The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 57: Qipao Versus Bellflower Dress

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Chapter 57: Qipao Versus Bellflower Dress

Not long after Fu Zhi arrived at the dressing room, she received a call from the delivery man. The dress that Xu Wei had made for her had arrived. She turned around and glanced at Su Xing, who was making grunting noises from time to time.

She thought that Su Xing resembled her mother a lot. Both of them were made of water, and all it took was a single poke for them to start spraying water uncontrollably.

She let out a sigh and pulled her up from the chair. Then, both of them headed to the security room to retrieve her parcel.

The moment she left the dressing room, a commotion broke out among the girls.

The number of female participants in the English Public Speaking Competition was on the high side. Most of them had dressed up, and their makeup and hair had been done to perfection. They surrounded Lu Wanchu and began talking until someone came in.

A person poked his head through the door and said, “Lu Chuwan, Fu Zhi. Come and take your dress.”

Lu Chuwan had just gotten her makeup done. She pressed the spot between her eyebrows, as she did not like it when someone mentioned her name and Fu Zhi’s name in the same sentence.

Soon enough, Xu Tongtong placed the parcel on the vanity.

Since both boxes had the Kimorty logo printed on them, it was impossible to know which one contained Lu Chuwan’s dress by looking at the box alone. Therefore, Xu Tongtong decided to open both boxes.

The dress inside the box on the right side was a qipao. It had been made using the Chinese traditional embroidery technique, and there were plenty of peonies in different sizes and colors stitched on the hemline. It was splendiferously stunning. As for the rhinestone-embellished bellflower dress in the box on the left side, it had a flowing line, which was essential to the beauty of a dress. Also, even though it incorporated the popular minimalist element, with the embellishment of the rhinestones, it elevated the overall aesthetic appearance of the dress.

The eyes of everyone in the dressing room glowed up as they focused on the bellflower dress. “I’ve never seen this type of dress in Kimorty before. The rhinestones are so bright they look like authentic diamonds!”

“Wanwan, who bought you this dress? It’s so beautiful! I’d really like to try it on!”

“It’s from my second aunt. She knows I’m participating in a competition, so she ordered a dress for me from Kimorty. It’s not something valuable or anything. If you like it, I can give it to you after the competition,” Lu Chuwan said as she picked up the bellflower dress. She glanced at the qipao and then added nonchalantly, “Tongtong, I’m going to get changed. Remember to pass the qipao to Fu Zhi when she comes back later.”

Xu Tongtong nodded.

Lu Chuwan then went into the fitting cubicle. It took her about three minutes to put on the dress. When she came out, she raised the hemline with her hands and turned around, causing the rhinestones on the dress to shine even brighter under the light of the dressing room.

The bellflower dress fit her slim body perfectly and made Lu Chuwan look like a princess that had come out of a fairytale.

There was a smile on her face, and even the makeup artists in the dressing room knew that she was in a good mood.

Xu Tongtong went closer to her and exclaimed, “Oh my lord, Wanwan, you look absolutely stunning! It’s like the dress was made for you! You’re just like a princess walking out of a fairytale!”

Flushing slightly, Lu Chuwan touched the tight shoulder straps and waistline and said, “Alright, stop being so dramatic. I’m not a princess. It’s all thanks to my second aunt for ordering such a beautiful dress for me.”

“Well, it’s because you’re pretty that the dress looks good on you!” A girl chimed in, her voice filled with admiration. “Your second aunt is really good to you. She treats you just like her own daughter!”

Lu Chuwan glanced at Fu Zhi’s seat and the black qipao. Due to the fact that the dress was very tight, she had to speak very carefully to prevent the buttons from popping off. “My second aunt has loved me very much since I was young.”

Everyone started booing after she finished speaking.

Since Lu Chuwan was the first to go on stage, after she dressed up, she went out to familiarize herself with the surroundings.

By the time Fu Zhi returned, she only found a black qipao on her chair.

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