The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 2322 - I Can Do It

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Chapter 2322: I Can Do It

Lu Man did not come until today.

But there was only a week or so left until the official competition.

Very clearly, Lu Man had planned to come over just for the competition and had not intended to come here to learn.

Howell then had to agree with the views of some people.

Lu Man thought too highly of herself.

She thought that just because she’d won once, she could not be rivaled anymore, that no one would be able to teach her anymore.

She really underestimated their school’s standards too much.

She actually put on such a big shot attitude and only arrived at the last moment, as if she could win against their school’s students the moment she came.

This kind of pride and arrogance made Howell really dislike her.

He would not be annoyed with a student of average caliber. As long as the student was willing to work hard, he would not be annoyed with them no matter their level.

What he really disliked was students who did not want to work hard.

Like Lu Man.

So, before Lu Man came, Howell had already had a strong, preconceived bad impression of her.

Today, when Lu Man arrived at school, the news immediately spread throughout the campus.

So when he came in and saw a new face, even without any introduction, he could guess Lu Man’s identity.

Howell placed his teaching files on the table and looked at Lu Man as he said, “We have a new face in class today.”

Lu Man immediately stood up and said, “Hello, Professor, I am Lu Man. I am an exchange student from the National Film Academy.”

Howell nodded. “Okay, take your seat.

“We will start our class proper now,” Howell said. “In the previous class, I’d already talked about the content we will be going through for this class. Now, then, the people whose names I’ll call, come up and draw lots to pick the character you will be playing.”

Howell did not even bother asking whether the students had memorized the script properly or not.

If they did not memorize it well, he would know when they performed later.

Whoever performed badly need not act anymore after this.

As for Howell’s words, no one raised any questions or objections about it.

After Howell said that, he happened to cast a glance at Lu Man.

Afterward, he started calling out names, and one by one, the students went up to pick their lots.

“Lu Man,” Howell called.

Han Leilei did not expect that though Howell clearly knew that Lu Man had just arrived today and would definitely not have made any preparations, he’d actually call her up.

Han Leilei braced herself and said, “Professor Howell, today is the first time Lu Man is attending this class. She didn’t know beforehand what we will be doing for class today.”

“So, you mean that it’s okay that Lu Man hasn’t memorized the script, and she need not go up on stage to perform today?” Howell asked her back.

Howard and the other people who disliked Lu Man all revealed gleeful smiles.

“I just think that, since Lu Man did not know about this previously, is it possible if she can watch from the side first for this class? And start from next class onwards?” Han Leilei asked.

“If she can’t complete her performance because she didn’t know about this, then she could have just skipped this class. Since she came to this class, I don’t care if she was also present before or not, she has to abide by the rules here,” Howell said expressionlessly, without any intent of giving her any leeway.

“If you can’t perform, please leave my class,” Howell said.

Lu Man held Han Leilei back and said, “I can do it.”

After saying that, Lu Man went to pick a role.

She did not pick the main character, but this one still had quite a few lines.

The lines of supporting characters like this were actually the most difficult to memorize.

Because when memorizing the script, one would inevitably memorize the lines of the main characters first.

As for the remaining supporting characters, one would very easily forget their lines.

And Lu Man had not attended the classes at all previously.

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