The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 282 - We Don’t Approve! (1)

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Chapter 282 We Don’t Approve! (1)

Mother Su was taken aback, she looked at Su Yaya immediately, and asked, “You two were once married? When did you get married? Why didn’t we know about this?”

Su Yaya who was being questioned by Mother Su, could feel her heartbeat quicken, even though this was the work of the original owner and Shen Xiuqi, she still felt ashamed and was also worried that Mother Su would scold her, she didn’t want to suffer this blame, so she pushed the responsibility to Shen Xiuqi, she pointed at him and said: “Ask him.”

“What the hell is going on?” Father Su, who hasn’t spoken at all, blurted with a calm face, “Explain yourselves clearly!”

Shen Xiuqi, who was stared at by two sharp gazes, only felt immense pressure, he has never encountered such a difficult situation during his business negotiations, but the people on the opposite side were Father Su and Mother Su, he didn’t dare to play any tricks in front of them, so he could only confess honestly: “It was like this, at the beginning, as my grandfather fell sick, he was scared that he couldn’t make it, and wanted me to inherit the inheritance, but there was a rule to his inheritance, that I must be married, by that time, I just got to know Su Yaya, and our relationship wasn’t that stable yet, but in order to satisfy his dying wish, Yaya also gave in out of empathy, so she got married to me, and we went ahead to get ourselves registered as a legally married couple.”

He was rather good in his choice of words, instead of saying that Su Yaya negotiated to marry him, he said that it was because Su Yaya felt sorry for him, and saying that she got married in order to fulfill his grandfather’s wish. This was intentionally to praise Su Yaya for her good manners and filial piety.

But this wasn’t the case when Father Su and Mother Su heard him. After all, she was their daughter, how could she marry off so hastily? Even her family members didn’t know about this marriage, how wronged she would’ve felt!

Mother Su felt so distressed, no wonder Ya Ya was so sad during the few days she got back from the city. It was obviously because Shen Xiuqi wasn’t treating her right!

“Your marriage, we don’t approve of it!” Mother Su said with a stern face: “No one gets married in this manner, you’re just taking advantage of her”

After breaking up with Su Yaya, Shen Xiuqi realized his mistake, someone else’s precious daughter, who they worked so hard to raise, and for his own goals, he selfishly asked Su Yaya to agree to marry him, and also not announce it publicly, she had to keep their marriage hidden, he never took into consideration Su Yaya’s feelings, she suffered a lot of grievances and it was all his fault.

Now Mother Su was unhappy about this, he completely understands where she’s coming from. He didn’t dare to complain, and said in a very upright manner: “I know I was wrong before, so after I was finished with my business matters, I rushed here to look for Yaya, I apologized and begged for her forgiveness. After all, she is pregnant with our baby now. For our baby’s healthy growth, the parents should stay together……”

“Hold on, slow down, what did you just say?” Mother Su quickly interrupted him, she stared at him with a serious face, and asked again, “What did you say about Yaya just now?”

Shen Xiuqi stopped and looked at Mother Su. Based on her expression, she didn’t seem to know that Su Yaya was pregnant. He turned around and looked at Su Yaya, before saying, “I said that Yaya is pregnant.”

“Yaya, you’re pregnant?” Mother Su followed his gaze and looked at Su Yaya after she heard his words, and Father Su followed suit, his face plastered with shock.

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