on. The one who suffered was still your eldest brother,” Xie Qiao added.

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