The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 599 - Zhao Qingxue Is Here

Chapter 599: Zhao Qingxue Is Here

“Here, Brother Hao! These are all for you!”

Cao Fei and the others went out during class and brought back a bunch of love letters.

They dumped them on the table, which formed a small hill.

Tang Hao opened his mouth, but he was speechless.

Cao Fei and the others were impassive. They sighed forlornly after they returned to their seats.

“So many girls out there, but why isn’t anyone interested in me?”

“I think it’s because we’re too close to Brother Hao. His brilliance outshines all of us!”

“That makes sense!”

The people were discussing in secret. From time to time, they would turn around to steal glances at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes at them.

He picked up a few love letters and read them, feeling a headache creeping in.

‘Should I throw them away?

‘That’s not very appropriate. Never mind, I’ll just pack them up like last time!’

With that thought in mind, Tang Hao opened his backpack and stuffed the love letters inside.

As he did so, the sound of high heels came from the door. A beautiful figure walked in. It was Jiang Wanying.

She wore a pink one-piece dress, which accentuated the curves of her body.

Her makeup was exquisite, and her hair was permed into a slightly wavy shape. She looked extremely fashionable and beautiful.


The entire classroom was filled with exclamations.

Teacher Jiang’s style of dress had usually been simple and clean, but her sudden change in fashion sense had caused everyone’s eyes to sparkle.

Even Tang Hao was stunned.

Teacher Jiang looked completely different.

“Wow! Teacher, you look so beautiful today!”

“I didn’t know you’re so good at make-up, Teacher!” The girls shouted excitedly.

“Teacher, are you in love?” Liu Feifei teased her.

Jiang Wanying was surprised. Her pretty face immediately blushed. Then, she reprimanded, “What nonsense are you talking about! Enough of the gossip!”

Meanwhile, Tang Hao, sitting at the back of the class, almost coughed.

His gaze swept towards the podium, while Jiang Wanying’s gaze happened to look at him at the same time. When their eyes met, they were both stunned for a moment before quickly looking away.

“Alright, enough talk. Let’s start the class!” Jiang Wanying said sternly and put on a serious face.

During the class, when she walked past Tang Hao, she even praised him deliberately.

“You did well last night, Tang Hao! You brought honor to our faculty and our class!”

It was already noon after class.

The students rushed out of the classrooms and into the cafeteria.

Just as Tang Hao was about to leave, Jiang Laoshi shot him a glance. It was obvious that she wanted him to stay.

“Follow me to the office!”

She packed her things, walked out of the classroom on her high heels, and into her office.

After putting down her teaching materials, she walked over and closed the door.

She turned around and stared at Tang Hao with a curious gaze.

“What?” Tang Hao asked.

“That’s a lot of love letters! You’re becoming more and more popular!”Jiang Wanying said with a smile.


Tang Hao immediately touched his nose, feeling a little awkward.

She smiled mischievously, walked over, and hugged Tang Hao.

“I don’t care anyway… Don’t move! Let me hug you properly!”

As she remained in that position, she rested her face on his broad shoulders. Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and she seemed relaxed.

For a long time, neither of them moved.

The office was silent.

Footsteps could be heard walking past the door and across the corridor from time to time.

Even though Tang Hao had experienced it a few times, he was nonetheless a little nervous.

She felt the same. Her heart was beating rapidly.

“Do I… look good today?” She abruptly said softly.


“Then… should I always dress like this?”


After cuddling for a long time, her stomach suddenly growled.

In an instant, her pretty face blushed.

“It’s time to eat!” Tang Hao said.

“No, you have to let me kiss you! Every time I see you, I want to kiss you!” She raised her head and looked at Tang Hao obsessively.

Then, she slowly closed her eyes and brought her lips to his.

This kiss was especially long.

She took a step back when she was almost out of breath. She was a little embarrassed, but that gave her a special charm.

“Okay! Let’s go!”

She adjusted her dress, picked up her bag, and opened the door.

She waited until there was no one in the corridor before she walked out.

The next three days passed in the blink of an eye. The hype from the welcoming party had gradually died down.

In those three days, Tang Hao went to the film set after class. It was quite relaxing.

The movie was almost done. It would be wrapped up in half a month. At the same time, the post-production special effects were in progress.

Although the action scenes required no special effects, some scenes required them. However, they were all relatively simple.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao had been in contact with Liu Bingyao. She said that the music video had been filmed and the album would be released soon.

One afternoon, after class, Tang Hao walked out with Cao Fei and the others.

“It’s still early, Brother Hao. Are we going anywhere?” Cao Fei said.

“What’s interesting?” Tang Hao said.

“Let’s play basketball!”Zhuo Hang said, “I’ll bring you to meet the varsity team!”

“I’m not interested!” Tang Hao said.

He would completely crush the varsity team if he played basketball with them. There was no challenge at all!

“Let’s play snooker, Brother Hao! Or maybe go to the arcade? Oh right, Brother Hao, do you play any games?” Cao Fei said.

“I’m not interested either!” Tang Hao shook his head.

“Karaoke!” Cao Fei said again.

“That’s not bad!” Tang Hao said.

“Alright, karaoke it is!” Cao Fei said excitedly.

At this moment, Tang Hao’s phone rang.

Tang Hao picked it up, took a look, and was surprised. It was from Zhao Qingxue.

“Hello, Tang Hao! Where are you?”

Zhao Qingxue’s anxious voice came through the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Hao’s expression became serious when he heard that.

“There’s something urgent that requires your help! Where are you now?” Zhao Qingxue said anxiously.

“At university!”

“Alright, I’ll come over right now. Wait for me at the door!”

Zhao Qingxue ended the call after saying that.

Tang Hao put his phone away and frowned.

“What’s wrong, Brother Hao?” Cao Fei and the others asked.

“There’s something urgent. I can’t join you all!” Tang Hao said apologetically.

Cao Fei and the others seemed disappointed.

“Take this!” Tang Hao took out his wallet, from which he retrieved ten one-hundred-yuan bills, and handed them over. “You guys go enjoy yourselves!”

“Thank you, Brother Hao!” Cao Fei and the others immediately beamed with joy.

The people walked out of the university front gate.

Soon, they heard the sound of a police siren coming from not far away. A police car whistled over like the wind and stopped at the gate, in front of Tang Hao and his friends.

As the car door opened, a graceful figure stepped out. She wore a police uniform, which made her look valiant and heroic.

She had an oval face, her eyebrows were like brush strokes, and her skin was as fair as snow. Her beauty was breath-taking, and she was none other than Zhao Qingxue.

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