The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 81 - A Bug Named Giggs

Chapter 81: A Bug Named Giggs

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As expected, Carl did not choose to wait; instead, he ordered the early deployment of his troops.

Zhang Wei violently slammed the tabled and screamed, “Damn it! It took Han Xiao so much effort to obtain the critical intelligence, but now this lot are going to leave us in the lurch!”

Such a scenario had been predicted by Han Xiao, and therefore, he looked rather calm. The rest were puzzled when they saw Han Xiao being so composed. Through the communication set, he ordered Lin Yao and Lambert, “You guys remain undercover. Always keep your safety at the front of your mind. We are going to retreat soon.”

“Copy that!”

There was an air of uneasiness around Zhang Wei and Li Ya. The truck was parked not far away from the Dark Crow Valley base, and once the base entered the battle mode, more enemy troopers would be deployed. The tracks of the truck would definitely be discovered quickly.

There was no time to waste.

“Li Ya Lin, you are in charge of driving the truck!”

Li Ya Lin was a pugilist, and she would not be able to launch attacks while they were driving anyway. Therefore, she did not disagree with Han Xiao’s decision.

Han Xiao and Zhang Wei stayed in the container, where they were able to carry out their strikes at the enemy.

Li Ya Lin stepped hard on the accelerator, making no effort to cover their tracks. The engine of the truck blared, and the tires started to spray the mud and soil from the ground. The truck moved forward loudly.

In a while, the sounds of approaching vehicles could be heard. The retreating party could feel the heavy beating of their hearts. Through the window, Han Xiao could see a large group of armored jeeps chasing behind their truck. The headlights of these jeeps could be seen flashing around the truck. There were more than ten jeeps around, and each had a heavy machine gun attached.

“We have been discovered.” Zhang Wei’s heart sank.

Han Xiao was not affected by the heavy rocking of the moving truck. He started preparing the weapons to be used for the impending battle.

“Drive fast, Ya Lin!” Zhang Wei yelled.

“I know!” Li Ya Lin replied, biting her lips. She was trying to change gear to speed up even more. The full power of the truck’s engine was unleashed, and it growled like an enraged beast. The anti-slip tires left deep marks in the moist ground. The uneven, hilly terrain and winding paths caused the truck’s body to spring away from its tires as a result of the shock absorbance effect created by the vehicle’s suspension. Even with the suspension working well, the truck rocked violently.

Han Xiao peeked out of the window in the container and saw the enemy’s jeeps closing in.

“Can’t you go faster?” Zhang Wei shouted.

“This is a truck, not a sports car!” Li Ya Lin was evidently irritated by Zhang Wei’s comments.

“The four buttons beside the gear lever can be used to activate the nitro boost,” Han Xiao said.

“You added nitro boost to the truck‽” Li Ya Lin was shocked yet excited to try it out.

“Do not activate the boost now. We are still travelling through dense vegetation, and you may destroy the truck with it. Use this to pick up more speed once we reach the plains!”

Da da da da…

The enemy troopers from the jeeps started firing their machine guns. Thick smoke emerged from the guns’ barrels. Countless enemy bullets were sprayed at them. However, the shots fired from further away were largely inaccurate. The firing encompassed a huge radius, and trees along the way were getting destroyed. Some bullets also managed to scrape the surface of the container, and sparks were created from friction.

Li Ya Lin glanced at the rear mirror, and the next moment, the rear mirror was destroyed by a bullet. She cursed in silence. The heavy truck was difficult to control; it rocked violently as she tried to evade the oncoming trees that were obstructing the path. She could feel the pain in her butt due to all the incessant vibrations of the vehicle. The contents of the truck were flying all around, and Han Xiao had to use locks to fasten the weapons and machinery in place.

The two prisoners were sitting at the corner of the container, trembling profusely.

The Sun was setting, and it looked as if the skies had been stained red with blood.

Dozens of armored jeeps were engaged in the intense pursuit of the fleeing truck. The enemy troopers were fast approaching, and bullets were fired everywhere; gunshots could be heard all over the forest. The blares of the engines sounded like the roars of a wild dragon. The Wanderers who were at Crow Forest Town could hear the sounds of battle and started to search for the source of the faint sounds.

Closer and closer… closer and closer!

Suddenly, a truck emerged from the forest and entered Crow Forest Town like an uncontrollable rhinoceros. It crashed into a building, which instantly crumbled under the huge impact. The shape of the crash barrier at the head of the truck became warped.

The truck sped past the streets.

The Wanderers on the streets were shocked and quickly searched for shelters to hide. Only after confirming that the truck had driven past did they come out of hiding. Many of them were confused and astonished. Before they could even calm down, the armored jeeps entered the town, driving recklessly. Many buildings were destroyed, and it was a complete mess.

It was raining bullets, and many Wanderers were shot by stray bullets. Screams of pain could be heard all around, and the ground was drenched with blood.

The final rays of light from the sun disappeared, and night fell. The truck was finally at the edge of the forest, and the obstacle-free plains appeared before it. The headlights from the armored jeeps illuminated the darkness like a Light Dragon.

There was no obstacle blocking the way on the plains, so it was easier for the armored jeeps to close the gap.

