The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 1194 - Protect Her Safety   

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Chapter 1194: Protect Her Safety 

Rong Xiu detected the gust of cold wind attacking him from behind. His eyes turned harsh, and the golden light in his palm moved! 

Suddenly, he paused in his movement, his face looking confused for once. 

With that moment of hesitation, that sharp arrow had reached behind him and was about to pierce through his body! 

“Rong Xiu!” When Elder Shu Feng and the rest saw this scene from afar, they were stunned as they widened their eyes. They hollered, “Quickly move away!” 

How could Rong Xiu be distracted at this point?! 

Jin Lei sneered, and the corner of his lips curled up. His eyes were filled with mockery as if victory was in his hands. Rong Xiu is very good at combat. The crowd surrounded him and attacked him, but we couldn’t get much of an upper hand. But so what? At such a critical moment when he couldn’t be hesitant and distracted, a minor mistake will cause severe consequences! 

But just when Jin Lei thought he could wait for Rong Xiu to fall, a long and slender figure suddenly appeared behind Rong Xiu! 

That person appeared extremely suddenly. Without even any energy ripples, he appeared right there! 


When Jin Lei and the surrounding crowd saw this, the same thought surfaced in their minds! They should be a true god at the very least to be able to teleport instantly. However, we’ve already surrounded Rong Xiu completely, and the academy elders failed in coming after many tries. How did this person— 


A crisp and forceful impact was heard! 

That person held a black sword and blocked the arrow on the outside! 


That person moved their wrist easily, and the sharp arrow was averted as the dark sword body lightly scraped past it! 

The sound was sharp to the ears! However, that person’s black sword swiftly landed and cut the sharp arrow down the middle directly! 


Everything happened in that one moment! 

“Who’s there?” Jin Lei and the others’ hearts tightened as they focused on the scene before them. 

But when they saw that person’s appearance, they were collectively taken aback. That is… a young man? 

That was indeed a young man! 

He was wearing a light-green robe and had a long, slender body. He looked handsome and had the unique youthfulness written all over his face. 

He didn’t look like he was older than 20. He was a child who didn’t seem like he could be compared to these people. But at this moment, he held the black sword and broke through their defense in that manner suddenly and rapidly. He appeared behind Rong Xiu and blocked that arrow! 

Almost at the same moment, the crowd instantly understood that he used a Yuan instrument that allowed him to teleport instantly. 


The chaotic scene had a moment of cold silence. 

Chu Liuyue held the sword with both hands, and the arrow shocked her until her limbs turned numb. 

If it weren’t because she had been training with Big Baby all this while and had greatly increased her physical strength, she definitely wouldn’t be able to hold the arrow back. 

Chu Liuyue could feel the countless sharp gazes from the surroundings that scraped past her body like blades. 

“Who are you?!” hollered Jin Lei. He instinctively wanted to check what cultivation level this person had, but he shockingly discovered that the other party had hidden his aura very well. 

Even he couldn’t find out that young man’s true abilities. But being able to block that arrow made it seem like he was at least a stage-nine warrior. 

Facing such a young face, Jin Lei really couldn’t connect him with the words ‘legendary warrior.’ 

However, Chu Liuyue ignored his words as she looked around and glanced at Rong Xiu. 

Their eyes met. 

The shock and confusion in Rong Xiu’s eyes had disappeared, leaving behind a dark color that she couldn’t see clearly. 

Ripples lightly moved as if he were overwhelmed. 

This gaze was enough. 

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief. His appearance and aura are fine, so he shouldn’t be too injured. Also… he looks like he is handling it well. 

Her gaze quickly scanned the bloodstains left on his body. Most of them shouldn’t be his. 

This caused her anxious heart to calm down, but another thought quickly flashed across her mind at the same time. Rong Xiu is much stronger than I had expected! This man… 

“Chu Yue?!” Just when the people here fell into an eerie silence, the few academy elders finally saw Chu Liuyue’s face from afar and couldn’t help but be stunned. 

Elder Wan Zheng was the most taken aback. His usually calm face that never changed its expression was filled with shock. 

It was first filled with shock and then anger. “Why are you here?” 

Didn’t this kid say that he was going back just now? Why did he suddenly appear here and directly barge into the center of the encirclement!? Does he think that he has lived for too long?! 

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to explain a thing or two, but the murderous gazes from the surroundings didn’t give her a chance to speak. 

“Chu Yue?” Jin Lei’s gaze swept across Chu Liuyue, and he sneered. “It seems like you’re also a Ling Xiao Academy student?” 

He quickly searched through his mind and realized that there wasn’t a top-tier family in the God Residence Realm with the last name ‘Chu.’ This caused him to be even more bold and fearless as he didn’t take Chu Liuyue seriously at all. Today, I have even offended all these people from Ling Xiao Academy, so why would I be scared of such a little fellow? 

“You’re young, but you’re really bold!” 

Chu Liuyue held the Long Yuan Sword in her hands tightly, but she didn’t seem to be nervous at all. Upon hearing this, she even laughed. “Everyone praises me like that.” 

Jin Lei’s eyelids harshly twitched, and his face quickly turned cold. “It seems like your academy’s elders really don’t know how to teach their kids. Hasn’t anyone told you that there are some people you can’t offend?!” 

Chu Liuyue blinked and looked at Rong Xiu before she said sincerely, “Senior Brother Rong Xiu, are these people I can’t offend?” 

Her call of ‘Senior Brother Rong Xiu’ was clear and soft as she dragged out the last syllable slightly. This made it seem like a light feather was scratching one’s palm, causing one to itch from their hearts. 

Looking at her pair of watery and cunning eyes—as well as her playful smile—Rong Xiu raised his brows as his gaze turned deep. Her character really hasn’t changed. If there weren’t so many people present, I… 

He silently suppressed his urge as his thin lips curled up at a perfect angle. 

“Of course not.” His voice was low and magnetic as every single word and sentence was like a light mutter to one’s ears, causing one to be mesmerized unwittingly. “You can offend them however you want.” 

The duo’s conversation was flirtatious, but it seemed impudent to others—even arrogant. 

As if he heard a joke, Jin Lei laughed out loud. He then raised his ax and pointed at the duo! “Everyone, it’s about time.” 

Harsh and sharp murderous intent suddenly exploded from his body! 

When the elders saw this scene far away, their hearts all skipped a beat. 

Elder Wan Zheng very anxiously wanted to go forward, but Rong Xiu suddenly glanced at him. 

His distinguished and unparalleled face had a smile plastered to it. “Elders, don’t worry. With me around, I’ll definitely assure her safety.” 

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