The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 713 - Honest People Were Always Bullied The Most  

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Chapter 713: Honest People Were Always Bullied The Most

Ling Xiaoqi’s face darkened when she heard Su Yayan’s words, she snorted coldly and said, “Money is indeed tempting, but you have to see how many dirty secrets are hidden behind this huge sum of money. Besides, if I really take this hot potato, won’t I have to give that man a retirement in the future?”

“You can also ignore him, then you can take revenge for your mother.”

“I can’t be unrighteous even if he is unkind. If I really acknowledge him and take his money, can I let him be in the future? Even if I can really be ruthless enough to become a cold-blooded person like him, those people who have nothing to do with me will also stand on the high ground and blame me and my morals. Although I can ignore them, I feel annoyed whenever I think of these things.”

Ling Xiaoqi sighed and said with a sigh, “In this world, honest people are always bullied the most.”

Su Yayan was stunned when she heard this, and her eyes couldn’t help but turn sour.

Although Ling Xiaoqi didn’t say it out loud, in reality, she knew what it meant to be acknowledging her biological father.

She hated Qin Fangde, and hated the Qin family behind Qin Fangde.

But even so, in her previous life, for her sake, she still endured this disgust and returned to the Qin family, dying in the place that she hated the most.

After Ling Xiaoqi finished speaking, she let out a long sigh of relief. She curled her lips and said, “So, this scumbag has just contributed his sperm but hasn’t raised me for a day is not worthy of me taking care of him until his death. Bah! I’m not going to make myself suffer.”

Su Yayan was amused by her words, and the anger in her heart dissipated quite a bit. “Yes, yes, yes. You’re right. This kind of person still wants you to take care of him until his death. It’s already good enough if you don’t cheat him of everything he has.”

Then, she quickly changed the topic back to moving houses. “When you go back, you can simply pack up your things and bring Hua Hua over. You don’t have to bring too many things. If you can throw away your bulky items, just throw them away. There is already ready-made furniture over there.”

Su Yayan frowned and pondered for a moment. She was a little distressed. “Oh, I’ve also forgotten the approximate location of these houses. In a while, I’ll have Chenhuan send over the information. You can choose from them. However, it’s best to choose one that’s close to mine.”

If that was the case, they could take care of each other if there was anything.

Ling Xiaoqi felt sour again when she heard that. If it was possible, she also wanted to have so many properties that she had forgotten where they were. Oh my, she felt so sour!

“I finally understand why so many girls keep fantasizing about marrying into a wealthy family one day.” It was really enviable to be able to count the properties and play with them when there was nothing to do.

However, it was not that easy to enter a rich family. For someone like Su Yayan who came from a good family, it was still fine if she wanted to join a rich family.

If the difference was too great, she might not be able to go on for a long time due to her different values. She might not be as pampered as Huo Chenhuan was with Su Yayan.

The ugly duckling turned into a swan. Most of the time, it could only happen in fairy tales.

“Are you envious? If you’re envious, then let your Hua Hua marry our Dun Dun quickly. “Don’t look at our Dun Dun like this. It’s a dog that owns its own private villa. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be my sister-in-law. Hua Hua will definitely marry into a rich family.”

The corner of Ling Xiaoqi’s mouth twitched slightly. No matter how luxurious that doghouse was like a small villa, it was still a doghouse. Did she really think that she could bribe her and Hua Hua with this? How naïve!

However, Ling Xiaoqi quickly realized who was the more naïve one.

Ling Xiaoqi just watched helplessly as her Hua Hua was invited to live in its little villa under the Dun Dun’s warm invitation. She was like a haughty queen leisurely patrolling the territory under her feet, unable to think about her home.

Ling Xiaoqi, “! ! !”

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