The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 66 - Upgrades (Part 1)

Chapter 66: Upgrades (Part 1)

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Feng Jun immediately got the items delivered to Han Xiao, prompting Han Xiao to sarcastically praise him for being an exemplary worker. He joked that he would shower him with a pennant, among other rewards, causing Feng Jun to roll his eyes. After teasing him, Han Xiao returned to his workroom to begin work on his equipment.

Having leveled up both [Basic Weaponry] and [Basic Mechanical Engineering], the effectiveness of Han Xiao’s enhancement was now much higher than before. He took out the two Berserk Eagles and began to perform modifications on them, upgrading them with better materials and spare parts.

‘My days of poverty are long gone; I’m a rich man now!’

With Han Xiao’s proficiency in modifications, the process was completed in no time.


Berserk Eagle (Enhanced)

Grade: Uncommon

Base Stats:

Damage: 74-87

Fire Rate: 1.5/s

Magazine Capacity: 8

Range: 50m

Power Output: 45

Prerequisite(s): Lv. 3 Precise Shot

Stat Bonus: +2 Dexterity

Length: 0.21m

Weight: 1.9kg

Additional Effect: Backfire – The recoil of this gun is extremely powerful, requiring 30 STR to overcome.

Additional Effect: High Impact – When attacking, 10% chance to deal bonus 15 damage if the target is within effective range.

Additional Effect: Dual-shot – This gun has been modified with the capability to fire up to 2 bullets per shot (20% damage penalty).

Tooltip: Come on, we all know what gun this is based on. Desert— cough.


With Han Xiao’s current skill levels, there was a 30-40% chance of upgrading a common equipment to uncommon when performing enhancement. Although Han Xiao was now the proud owner of two uncommon guns, they came with the prerequisite of Lv. 3 Precise Shot. Even though this prerequisite did not prevent Han Xiao from wielding them, it would cause their effectiveness to be greatly diminished.

Shaking his head in exasperation, Han Xiao inputted some experience to raise Precise Shot to Lv. 3, which gave him an additional 3% Accuracy and 4% Critical Chance.


As you have achieved Lv. 8 in Basic Shooting and Lv. 3 in Precise Shot, you may learn one of the following three advanced skills:





For the first time, Han Xiao found himself in a dilemma over which skill to pick.

Although shooting skills were essential to Cannon Masters, they were also important for Technicians. The three abilities displayed before Han Xiao clearly represented different styles of combat.

As the Berserk Eagle was made for close-combat, Gunfighting would make for a logical choice. However, Han Xiao also needed to think further ahead.

At end game, Technicians were strongest at long-ranged combat, so they rarely had use for risky, close-combat skills. Suppression would aid in sieging or holding forts, but it would only be effective with a partner to provide tactical support. In contrast to these two skills, Sniping was far better suited for solo action.

Han Xiao scratched his head as he thought about it.

‘I’ll have to work alone sooner or later anyway, plus it’s better for me to keep myself far from danger, unlike a player who doesn’t have to worry about his life. For me, sniping is the best option!’

In Han Xiao’s previous life, the dazzling and breathtaking style of Gunfighting was a popular choice among players, and even professional Cannon Masters would learn it just for the cool factor.

However, as a pragmatist, Han Xiao could hardly give two hoots.

‘Who cares about looking good during combat! It’s not like I’m doing this to see the stream chat praise me.’

At this thought, the Great Technician Han finally made his decision.


You have learned an advanced skill:

Sniping (Lv. 1)

+4% Fatal Shot

+5% Shooting Range


Han Xiao nodded in satisfaction. Done!

Next, Han Xiao crafted the Swallow Gliders, earning 1,500 experience in the process. He also modified them to give them the ‘retractability’ of the Retractable Knife. Indeed, the good thing about being able to actually learn knowledge in this life was that Han Xiao could implement concepts and technology from his blueprints into other inventions.

With the added retractability, they could now be worn on the back like a parachute before deployment. Once activated, the two 1.2m long ‘wings’ would extend out to allow the user to freely glide in the air.

After the gliders, Han Xiao proceeded to work on his close combat gear. The Mecha Arm actually formed a set with the Mecha Leg, and their blueprints were obtainable through the same combination of talents. They were also necessary parts for creating an Exoframe. However, that would require advanced knowledge, and Han Xiao did not even have the necessary skills to craft a proper Mecha Leg yet. At best, he would be able to craft one that could travel long distances, but it would lack the mechanisms that allowed for nimble movements.

Han Xiao planned to upgrade the Mecha Arm by making it lighter and smaller. While making it smaller would cause it to lose some power, Han Xiao had something in mind to compensate for it.


Do you wish to proceed with talent fusion?

(Lv. 3 Basic Weaponry + Lv. 2 Basic Assembly + Lv. 2 Basic Mechanics)

This fusion will cost you 15,000 experience.


Fusion Success!

Congratulations, you have discovered [Air Motor]!


“Wow, first try!”

Han Xiao rejoiced. This particular combination of talent could yield quite a number of different blueprints, and he had not expected to obtain it using so little experience.

The Air Motor converted compressed air into vibrational kinetic energy that, when harnessed as a weapon, could essentially bypass the armor of normal armor to cause direct damage.

Han Xiao spent a good half a day working on the Mecha Arm. He refitted it to slim it down but also lengthened it to cover the entire arm. He also reinforced its casing with platinum to cover up its internal mechanics, giving it a huge durability boost.

When he was done, the Mecha Arm looked vastly different from its crude form from before – it was now a shiny, silver metallic arm.


Lightweight Mecha Arm (Left) – Motor-enhanced

Grade: Average (White)

Base Stats:

– Damage: 30-48

– Defense: 10-13

– Power Level: 33

– Durability: 470/470

Prerequisite(s): 24 STR

Bonus Stats: -2 Attack Speed

Length: 0.87m

Weight: 5.2kg

Additional Bonus: +7 STR

Additional Effect: Vibration – Every 15 seconds, your attacks inflict an additional 23-45 direct damage onto the target. (Ignores Defense)

Additional Effect: Increased Durability

Tooltip: Realistic looking.


Although it was only an average ranked piece of equipment, Han Xiao’s modifications had given it three useful additional effects.

So far, all the upgrades that Han Xiao had given his gear were nothing too fancy, but now, he was about to craft something special, something specialized for a Technician!

Han Xiao took a deep breath.

“Amitabha… God, please let me get that blueprint in one try. This fusion is just too expensive…”


Do you wish to proceed with talent fusion?

(Lv. 2 Advanced Material Composition + Lv. 2 Basic Magnetism + Lv. 2 Basic Assembly)

This fusion will cost you 70,000 experience.

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