The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 72: The Flower On The Other Side Of The Wall Is Sweeter

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Chapter 72: The Flower On The Other Side Of The Wall Is Sweeter

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When Fu Zhi was six years old, she had come across the following line while reading a book: Family members have to tolerate and understand each other.

Thus, even though she knew Madam Lu bore hostility toward her, she was willing to send medicine to her regularly.

After all, she did not want the relationship between her father and Madam Lu to go sour because of her.

However, Zhou Tingting was a whole different case.

She was an outsider, so there was no reason for Fu Zhi to facilitate her attitude.

At first, Lu Yumo had been quite happy when Fu Zhi had given him the access card. However, after what she had told him about Zhou Tingting, this turned into a hot potato for him. He paced in the field back and forth nervously as he fell into thought.

Zhou Tingting’s tears had run dry by the time he found her.

There was an anxious expression etched on her face as she said with a pout, “Where have you been? I have been looking for you everywhere!”

She had a pretty face and she knew how to utilize it to her best advantage. Thus, she was very certain that nobody, especially men, would reject a pretty lady in tears.

Just as she had expected, Lu Yumo panicked. He pushed every thought out of his head as he began to comfort her. “Don’t cry, I’m right here. Crying is bad for your eyes. Did you run into any trouble?”

Zhou Tingting cried even harder, attracting the attention of several students passing by the field. However, she paid them no mind. She buried her head deeper into Lu Yumo’s chest and bailed her eyes out to her heart’s content.

Lu Yumo did not know what had happened to his girlfriend. He had an idea, but he was not sure. With a hesitant tone, he asked, “Is it your mom?”

Zhou Tingting came from a poor family. She had a younger brother who had dropped out of school to work, a father with a gambling problem, and a mother with severe leukemia that could only depend on expensive drugs to stay alive.

She was stumped for a moment, as she had no idea why Lu Yumo would think of this. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and blubbered, “She’s fine... But not for long.”

Lu Yumo replied, “Why is that?”

Zhou Tingting said, “Your mother is retracting my sponsorship. I’m sure you are very familiar with my family’s condition. It was your family who insisted on sponsoring me. However, just as my mom finally had a chance to get off her sickbed and feel the sunlight, just as she finally found a bone marrow match and was about to have the operation, your mother cruelly snatched her right to live.”

She paused for a moment before continuing her tantrum. “Yumo, your mother has gone overboard this time! I don’t care! This is not about me. This is for my mother’s sake! Yumo, you have to tell your mother that what she did was terribly wrong!”

Lu Yumo remained silent, standing as stiff as a ramrod. While looking at Lu Yumo, Zhou Tingting bit her lips and decided to go for the ultimate move. She attempted to grab his arm, but before she could reach him, he was startled and he jumped two steps away.

Lu Yumo knew his mother very well. Once his mother decided to do something, no one could change her mind.

Besides, it was Zhou Tingting who had come and asked him for the sponsorship. He did not understand why she would say it was them who had insisted on sponsoring her.

Lu Yumo looked at Zhou Tingting in confusion, but the latter did not notice.

She lowered her head and wiped the tears off her face with the back of her hand, trying to look like a fragile little girl who was deeply hurt.

“My mom dotes on Fu Zhi a lot. Last time Fu Zhi was upset with me, my mom chased me for half a mile with a chicken duster.”

Lu Yumo let out a sigh. His voice was filled with sadness when he spoke again. “The flower on the other side of the wall is always sweeter. My mom, my dad, and even my younger brother favor Fu Zhi more than me. Since you offended Fu Zhi this time, I’m sure my mom will not sponsor you anymore no matter what I say.”

What he did not tell Zhou Tingting was that if he really went to tell his mom that it was wrong to retract Zhou Tingting’s sponsorship, he was certain that his dad would kill him first.

Zhou Tingting looked at Lu Yumo in disbelief.

Truth be told, Lu Yumo loved the girl before him from the bottom of his heart. Therefore, he comforted her. “Don’t worry. Even if my mom doesn’t agree to keep sponsoring you, I can ask my dad. I’m sure he won’t fold his arms and watch your mom die.”

Zhou Tingting’s heart skipped a beat. “Then I...”

“No matter what you want, I’ll try my best to get it for you,” Lu Yumo assured her.

Zhou Tingting bit her lower lip, as she could not accept this kind of result. However, she knew there was nothing else Lu Yumo could do, so she did not press on. After all, if she pushed him too hard, he might rebel against her.

Even though she was furious in her heart, she did not allow her anger to appear on her face. With a faint smile, she said, “I’m already very happy that you’re willing to help my mom. No matter what happens to me in the future, you’ll be there for me, right?”

Lu Yumo nodded.

Zhou Tingting’s smile broadened, and she accidentally saw the access card in his hand. Her heart somersaulted in her chest as she blurted, “Did Fu Zhi really give the access card to you?!”

Her voice was sharp, and Lu Yumo was startled. Before Zhou Tingting could say anything else, he replied, “Yeah. I’ll be going to the FZ Research Institute tomorrow. I know visiting the institute is your dream, but Mr. Du made it very clear that you’re not welcome at the institute, so I’ll take a lot of pictures and videos for you!”

Zhou Tingting was stumped.

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