The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 55: Under The Orders Of The Country

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Chapter 55: Under The Orders Of The Country

There was a group of seven to eight people inside the shop. Suddenly, a young man’s voice cut through the commotion. “Take off your mask and let me see. This is the first time I come across a person with a disability!”

Su Xing did not say anything. She clutched tightly her bubble tea and took one step back, eliciting yet another bout of chuckles from the group of young men.

The young man who had spoken just now reached out for Su Xing and stopped her from getting away. “Hey, don’t rush off, we’re not done yet. I asked you to take off your face mask. What are you still waiting for? It’s not like your arm is broken or anything.”

Another young man chimed in, his words offensive and his tone ear-grating. “Yeah, right. Don’t you feel stuffy wearing a face mask on this hot day?”

Meanwhile, a girl was leaning against the counter. She was recording this farce with her phone, and perhaps she had gotten impatient with Su Xing’s uncooperativeness, as she shouted, “Stop acting like you’re the victim here, Su Xing! I remember you being very active and talkative in front of Song Fang and Lu Zihang, so why are you behaving like you’re being forced now? Chop-chop! Do whatever Brother Xu told you!”

Su Xing kept her head low. She protected her face mask with her hand, but her eyes were misted over.

“Show us how ugly you are, two o’clock beauty queen. All of us are curious to know why they call you that.”

The young man called Brother Xu clicked his tongue and said, “Forget about it. She doesn’t understand a thing we said. All we want her to do is just take off her face mask and let us see her face, but she acts as if we’re going to strip her naked and ask her to run in her birthday suit. Tsk, what a disappointment.”

“Take off her clothes then, Brother Xu,” said the girl who was recording with a chuckle. “Even though she’s ugly, who knows, she may have fair skin and big boobs underneath her clothes.”

She controlled her voice well enough to be heard by everyone in the shop.

The young man snubbed out his cigarette and began pressing forward and approaching Su Xing. The crowd in the shop started to hoot as his grin grew wider. He reached out for Su Xing’s arm, but just as he was about to remove her face mask, a slender fair hand appeared out of nowhere and stopped his hand in midair.

He turned his head to the back, and the first thing that rammed into his vision was Fu Zhi’s cold, apathetic eyes. There was no expression on her face as she said, “Get lost.”

Wu Xu was stunned. He stared at Fu Zhi blankly, as he had not expected a pretty girl to say something like that to him.

“What if I don’t?” Wu Xu snapped back to reality and clutched at his arm to ease the pain. When he looked at Fu Zhi’s eyes, he felt as if he had been absorbed into a deep abyss that consisted of nothing but darkness. His heart skipped a beat. However, he forced himself to calm down and sneered, “Are you going to kill me?”

Fu Zhi raised her brows.

“Mind your own business, little girl. Go find a mirror and look at yourself. If you’re not strong enough, then you better stay out of this. Otherwise, not only am I going to remove her face mask, but I will also remove your clothes...”

As he was talking, he leered at Fu Zhi from head to toe. However, before he could continue, the pretty girl before him said, “You talk too much.”

There was a group of people standing outside the shop.

Fu Zhi grabbed Wu Xu’s collar and pulled him closer to her.

Then, she tightened her grip and lifted the young man, who was taller than her, off the ground. While Wu Xu’s brain could not comprehend what was happening, Fu Zhi had already performed a swift and clean shoulder throw, flipping him over her shoulder and slamming him hard against the floor.

Wu Xu screamed out in pain, feeling as if his bones had broken.

Fu Zhi leaned forward and rested her arm on her knees. She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her hand. Then, in an indifferent voice, she said, “You’re too young, dude. You don’t know how scary this world could be, and I... could really kill you.”

The expressions of the other young men changed after Fu Zhi finished her sentence. Normally, they were the bullies. When had they been humiliated like this before?

“F*ck! Let’s get her together. We must show her who is the boss today!”

Fu Zhi glanced at the four young men that charged toward her. Su Xing was so terrified that she stepped in front of Fu Zhi, but she was pushed aside by a hand. Then, the scene that took place before her stunned her to the core.

No sooner had Fu Zhi delivered a kick on one of the men’s calf than she had raised her arm high in the air. Then, seizing this chance while the next person entered a trance, she clawed at his collar and flipped him over her shoulder.

Her movements were connected and fluid. Her eyes were bright as stars, and her gaze was so cold that it could freeze someone to death.

Apparently, she had practiced martial arts before.

In less than one minute, the group of arrogant young men was wriggling in pain on the floor.

The shop had gone quiet, and everyone was staring at Fu Zhi in disbelief.

She stuffed her phone back into her pocket. Then, she grabbed Su Xing by her arm and the two of them exited the bubble tea shop.

Next to the bubble tea shop was a stationery store. Fu Zhi went inside and bought a bag of face masks. Then, she found a corner and helped Su Xing put on a new face mask.

Keeping her head low, Su Xing sobbed, speaking intermittently. “Zhizhi... Is... Is your hand hurt? You... You shouldn’t have fought with them for me. This is all my fault.”

Su Xing bought bubble tea for Fu Zhi every day. If it had been anyone else, Fu Zhi would not have cared if they were crying or laughing, but Su Xing was different from the others.

She was a good person. Fu Zhi had a lot of patience for good people. It was just that there was something she did not understand.

“When did I fight with anyone?”

Su Xing wiped the tears off her face and replied, “You just did?”

Fu Zhi replied, “That’s called an eye for an eye. I just did to them what they did to you, that’s it. I did not fight with them.”

Dumbfounded by the answer, Su Xing suddenly stopped crying. Confusion was written all over her face as she said, “Is, is that so? But our school makes it very clear that anyone caught fighting will face immediate expulsion. My family is rich. I’ll try to ask my parents to donate more money to the school so that they won’t expel you.”

“Why would the school want to expel me? What they did to you inside the shop just now is considered physical abuse, and our national laws allow those who get bullied to fight back and defend themselves.”

Fu Zhi looked at Su Xing with her brows deeply furrowed. She could not fathom why Su Xing would worry about such a thing. Thus, she asked, “It’s perfectly legal for us to fight back, so why not?”

“But our school...”

“No.1 High School is a government school. It’s controlled by the government, so that means we fought back under the orders of our country. There’s nothing our school could do to us.”

“You, you’re right...”

Su Xing, who had been successfully sidetracked by Fu Zhi’s strange ideas, had finally stopped crying. She stared at Fu Zhi in admiration, feeling as if she was swimming in a sea of knowledge.

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