The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 600 - Leave It To Me

Chapter 600: Leave It To Me

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There was a moment of silence at the university front gate.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Their eyes were focused on Zhao Qingxue.

“Bro… Brother Hao, look, there’s a beautiful police officer!”

Cao Fei patted Tang Hao’s shoulder as he tried to stop himself from drooling as he looked at Zhao Qingxue.

“Damn! What a seductive uniform!” He muttered and gulped hard.

Zhao Qingxue glared at him coldly, which made Cao Fei instantly clam up. He coughed softly and tried to look innocent.

Her gaze swept past the crowd and eventually landed on Tang Hao.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed with a hint of cunning.

She walked over with a straight face and said, “Tang Hao, right? Follow me to the station!”

Cao Fei and the others were immediately shocked.

‘Why does she look like she was going to arrest Brother Hao?’

“Brother Hao, what did you do this time?” Cao Fei and the others asked curiously.

“I’m suspecting him of stealing!” Zhao Qingxue said coldly and shouted at Tang Hao, “Get in the car quickly! Do I need to use the handcuffs?”

As she said that, she retrieved a pair of handcuffs from her waist.

“Damn, Brother Hao, you’re already so rich, but you still want to steal!” Cao Fei and the others were stunned.

Tang Hao looked at her, feeling a little helpless.

She raised her eyebrows, feeling a little proud. She even winked at Tang Hao, hinting to him to cooperate.

Tang Hao had no choice but to obediently walk away and sit in the car.

“You can go without worry, Brother Hao! We’ll take care of Beauty Queen Shi for you!” Cao Fei and the rest stood in a row and waved at Tang Hao, their faces full of affection.

“Dammit, these animals!” Tang Hao cursed under his breath.

Zhao Qingxue got into the car, started the engine, stepped on the accelerator, and drove away.

After driving for a while, she could not help but laugh and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so cooperative!”

Tang Hao smiled helplessly and said, “Weren’t you in a hurry just now? Why did you do all this? Also, next time you want to frame me for something, at least make up something more believable! Who would believe that I stole something?”

Zhao Qingxue lifted her chin and grunted lightly, “You did steal something! That’s right!”

“What did I steal?”

Zhao Qingxue pursed her lips and smiled. She raised her hand and pointed at her chest, saying, “My heart!”

Tang Hao was at a loss for a reply.

“So? You have nothing to say, right?” Zhao Qingxue said smugly.

Tang Hao coughed lightly and said sternly, “Alright, let’s talk about serious business! What’s the emergency?”

Zhao Qingxue’s expression also became serious. “A serious situation happened earlier. At the north of the city, a person wielded a knife and barged into a kindergarten. He injured several teachers and held several children hostage. That happened not very long ago.”

In an instant, Tang Hao’s expression changed.


“That’s right! The perpetrator is a man in his fifties. His identity is still being investigated. The incident happened not long ago.”

Tang Hao’s expression darkened.

He read similar news on the Internet, but he had never thought that it would happen so close to him.

How depraved a man had to be to harm innocent children?

“Such incidents happen all over Huaxia, but it’s the first time it happens in Provincial City,” Zhao Qingxue said.

“At the moment, we are still caught in a standoff with him. If we force our way in, there might be casualties. We can’t deploy the snipers because we don’t have a good position. That’s why I thought of looking for you!”

Tang Hao frowned, and his gaze turned cold.

“Leave this… to me!” Tang Hao said.

“Alright!” She replied.

She stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped up.

The police lights on the roof of the car flashed as it whizzed on the road.

Seven or eight minutes later, they arrived at the kindergarten.

Police lines surrounded the area. Many police cars were parked all around, and the place was crowded with nosy onlookers.

The car stopped outside the police lines. The two of them got out of the car and walked inside.

When they walked through the front gate, they saw that the inside was full of police officers. Zhao Wuyang was among them, and there was even a SWAT team.

The police officers were huddled up in the middle of a discussion.

However, they were all frowning. The perpetrator had picked a perfect location to hide. There was no way to snipe him, and if the police stormed into the classroom, the risk would be too high. People might get hurt or die if they were not careful.

Children were inside! Who would dare to risk their lives?

The only thing they could do now was to try their best to calm down the perpetrator so that he would not do anything drastic. Meanwhile, they would look for another way to subdue him.

“Damn it, this bastard! He’s such a coward. What kind of a man is he to threaten a child!” A police officer said angrily.

The two people who walked through the gate attracted their attention.

“Hey! Isn’t that Officer Zhao? Who’s that guy?”

Many people’s eyes lit up when they saw Zhao Qingxue, but they were confused when they saw the person next to her.

Many of them who knew Tang Hao were shocked.

“Why did you bring him here, Qingxue?” Zhao Wuyang said.

“Leave this to him, Big Bro!” Zhao Qingxue said.

“Well…” Zhao Wuyang hesitated.

He looked at Tang Hao and said, “Are you confident?”

“Brief me about the situation first!” Tang Hao said.

“Look, it’s in that classroom over there. The perpetrator is holding three children hostage, and they’re in this corner.” As he said that, he pointed to one side.

Tang Hao looked in the direction of Zhao Wuyang’s finger and saw that it was a room on the second floor.

Then, Zhao Wuyang showed him the floor plan and pointed to one of the corners of the classroom.

Tang Hao frowned and sank deep into thought.

The special police officers were puzzled.

“Who is he, Captain Zhao? Don’t tell me you want him to save the children? What a joke!” The SWAT captain’s expression changed.

He thought that Captain Zhao was going to give the task to that guy. However, the guy looked like a teenager! He did not look like an expert!

Moreover, he was not a police officer. How could Captain Zhao allow him to do their job? If an accident were to happen, all of them would be finished!

Zhao Wuyang said, “It’s fine, Captain Lei. He’s very powerful. He’s not a mundane person!”

When Captain Lei heard that, he sized up Tang Hao again and sneered, “How powerful can he be? Can he fly? Looking at the circumstances, I’m afraid he won’t be able to do anything, no matter how powerful he might be!

“The police force has rules, Captain Zhao. You can’t act recklessly. Once something happens, not only will you be finished, but I’ll also be implicated.”

Zhao Wuyang did not respond. Instead, he looked at Tang Hao.

“There’s no problem!” Tang Hao said, “Leave it to me!”

His words caused a commotion all around.

“Dammit! Who is he? He has such a big mouth! Does he think he can save people just by himself?”

“How arrogant!”

Many police officers, especially those in the SWAT, laughed out loud.

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