The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 2538 - Are You Crazy!

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Chapter 2538: Are You Crazy!

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If she had a background similar to Yan Zhiqing’s, she could also cherish herself and look down on them!

But why did she not think that, actually, she was also earning quite a lot now? No one forced her to do anything.

It was simply that her desire and greed had no bounds.

Even if she really had a background like that of Yan Zhiqing, she would still want to have even more and not know how to be contented.

“Yan Zhiqing! What are you doing!” CEO Luo berated in anger and embarrassment. “You can forget about getting this endorsement! I was reminding you nicely out of goodwill. What do you think you’re doing!”

Yan Zhiqing ignored him and said to Mou Danqiong, “Elder Sister Mou, open the door.”

Mou Danqiong did not know what Yan Zhiqing planned to do, but Mou Danqiong still trusted her ability to adapt and respond in such situations.

It’s true that Mou Danqiong was Yan Zhiqing’s manager.

But most of the time, Mou Danqiong would prioritize Yan Zhiqing’s opinion.

After all, she came from the Yan Family, so Yan Zhiqing’s intelligence was not average.

Yan Zhiqing could accomplish what she had today because of her good judgment.

Amid the chaos, everyone’s attention was on Yan Zhiqing.

So when Mou Danqiong went to open the door, no one could care enough to stop her.

And they did not know what Yan Zhiqing planned to do.

They felt that Yan Zhiqing was probably going to leave.

Anyway, she could not do anything too embarrassing.

Yan Zhiqing needed to save some face, after all.

But they clearly underestimated Yan Zhiqing.

Mou Danqiong went to open the door.

It was right at this moment that Wei Wucai noticed that the door had opened, so he walked over.

To prevent the others from coming over to close the door, she stood by it.

She was not afraid that Yan Zhiqing would be at a disadvantage.

The door was wide open, and Sheng Yue was the Yan Family’s territory.

She was really not worried that anything would happen to Yan Zhiqing.

Yet the moment she opened the door, she saw Wei Wucai walking over.

But he did not go in. He just stood at the door and looked inside.

Mou Danqiong: “…”

Forget it. Anyway, Wei Wucai knew Yan Zhiqing, so he could just watch if he wanted to.

She could also feel more assured with a grown man around.

If something went wrong, Wei Wucai could help out too.

Mou Danqiong glanced at Wei Wucai’s pretty-boy face. He could… right?

“What do I think I’m doing?” Yan Zhiqing took up a bottle of beer from the table and just poured it right over CEO Luo. Once she’d poured about half of it, she shifted down to pour the rest over his crotch and said, “I’m helping you to cool down. Don’t just keep thinking about your little friend in your pants all day.”

The beer cascaded out from the bottle, wetting CEO Luo’s crotch completely.

As the weather was hot, the beer had been chilled in ice beforehand.

Now that it gushed down all at once, it felt so cold that CEO Luo shivered.

Yan Zhiqing said it was to help him cool down, and it really cooled him down too much.

CEO Luo shivered from the chills.

And as that was the most precious spot for a man, that area was especially fragile.

Being shocked by the sudden freeze, CEO Luo just screamed out loud.

How could he still think about other nonsense?

“Yan Zhiqing!” Deputy CEO Zhang shouted in rage as he stood up.

But when Yan Zhiqing glanced at him, Deputy CEO Zhang felt scared and staggered backward subconsciously.

Yan Zhiqing scoffed twice mockingly. Deputy CEO Zhang finally realized what he had done and stopped retreating.

Deputy CEO Zhang pointed at Yan Zhiqing as he shouted. “Are you crazy?!”

“Yan? Yan who?! Why don’t you take a look at whose territory you’re standing on right now! You standing on my Yan Family’s territory and you still dare to show such hypocritical behavior and take advantage of me? I think you guys are the crazy ones!”

Yan Zhiqing casually threw the empty beer bottle aside and said, “I don’t care how other people show you their sincerity. What they are willing to sacrifice is their problem, I can’t do anything about that and it’s none of my business.. Even if she’s being all clingy and gross in front of me, I can’t do anything about that, and I don’t care either.”

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