The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 73: A Poor Family

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Chapter 73: A Poor Family

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Zhou Tingting stood in silence for a moment, and then tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“There’s no way a national research institute like the FZ Research Institute is going to allow you to take photos or videos. We made a promise to each other. Do you still remember? If I got first place, I’d take you to the institute. Now, your sister cheated and took my victory away. Do you love me? Do you want to help me fulfill my dream?”

She paused for a moment, as if she was afraid that Lu Yumo might not agree with her, and then pressed on. “Lu Yumo, if you don’t take me to the institute, I’ll break up with you today!”


Meanwhile, in the Lu Family’s mansion...

Xu Wei was sitting beside Fu Zhi’s bed and sending messages to her parents as Fu Zhi put her dress into her closet.

While she was waiting for a response from the other side, she turned her head and asked, “Zhizhi, how did you know Li Luo? And don’t you have to wash the dress and return it to her?”

“No, we don’t need to return the dress,” replied Fu Zhi as she put the can of candy on the table. “Li Luo is an orphan, and the two of us used to stay in the same orphanage.”

It was only then that Xu Wei saw the light. “Aww, you two must be very close to each other then.”

However, Fu Zhi replied, “Well, I wouldn’t say we’re close. She’s more or less like a frenemy of mine.”

Xu Wei was speechless. She would have believed her if Li Luo had not given her daughter such an expensive dress.

That said, Xu Wei had no idea why but she had a weird feeling that her daughter was not satisfied with the dress.

“Let mommy take you to buy some of Yu City’s special products tomorrow so that you can mail them to her as a token of gratitude.”

After saying that, Xu Wei paused for a moment before adding, “That will strengthen your friendship as well.”

Fu Zhi thought for a moment and shook her head. “I don’t think that’s necessary. She thought I was an orphan like her and said we’re in sync.”

Xu Wei was left speechless.

‘But you really were an orphan before!’

Xu Wei did not know how to continue the conversation. She let out a dry laugh and said, “I think the meal is ready. Let’s go downstairs and eat.”

Today was Saturday, and Xu Wei wanted Fu Zhi to meet her parents.

Therefore, while they were eating, Xu Wei filled Fu Zhi in on her family’s condition. “You have a granny and a grandpa who are now staying with your uncle in the capital. They have to work so they can fly here to meet you, but your aunt and her family are staying in Yu City. I’ll take you to meet them after they’ve returned from their vacation.”

Xu Wei had told Fu Zhi before that her family was poor and she came from the countryside as well. There was a large gap between her and Lu Jingqing, which was why Madam Lu had been looking down on her. She was afraid that Xu Wei might steal the Lu Family’s money to help her own family.

However, the truth was that Xu Wei’s parents had a backbone. They refused to depend on Xu Wei, as they said they had superannuation funds. Besides, Fu Zhi had heard that they had also found a job as sanitation workers to keep themselves busy.

They would go to sweep the street every day regularly, and nobody could stop them.

When she reached this point, Xu Wei frowned and let out a sigh. “I’ve tried to give your uncle money, but he never wants it. The house prices in the capital are tremendously high, so they live next to the city. The signal over there is so poor that I can’t get through to them a few days a month.”

Even though the Xu Family was poor, they loved to send money to Xu Wei, as they were afraid that she might be having a rough time with the Lu Family.

However, Xu Wei had never used the money before.

After all, that money was her parents’ lifeline savings, and since she was an adult, there was no way she would use their money anymore.

Fu Zhi’s voice was soft as she said, “They are good people...”

Just as Fu Zhi was about to tell Xu Wei that she had a few houses in the capital, Xu Wei’s phone rang.

She picked up the video call and two faces appeared on the screen.

They were Xu Wei’s parents.

They were both wearing white robes and they also had disposable gloves on their hands. It seemed to Fu Zhi that they had just returned from work.

Even though they were in their mid-sixties, they looked energetic and kind because they exercised regularly.

Their house was dim, and there seemed to be a blackboard behind them. There was a series of characters written in chalk on the board that Xu Wei could not recognize.

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