Nearer and near they came. Six hundred, five hundred, four hundred meters!

“Zhang Wei, change into your armor!”

Zhang Wei felt a surge of adrenaline. Even before the command, he had prepared for the moment of his ‘suit up’. Upon activating the armor, he noticed an immediate difference. The internal skeletal system provided power for all movements, and therefore, there was no need for his own strength to be used. His vision was also enhanced with the analysis interface. Chains of battle data flashed on the display. There was even an enhanced scope that offered greater shot accuracy.

Zhang Wei widened his eyes in disbelief.

“It is so powerful!”

Han Xiao loaded the high-explosive rounds into his sniper rifle and replied confidently, “This is only a simple modification.”

It was right to have spent the $36,000 on the suit.

Ding ding dang dang!

The clanging of the bullets that were crashing against armor became denser!

“Retaliate now!” Han Xiao growled, and following that, Zhang Wei kicked open the door of the container. He had a clear vision of what was in front of him. The head armor covered the fury in his eyes. He lifted the triple barrel machine gun and started firing.

“Tu tu tu tu––”

The high frequency gunshots created thunderous blasts. Thick ember emerged from the wild firing formed around the gun’s barrel. Shells were spat out of the gun and fell to the ground. The large, long bullets coupled with traces of ember were directed at the armored jeeps.

Boom! The bulletproof windows of two jeeps were shattered, and the passengers of the jeep were crushed.

Zhang Wei held two chains of bullets tightly. The chains extended all the way behind his back and led to a box. The box contained the ammunition that Han Xiao prepared; Zhang Wei had sufficient ammunition to spray to his heart’s content.

The dozens of armored jeeps dispersed from their formation to evade the shots from Zhang Xiao. The enemy troopers fired back using the machine guns mounted on the jeeps.

Zhang Wei was standing right at the opening of the container wearing his armor. The exterior of the suit was made up of the Platinum Alloy. Zhang Wei mounted the hexagonal shield before his body to shield himself from the bullets. Most of the bullets were blocked by the thick armor.

Han Xiao raised the sniper rifle and started firing the high-explosive rounds. The rounds set the jeeps aflame. The enemy drivers started panicking, and once the flames reached the jeeps’ engines, they were forced to stop.

However, more jeeps were approaching, and bullet holes could be seen on the external armor of the truck.

The distance was sufficient!

Han Xiao put aside his sniper rifle and grabbed the mechanical dragonfly explosives from the box. He threw them forward as if they were free of charge. The mechanical dragonflies glided close to the ground, and they were detonated once they reached the jeeps.


The armored jeeps were overturned by the explosions, and the momentum from the blast resulted in the jeeps tumbling in midair before landing. Once the flames reached the fuel tanks of the jeeps, it resulted in a second explosion that caused more deaths.

The never-ending death toll started flashing on the tablet’s interface.

Every delayed explosion caused by the mechanical dragonfly could kill four to eight enemy troopers in the jeep. In addition to the kills, EXP was also awarded for the destruction of the vehicle. Therefore, every jeep destroyed generated 5,000 to 7,000 EXP for Han Xiao. The rewards motivated Han Xiao greatly, and he strove to cause greater damage with the explosives.

[Direct Conflict completed. You gained 35,000 EXP!]


Hysterical screams were heard. Han Xiao turned back his head only to realize that the two enemy troopers who were held captive had been killed by the flying bullets. Instantly, Han Xiao’s heart sank.

“The prisoners are dead!”

The firepower coming from the jeep started to lessen; the enemy troopers were afraid of the attacking abilities of the truck

A single truck had managed to destroy twenty armored jeeps. It was definitely a scary fact for the enemies.

“I can see the military forces of Hesla!” Li Ya Lin screamed in excitement.

Han Xiao looked ahead and saw the army of vehicles operated by the Hesla military.

“Commander, there seem to be skirmishes ahead of us!’

Carl looked at the video feed on the operation vehicle and was thoroughly shocked.

More than twenty armored jeeps were chasing after the bullet-hole-riddled heavy-duty truck. He then saw the trail of overturned jeeps that had been set ablaze.

Carl was suspicious of the situation.

These agents from Division 13 really had a substantial and fierce firepower.

There were not many operation teams that had such strong fighting abilities that could rival with those of modern militaries. A smaller team enabled greater flexibility in operations. Usually, such operation teams were considered the best of their kind. He suppressed his initial shock. Following that, he squinted and started looking back and forth.

Winna and Ye Fan were also astonished by the sight before their eyes.

A single truck had managed to survive the attack of an army of armored jeeps. Also, it had managed to wipe out half of the total enemy count.

“It’s surprising that the truck can still move after withstanding a thousand shots!”

Even though the truck was almost wrecked, it could still travel freely like a wild dog on steroids. The truck had undergone some sort of modification. A grenade exploded on the armor of the truck, yet the explosion only caused minor change, barely denting the armor. In the same situation, a normal vehicle would have been blasted into multiple pieces.

What sort of metal was it made of‽

Too strong!

Even the agents for Division 13 were confused.

Since when did Zhang Wei’s team possess such powerful fighting capabilities?

Could a mechanic really elevate the firepower of a team so much?

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