The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 1193 - Key to Unlock the Barrier!   

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Chapter 1193: Key to Unlock the Barrier! 

Chu Liuyue grabbed that dagger back and held it tightly in her palm. In this manner, the intense movement became even clearer. 

Chu Liuyue’s heartbeat seemed to increase along with it as if her heart were about to jump out of her chest! 

She hastened her steps and quickly felt the pressure from the barrier! The nearer she was, the heavier it felt! 

She was at the bottom of a mountain. There were many rocks around her, and she quickly hid behind them. 

As the sky had darkened, and the place was originally desolated with not many people passing by, nobody noticed her. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t dare to take it easy. This was because she knew that the difficulty she had to overcome wasn’t this, but… the gigantic barrier in front of her! 

What must I do to open the barrier silently… Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. 

Suddenly, a ray of white light flashed across her mind. Got it! When I first entered the academy and stood in front of the barrier, some blurred images had flashed past my mind. Someone has set up an extremely small Xuan formation that connects with the barrier. Later, it became a key that easily opened the barrier! If I can also draw out that Xuan formation, then— 

This thought made Chu Liuyue tempted. 

She closed her eyes and started to search for that memory crazily. If I don’t recall wrongly, that Xuan formation doesn’t seem to be super hard. I might be able to succeed if I work hard with my current abilities. However, the image only flashed across my eyes once, and I didn’t notice it much before the entire scene disappeared. Hence, I only have a vague impression of it. 

She didn’t remember exactly what the Xuan formation looked like. But she now had to recall the shape of the Xuan formation clearly and completely! 


This matter seemed simple, but it was very hard to do. 

She had lost a large part of her memory, so she didn’t even know when that memory took place or what happened after it. This caused it to be even harder for her to recall. 

Now that she wanted to pick up the vague and broken pieces of her memory, it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. 

The surroundings were completely silent, and a light breeze blew past, blowing her loose strands of hair. 

Chu Liuyue could clearly hear her own heartbeats as countless scenes flashed across her mind. 

Time became incredibly hard to pass at this moment. 

Finally, she picked up that broken piece and started searching for more details in her mind. 

In her vague memory, it was still a pair of white and long hands. 

That pair of hands gently moved around in mid-air, and numerous rays of light flew around, quickly outlining a Xuan formation. 

To Chu Liuyue, that small Xuan formation was actually a blurred ball of light. However, she didn’t give up as she ‘watched’ on patiently. 

The same scene kept replaying—time and time again. 

She even stared at the pair of hands’ every single movement closely, not letting go of any details. Finally, the Xuan formation gradually showed a general outline. 

She was elated. I originally didn’t harbor much hope, but I didn’t expect this to really work! And it is even faster than I had expected. 

Gradually, every line on the Xuan formation became clearer slowly. 

This process was actually very peculiar. It was like a layer of mist covering the glass, causing one to be unable to see anything. 

But when she wiped the mist away bit by bit, everything started to become clearer. Everything happened smoothly, as if… she already knew what that Xuan formation looked like. 

Once that thought appeared in her mind, Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat! She almost instinctively knitted her brows and rejected this guess. The reason why I could do this so smoothly is probably that… I used to be a ninth-grade Xuan Master and had a very high level of understanding of Xuan formations. Therefore, it’s normal for me to understand everything in one go. 

Chu Liuyue didn’t care much about this incident as she rapidly turned her attention to the Xuan formation. 

Some time had passed, and the last stroke could finally be seen clearly! 

Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes as she raised her bare hands and slowly outlined something in mid-air. 

Countless rays of light flew out and intertwined in front of her, looking very mesmerizing. 

Following what she had learned before, Chu Liuyue meticulously followed the steps and did it step by step. Very quickly, a rough Xuan formation outline appeared in front of her! 

But as it was her first time, she wasn’t well-practiced in many areas. Besides, Chu Liuyue hadn’t recovered her status as a ninth-grade Xuan Master, so although she forcefully outlined the Xuan formation, it was still rather rough. 

However, Chu Liuyue was already very satisfied with this. 

She gathered all her focus, stared at the Xuan formation closely, and slowly added the remaining lines. 

As the Xuan formation became increasingly complete, its suppression and aura slowly strengthened! 

When she solemnly and carefully drew the last stroke of light and completed the Xuan formation, she didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. She tried her best to contain her emotions and looked up. 

The academy’s barrier was only ten steps away from her! 

She raised her wrist gently and sent the small Xuan formation out. At first glance, it was like a butterfly that was eager to fly as it flew over, dancing lightly in mid-air. 

Chu Liuyue held her breath. 



Her heart seemed to be clutched tightly! Her heart beat intensely and clearly! 

Such a short distance seemed to be especially long at this point. 

Finally, the Xuan formation flew to the barrier. It was like a thin piece of paper that gently stuck itself to the barrier. 

At this moment— 

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that there was a strange connection between her and that barrier! 

This feeling wasn’t unfamiliar. 

She pressed her lips against each other as she walked forward and landed silently. 

As she got closer to the barrier, the suppression and strength she felt became increasingly scary. When she stood near it, her bones even felt faintly painful. 

However, Chu Liuyue had no time to care about all of this. Following the image in her mind, she stretched her hand out. 


An extremely soft sound was heard. 

The gigantic barrier slowly split open from the middle! The movement was extremely light, and the barrier at the sides didn’t seem to be affected—they were as calm as the start. 

Chu Liuyue raised her leg and stepped right over! 



The moment Chu Liuyue walked out of the barrier, she heard a loud sound from far away! 

She suddenly looked up and was shocked as her eyes rapidly shrunk! 

Hundreds of people were fighting in the distant sky, and that sound seemed to have come from there! 

Forces of all colors flew around and crazily collided with each other! 

It was extremely messy, but Chu Liuyue still spotted Rong Xiu at first glance! 

At this moment, Rong Xiu seemed to be surrounded by a group of people. His snow-white robe was already messily stained with blood. 

Those people had no intention of letting him off. 

A sharp arrow suddenly pierced through the air, going straight for the back of Rong Xiu’s head! 

The peach blossom on Chu Liuyue’s wrist immediately bloomed as she crazily circulated her bodily force! The next moment, her figure completely disappeared! 

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