The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 1332 - Encounter and Adjustment

Chapter 1332 Encounter and Adjustment

In the vast starry sky, a spatial fold appeared out of thin air; it started to spin faster and faster, quickly turning into a wormhole. Hundreds of thousands of World Tree battleships sailed out.


In the command room of the main ship, a creature that looked like a stick insect stood with his arms crossed and spoke in a gleeful tone. Judging from his attire and the series of medals on his chest, he was a high-ranking officer.

Orwell was a commander of the World Tree Military. He was part of the ‘Foreign Battle Command Corps’. This was a talent pool formed by the elites of the World Tree. This person was in charge of logistics tasks like exploration, infiltration, and stealing intelligence. Currently, he was in charge of Exploration Team No. 274. His skin was like a leaf, and his veins could clearly be seen. There was a faint green light flowing through his body, and he looked like a plant spirit. This was one of the Blessed Races of the World Tree, Green Demon.

Not all races annexed by the World Tree had the qualifications to become a Blessed Race. The Blessed Race was an elite race that had obtained the World Tree’s endowment. Just like the Beyond Grade A race, they had an extremely high rate of Super Awakening, as well as special talents and a natural connection to the World Tree.

Orwell fiddled with the medals on his chest and slowly gave the order. “All units, pay attention. Follow the planned strategy, split up, and go to the navigation target. Try to avoid any enemy fleets. Our goal is to reach our destination, not to be in a stalemate with the enemy’s intercepting troops.”

The previous wormhole tunnels had been disrupted by Space Stabilization Anchors and could not transport them over, which led to the 274th exploration group being on standby for a few days. The World Tree naturally guessed the three Universal Civilizations’ strategy and knew that this ‘Unknown Civilization’ wanted to stop them in this area and prevent them from reaching their territory.

Thus, the World Tree decided to have the exploration team take different routes. With hundreds of thousands of exploration ships, every additional route would increase the number of teleportation coordinates of the World Tree. As long as the other side’s space stabilization orbit could not block in time, they could slowly explore until they reached the other side’s territory.

This method was time-consuming, but the World Tree did not lack patience. The method was simple, rough, and effective. If one path was blocked, they could just take a longer detour next time. Sooner or later, they would be able to penetrate the opponent’s interception net. Their advantage was that they did not care about losses, and they had enough capital to make mistakes. They were least afraid of a tug of war.

Under Orwell’s command, the hundreds of thousands of battleships scattered and disappeared into space.

The personal troop of Orwell followed the path of the previous exploration team.

“Although the Executive Officers think that this civilization is suspected to be the hometown of the outsider from last time, there’s no way to confirm it at the moment. Even if it is not, we don’t know if there are individuals with great powers here…”

Orwell narrowed his eyes and casually glanced at a figure resting in the corner of the command room.

The World Tree had specially sent a Holy Tree Emissary to follow the ship. If they encountered the enemy’s intercepting troops, they would act according to the situation. The goal was to force out the powerful individuals of this unknown civilization, so it did not matter even if they died.

Three days later, a small Arcane Church fleet searched along the path of the exploration team.

The captain was connected to the command channel, listening to the reports from the other troops with a serious expression.

“Currently, we have intercepted a total of 7,200 enemy ships. We have discovered that the enemy is taking detours in different directions. We are not sure of the total size of the enemy…”

“Sir, this is not good for us,” the deputy said worriedly. “It’s indeed disadvantageous.” The captain nodded solemnly. “But we can only try our best to stop them.”

The World Tree had too many troops, and not all the routes would be used as mediums for foreseers. Therefore, even Destiny’s Child’s channels could not monitor all the routes of these exploration groups. The three Universal Civilizations could only send troops to patrol the area like a sieve, sifting through the various areas to intercept any fish that escaped the net.

This method was akin to finding a needle in a haystack, and it mainly depended on luck. It would also cause the troops to be scattered. However, the defense circle had yet to be built, so they could only use such stupid methods to deal with the attacks of the World Tree. No matter how troublesome it was, they could not let the World Tree Exploration Group penetrate the line of defense.

The extraterritorial defense circle was a huge project. The principle was to treat the Flickering World as the center and build a virtual sphere. It would expand and expand until it covered the current position. Then, the three Universal Civilizations would cut a spherical arc in the direction of the World Tree’s advance and expand or shrink according to the situation, forming a three-dimensional boundary to determine the basic range of the defense circle. Then, they would build a large number of wormhole support bases to make up for the problem of the battle line being too long Due to the size of the arc, this seemed like an impossible project, but it was actually only limited by manpower and resources. With the efficiency of the three Universal Civilizations, the size of their military power, and their resources, it was enough to take on such a project. Since they did not want to be driven straight in by the World Tree, they could not just build a defense line willy-nilly.

The captain was about to speak when the anti-stealth radar suddenly issued warning signals. It pointed diagonally ahead, showing a group of moving unknown targets.

“We’ve come across them! Let’s go!”

The captain immediately gave the order.

The fleet immediately changed direction and headed toward the target. The target that the radar had locked onto did not turn around, and it headed straight for them.

Not long after, this Arcane Church fleet met with the personal troop of Orwell.


Without another word, the captain roared with a ferocious expression.

