The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 668 - It’s Better To Share the Joy

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Chapter 668 It’s Better To Share the Joy

Su Yayan noticed the change in his expression, but in order not to expose Huo Chenhuan, she had to suppress her laughter.

“Alright, you continue with your work. I’m going to eat something now. I’m a little hungry.”

When Huo Chenhuan heard that Su Yayan was hungry, he couldn’t be bothered to show off to his subordinates. He stood up and prepared to go with Su Yayan.

Su Yayan blinked in confusion. “You’re hungry too?”

“I’ll eat with you.”

Su Yayan chuckled. “No need. I’m not a child and don’t need you to accompany me when I’m eating. You should have a meeting with them first. Business is more important.”

When the employees on the other end of the screen heard her words, they felt sour again. Young Madam was really gentle and considerate, kind and magnanimous. She was especially considerate of the overall situation. Why did such a Young Madam like their boss?

The overly jealous male employees began to list out their boss’s 120 flaws in their heads, and the more they counted, the more jealous they felt. Because even if their boss had 120 flaws, he still married Young Madam. Sigh, how infuriating!

Huo Chenhuan had no idea how envious his employees were of him. Seeing that Su Yayan insisted, he nodded and let her go.

After Su Yayan left, Huo Chenhuan’s expression changed and he became impatient.

The few higher-ups were quick-witted and immediately started to shower him with praises. “Young Madam is pregnant? Congratulations!”

“President Huo and Young Madam Huo already have a baby so soon. It’s obvious how close they are. Congratulations.”

“Hehe, Boss is still the best. If I remember correctly, Young Madam and Boss have only been married for less than a year and they already have a baby along the way. How many months is the baby now?”

Huo Chenhuan’s expression softened. “It’s slightly more than a month.”

“She just got pregnant. She should take care of her health.”

They were all smart people. Seeing that Huo Chenhuan’s attention was on Young Madam, they no longer hesitated like before. Instead, they tried their best to simplify their reports.

They finished their reports quickly so Huo Chenhuan could go off and take care of Young Madam.

Huo Chenhuan was quite satisfied with this. He gave everyone a rare smile that could be considered gentle, which shocked many people. As soon as they heard the word ‘meeting adjourned’, they immediately went offline without any hesitation.

However, not everyone was so tactful. Gu Shaoyang and the other two were still online.

Huo Chenhuan glanced at the three of them and frowned. “Is there anything else?”

Gu Shaoyang chuckled. “Young master, shouldn’t we celebrate Young Madam’s pregnancy?”

“How do you want to celebrate?”

“Of course, it’s better to share the joy than be happy alone.” Yu Ziyan smiled. “Since Young Madam is pregnant, Young Madam is happy, and Young Master must be happy too. Since you’re so happy, can you give us some benefits and let us take advantage of your good fortune?”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at him coldly and sneered. “If you’re taking away our good fortune, what’s left for our baby?”

Yu Ziyan choked, finding it hard to believe that his young master had unknowingly mastered the skills of a debater.

Gu Shaoyang was infuriated by this stupid teammate of his. How could he be so straightforward? Didn’t he deserve to be refuted?

To think that this fellow would drop the ball at such a critical moment!

Just as he was about to salvage the situation, Huo Chenhuan impatiently said, “Everyone gets an extra month’s salary this month.”

Gu Shaoyang and Zuo Yanbai had bitter expressions. What they wanted was not money, but other benefits!

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