The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 50: FZ Research Institute

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Chapter 50: FZ Research Institute

Zhou Tingting stared at Fu Zhi’s back, gnashing her teeth and clenching her fists so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

The students in the corridor were slowly returning to their respective classes one after another.

Her countenance did not get better until she went downstairs and submitted the registration form to the academic affairs office.

The English Competition held by No.1 High School was a large-scale event. She wanted to show Fu Zhi that she was better and more qualified than her to become the foster daughter of the Lu Family by participating in the competition.


The first class in the afternoon was Mrs. Zhou’s English class. She had a fiery temper and was well known as a hellcat among their English group.

The moment Zhou Tingting flipped open her book, she heard Mrs. Zhou shout from the podium, “Who is Fu Zhi? Stand up and let me have a look.”

Fu Zhi quit her game and rose to her feet. She was wearing a white school uniform with blue lining, and a small portion of her fair skin was exposed when she lowered her head.

She looked like a well-behaved girl and she was good-looking. She did not seem like a kid that had grown up in the orphanage to the teacher.

Sun Xia observed her for a little while longer, as she was clearly stunned by Fu Zhi’s beauty. Then, she distributed the competition number for the English Public Speaking Competition to Fu Zhi and said, “Since you’ve signed up for the competition, you’ll have to work harder.”

She stared at the girl with her steely gaze and added, “This time, the English Public Speaking Competition will be a whole new ballgame. We received a sponsorship from the FZ Research Institution in the capital, and the first prize winner will be given a ticket to visit the institution.”

A commotion broke out in Class 21 as soon as Sun Xia finished speaking.

“The FZ Research Institution? Isn’t that the most advanced research institute of the Fu Corporation, the largest aviation group in China?”

“That’s a national research institute! I heard that it’s extremely tough to get in there, yet they are giving the first prize winner a chance to visit the institute?”

“I used to follow a professor on Weibo before. He applied to enter the institute once, but his application was turned down.”

“Oh my, I can foresee that the competition is going to be very intense this time!”

“Hmm, I don’t think so. Zhou Tingting has been winning the competition for many years, so I guess the same will happen this year as well.”

Sun Xia knew Fu Zhi came from a small town, so she did not have many hopes for her. Therefore, she comforted her halfheartedly. “Don’t worry so much, Fu Zhi. Even though the FZ Research Institution is out of your league, you can still work for the... Well, all participants will be given a consolation prize. I think you can work to get that!”

Fu Zhi was both speechless and confused.

The consolation prize aside, she was the boss of the FZ Research Institution, so she did not understand why it was out of her league.

It went without saying that Sun Xia did not know what Fu Zhi was thinking. She had placed all her hopes on Zhou Tingting.

In her opinion, Zhou Tingting was the entire opposite of Fu Zhi. She had received a sponsorship from the Lu Family when she was young. Not only could she speak fluent English, but she had also picked up many skills, such as ballet and playing the violin.

As for Fu Zhi, she had just been taken in by the Lu Family not long ago. She had missed the best age to learn some skills and acquire talent and she would not have the time to do so either, as high school was busy.

In comparison, Zhou Tingting looked more like the adopted daughter of the Lu Family than Fu Zhi.

With her head hanging low, Fu Zhi took a look at the number and said, “I appreciate your encouragement, but I didn’t sign up for the competition.”

“What do you mean you didn’t sign up for the competition?” Sun Xia frowned. She checked the registration form again in confusion and said, “But your name is on the list...”

Before she could finish speaking, Zhou Zihuai’s clear voice wafted into her ears. “Teacher, I signed up...”

Sun Xia was stumped. Then, she turned to Zhou Tingting and asked, “What is going on, Tingting? Can you give me an explanation?”

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