The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 714 - Reality Was Harsh  

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Chapter 714: Reality Was Harsh

After sending Ling Xiaoqi away, Su Yayan immediately asked her husband for the information and pictures of those properties and sent them to her.

“You want her to move?”

“Yeah, that man knows where she lives now. I was worried that it wouldn’t be safe for her to continue living there, so I asked her to move. I originally wanted her to move to our house, but she was worried that she would disturb our private time, so I had to ask her to move to another place.”

“You seem to… pay special attention to her.”

Su Yayan’s hand suddenly paused, and she looked up at him in surprise. “Are you jealous?”

“I just feel that you seem to be very worried that she will return to the Qin family. Is there any special reason?”

Su Yayan’s heart trembled, she could not help but sigh at Huo Chenhuan’s keen senses. “I’m just worried that she will become a marionette in that man’s hands when she returns. She will have no choice but to become the target of public criticism. Just like what Xiaoqi said, that man didn’t even provide for her for a day. He only provided his sperm, yet he tried to take control of her life and treat her as a chess piece for his own benefit. It’s fine if she’s useful, but if she’s useless, he would just throw her aside and let her fend for herself.”

People like that were selfish in their bones.

With such a scumbag father around, even if Ling Xiaoqi did not die at the hands of his first wife, she might not have a good ending in the future.

Huo Chenhuan had a hunch that this matter was not that simple, but since Su Yayan was unwilling to talk about it, he did not ask further.

“The Huo Corporation’s shareholders’ meeting is in a few days.”


“A few old shareholders specially invited me to attend.”

Su Yayan’s interest was immediately piqued. “What do they want to do? To find out the truth? Or…”

“Both.” Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes and teased, “They’ve watched the Huo Qihan matter to their heart’s content. It’s time for them to get down to business.”

During this period of time, Huo Qihan’s family was a mess. It was like a small show every three days and a big show every five days.

Logically speaking, outsiders like them were not qualified or interested in the private lives of their immediate superiors or even their partners.

However, the fire in Huo Qihan’s backyard had been raging for a long time, but it had not stopped. Instead, it was becoming more and more troublesome.

Many people were already starting to wonder if a decision-maker who could not even manage his own small family could really manage their company and bring them long-term benefits?

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“Since you’ve invited them so sincerely, it won’t take much effort to go and take a look. You can even annoy Huo Qihan while you’re at it.”

Su Yayan furrowed her brows. She had a feeling that Huo Chenhuan wasn’t in a good mood when he mentioned Huo Qihan.

Fortunately, the two of them did not dwell on this topic for too long. Soon, they returned to the topic of moving.

“Have you decided on which residence to offer Xiaoqi?”

“Not yet, but I want her to move closer to us so that she can take care of anything when the time comes.”

“Then ask her to move here. It’s convenient for her to get around, and it’s close to us.”

“I think so too, but we’ll still have to see if she likes it. Oh right, find a few more people to help tomorrow. I’m worried that the longer we wait, the more trouble we’ll have. The earlier she moves, the better.”


Reality proved that Su Yayan, who had witnessed Ling Xiaoqi’s tragedy in her previous life, was very prescient.

Qin Fangde had been holding in a belly full of anger these few days. He had thought that girls at this age were the easiest to fool. Moreover, Ling Xiaoqi had never had her father by her side since she was young, so she should be the most eager for her father’s love.

As long as he played the role of a good father, it was only a matter of time before he brought her home.

Who would have thought that his imagination was beautiful, but reality was harsh!

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