The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 78: Aunt

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Chapter 78: Aunt

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He kept his head low. His skin was fair, and the expanse from the tips of his ears to his delicate clavicle was red once his coughing fit was over.

Right now, Li Nanli resembled a wild lion having a pleasant time resting in a great grass plain while watching over his own pride. There was a satisfied grin tugging at the tips of his lips, and his gaze was so intense Fu Zhi felt like she was drowning in the deep black pools of his eyes.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she snapped back to reality. She clutched at his sleeve and his hot, burning skin seared her finger. Then, she said matter-of-factly, “It’s improper for men and women to touch each other.”

“That only applies to men and women that don’t know each other,” Li Nanli drawled in his deep voice, his dark intense eyes staring straight into Fu Zhi’s eyes. “Aunt Fu Zhi.”

Fu Zhi was left speechless.

‘Now you remember that I’m your aunt?’

Fu Zhi pressed her lips firmly and sank into thought.

Sitting on the other side of the couch, Li Nanli looked at her and said, “A doctor should treat both male patients and female patients the same way, and you’re a professional doctor. Besides, most importantly...” He paused for a moment. “You’ve been paid a large sum of money as a consultation fee.”


‘Now I remember.’

Fu Zhi was poor. She had plenty of companies under her name and she was involved in a lot of industries. However, she had handed all the money she had earned over to her family to support them.

She also had a black card, just like the black card she had given to Lu Yumo so she would know how much Lu Yumo spent whenever he used the card.

She did not like that, as she felt as if she was being watched. Therefore, she had gotten herself another card and she would pick up some odd jobs during her free time to earn some extra money.

Li Nanli turned around, but just as he was about to say something, the phone on the table rang.

It was a call from Gu Yanqi, the young master of the Gu Family from the capital. It seemed like an emergency, as the call lasted for a long while.

Fu Zhi seized this chance and pulled herself away from Li Nanli. Then, she said, “Go ahead and do whatever you need to do. Meanwhile, I’ll play my game.”

After saying that, without waiting for Li Nanli to reply, she grabbed her bag and retreated to the corner of the living hall.

Li Nanli speechlessly retracted his gaze from Fu Zhi and took a cup of warm water from the desk. He gulped the water down his throat to calm down before picking up the phone.

“Speak,” he hissed, his expression grim.

As a descendant of an aristocratic family, his placid and gentle disposition was merely a facade.

Nobody knew Li Nanli better than Gu Yanqi.

He had enlisted in the army at the age of 14. He had gone through plenty of bloodshed, and guns and bullets were nothing to him. After retiring from the frontline at the age of 18, he had relentlessly taken over the Li Corporation by pushing aside the rest of the Lis, claiming all the power for himself and becoming the only junior in the Li Family who had real power. Therefore, how was there any chance a person like this would be a gentle lamb?

Gu Yanqi straightened his body. There was noise on his side of the line, and Li Nanli reckoned that he must be having fun somewhere again.

“Tsk... It seems like someone is having a bad day, huh.”

He paused for a moment and quickly got to the topic before Li Nanli hung up the phone. “When are you coming back to finish the project?

“I heard from Jiang Jinshu that you’re now in Yu City and you’re courting a young girl? Let me teach you a lesson. If you really like her, don’t pay attention to what she says. Just pull her over to your bed and I assure you that she’ll submit to you in no time.”


On the other side of the house, Fu Zhi opened her laptop and logged in to the Twitch app. She planned to make use of the time Li Nanli was away to earn some money by live-streaming herself playing games. However, she would not show her face.

As soon as she went online, countless of her fans swarmed into her live-stream room.

For a moment, a barrage of bullet comments flitted across the screen.

[Did the sun rise from the west today? Our Grumpy Fu finally remembered that she’s a live-streamer!]

[Let’s guess how many minutes Grumpy Fu can refrain from roasting her teammates.]

[Ha ha ha! I bet 10 packets of spicy snacks that she will hold herself back for three minutes, no less than that!]

[The more I think about yesterday’s match, the angrier I become. I didn’t perform well when I was arguing with my teammates, so I want to see Grumpy roast her teammates today!]

[Don’t let us down, Grumpy. If you hold yourself back for three minutes, I’ll give you plenty of rockets!]

Fu Zhi opened her game. While the game was loading, she took a peek at the comments in the live room.

This class of netizens was really difficult. They did not care about her technique. They just wanted to hear her voice.

She then warned them in her indifferent voice, “I’m going to report all of you for gambling.”

The netizens were stunned when they heard Fu Zhi’s voice. When they finally came back to their senses, they posted another barrage of bullet comments on the screen.

[Ahhh!! Here it comes! Here it comes! Grumpy Fu has returned! Can all of you hear my laughter now?]

[Oh, my god! Her voice is so sexy!]

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. Therefore, she decided to ignore them and focus on her game.

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