The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 89: Zhizhi Is Furious – 2

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Chapter 89: Zhizhi Is Furious – 2

There were a few patients around, and their family members stood not far away from them. They were unaware of the situation, so a lot of conjectures were going around in the air. “What is going on? Did he knock up her daughter? Is she now asking him for money?”

Mrs. Zhou heard the discussion about Lu Yumo and even saw someone filming them. She gained more confidence and continued. “This has nothing to do with my daughter! My family often faces financial difficulties. His mother said that if my daughter refuses to be a slave for his sister, she will tell the Lu Corporation to halt our sponsorship!

“I wouldn’t care normally, but I was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctor said that I have to have an operation, but my family can’t afford the cost. We asked them for help, but do you know what he did? He took the money to buy a gaming console for his sister! He just wants me to die!” Madam Zhou shouted angrily.

“Oh my gosh, how could he do that? Is a gaming console more important than the life of a human being?” somebody chimed in with a frown as he studied Lu Yumo from head to toe with contempt.

“Poor people like us don’t deserve to live. We’re just like dogs to them. They will spare us some food when they’re happy, but they’ll kick us away when they are not!” Mrs. Zhou pressed on. She wiped tears off her face, looking pitiful as she tried to get more people on her side. “As a large corporation, since they decided to sponsor us, how can they go back on their word? My son has to sell his blood to fund my operation, and Mrs. Lu can just buy a pair of shoes worth tens of thousands for her daughter! How can they be so cruel to us?!”

This was all part of Mrs. Zhou’s plan. She was trying to make everyone believe that her family was the one that had gotten the short end of the stick and the Lu Family was being untruthful and cruel to them. She wanted to make them the evil guy and make her own family the victim so that the public would sympathize with them and force the Lu Family to resume their sponsorship.

Zhou Rui then chimed in, “Don’t worry, mom. We don’t have to beg them. I promise I’ll get enough money to save you, even if I have to sell my blood or a kidney!”

“It’s all my fault. Were it not for me, you and your sister wouldn’t have to go through all this. I should just kill myself!”

“Don’t do it, madam. The Lu Family is a prestigious family in Yu City. They even set up a charitable organization to help those in need, so I’m sure there must have been a mistake. They’re very kind, and I believe they’ll be very willing to help your family!”

“But don’t you think Mrs. Lu has gone a little overboard? Even if they are a sponsor, they shouldn’t ask other people to be their daughter’s servants. Madam, if it’s really like you said and the Lu Family has gone back on their word, I suggest you expose their evil deeds to the media and seek justice!”

No matter the generation, there would always be a group of self-righteous people who stood on a moral high ground. They appeared to be very generous, but in reality, they were all bark and no bite. They would just take advantage of other people to make themselves look better in front of the public, and they would not accept a rebuttal.

Lu Yumo was clueless about this. He thought he could reason with them, so he said, “My sister never asked Zhou Tingting to be her slave. It’s Tingting who did the wrong thing in the first place. Besides, we earn the money by ourselves. The Lu Family did not become rich for no reason, so we have every right to utilize our fortune!”

Zhou Rui scoffed, “To hell with your right! Your family doesn’t even want to sponsor us, so why make a fuss about establishing a charitable organization? While you enjoyed the praise of the outside world, this is what you did behind everyone’s backs—you retracted our sponsorship to watch us die. Your family is a bunch of hypocrites and an unscrupulous company. I hope all of you rot in hell!”

“Watch your d*mn mouth, Zhou Rui!” Even though Lu Yumo was a domineering fellow, he had been very good to the Zhou Family. He had treated them as one of his own. He had met their demands, and he had never raised his voice before.

However, this did not mean that they could badmouth the Lu Family, especially Zhou Rui, who was cursing his family right now.

He grabbed Zhou Rui by his collar and snarled, “I dare you to repeat those words! Who’s going to rot in hell?”

“What now? Do you want to hit me? I’m your girlfriend’s brother, so go ahead and punch me if you dare!” Zhou Rui shouted back.

Lu Yumo clenched his fists, but before he could do anything, Mrs. Zhou, who had been crying just now, dashed out of the crowd and appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

She raised her arm high and aimed it at Lu Yumo’s face.

“You shameless b*stard! You’ve taken advantage of my daughter, and now you want to hit my son?”

Mrs. Zhou had appeared too suddenly, so Lu Yumo could not come back to his senses in time. He had not expected that the soft-spoken, weak woman would be capable of achieving such a feat.

It was too late for him to escape now. Just as he was about to turn his head to the side to lessen the damage, a slender hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Mrs. Zhou’s wrist before it could even touch his face.

Then, she was flung to the wall.

Lu Yumo turned his head and saw Fu Zhi, who was still sipping her bubble tea.

For a moment, a paroxysm of embarrassment, awkwardness, and sadness filled his heart. He kept his head low and said in a raspy voice, “Zhizhi...”

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