The Arcane Church fleet immediately opened fire, firing a volley of shots. The cannons on the spaceships lit up with a dark red light, and a dazzling beam of light shot out. At the same time, Orwell’s subordinates also retaliated.

Two waves of light crossed each other and shot into each other’s formation, creating sparks on the shield.

Neither party intended to communicate. The moment they met, it was like a battle of thunder and fire. They exchanged blows in full swing

While the two sides were fighting intensely, a mental wave suddenly exploded from the main ship of Orwell and swept across the Arcane Church fleet.

The Arcane Church battleships reacted as though they had received a shockwave. They shot out complicated magic circuits formed by energy and blocked the mental waves head-on. The explosions caused sparks to fly, and the magic circuits immediately became much weaker.

“Beyond Grade A Psychic! Requesting support!”

The captain’s expression changed, and he immediately requested for help in the command channel.

Because there were too many search teams, the limited number of Beyond Grade As meant they could not allocate one to each team, so they were all on standby in the main base. Only when the search team met a World Tree expert would they be able to request Beyond Grade A reinforcements.

In order to prevent ordinary crew members from having their memories stolen by mind spells and psychic powers, the spaceships had all been specially modified. They had set up a psychic barrier enhancement device and engraved special industrial enchantments to block mental attacks. The number of times it could be used depended on the strength of the other party, so the crew inside the carrier would not be killed instantly upon meeting.

Not long after he said that, a shadow suddenly appeared on the battlefield. It then solidified, and Kasuyi descended through the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device.

“Is this the individual power of the World Tree?”

Kasuyi narrowed his eyes with a flash of interest.

The next moment, boundless psychic energy gushed out like a flood and slammed into Orwell’s troops.

The psychic energy released by this Holy Tree Emissary suddenly rolled back and turned into a shield to protect the fleet. However, it only lasted for a few seconds before it was crushed into dust by Kasuyi’s endless psychic energy. The exploration fleets were crushed into scrap metal one after another and exploded into fireworks.

Seeing this, the Holy Tree Emissary hurriedly rushed out of the main ship and launched an attack on Kasuyi. The psychic waves turned into a needle beam and shot toward Kasuyi’s brain. It immediately made a ding sound and could not penetrate Kasuyi’s thick mental barrier.

Kasuyi did not say anything else and released an even more condensed psychic energy, immediately binding this Holy Tree Emissary The huge difference in energy level made the opponent almost unable to move.

“Let me see your memories…”

Kasuyi’s eyes flashed, and his psychic energy entered the Holy Tree Emissary’s brain.

This was the first time he had come into contact with a World Tree expert. Before this, he had only heard about it from Han Xiao and had not personally experienced it. At this moment, he could not help but want to pry into the other party’s memories.

However, the moment the psychic power entered the mind of this Holy Tree Emissary, a majestic pressure suddenly attacked through the mental link.


An indescribable sense of fear crashed into Kasuyi’s heart. Kasuyi instantly felt a bone-deep sense of fear, as though he was being looked at by a boundless beast.

An intense sense of warning suddenly rang in his mind. It was as if something extremely terrifying would happen if he did not cut off the mental link.

Because the World Tree’s mental network was connected to all individuals, once one tried to use mental means to peer into the memories of an individual, it was equivalent to connecting to the World Tree. Outsiders would immediately feel the immense pressure of the mental network, as well as the strong pressure, and the World Tree would notice it. If one decided to forcefully maintain the mental link, it would instead give the World Tree a chance to devour the soul. At the very least, it would be wiped out and the person would go crazy. “This is the World Tree?”

Kasuyi hurriedly retracted his psychic energy, his eyes filled with shock.

He finally understood why Han Xiao was so wary when he mentioned the World Tree.

Although it was just a glimpse, he almost felt like he was about to collapse. The pressure of facing a high-level existence was deeply engraved in his heart.

Kasuyi dispelled the thought of spying on the memories and exerted more strength, bombarding the Holy Tree Emissary with his psychic energy. Not long after, the Holy Tree Emissary’s consciousness was shattered, and his body exploded into pieces. In the only remaining exploration ship, Orwell lit a cigarette and took a puff. He looked at the artillery fire outside the window and shook his head helplessly. “Tsk, tsk… I hope my luck will be better next time.”

The next second, cannon fire drowned the spaceship, and a loud explosion occurred. All the crew members, including Orwell, turned into seeds and returned to the arms of the World Tree.

At the same time, in the World Tree Civilization… “What a powerful Psychic. He killed Manny so easily.”

Tedrian and the other Executive Officers’ faces tightened.

They had been watching the entire process through the mental network.

“Did you see how the Psychic arrived? It’s similar to the teleportation method that the outsider used last time,” the Heart Tree King calmly said. “There’s a seventy-percent chance that this unknown civilization is the hometown of that outsider.” The Subduing Tree King nodded. “This is good news.”

They had already felt the pressure from that outsider the last time. If they met another enemy at this time, they would also doubt if they could fight on two fronts and eat two prey at the same time.

However, now that they had almost confirmed that the two of them were the same enemy, it was a relief. If that was the case, the exploration team had discovered the enemy’s nest when they had no clue about it. It was simply a blessing!

“The standard of this Psychic should not be as high as that outsider, but it’s still powerful enough. Ordinary Holy Tree Emissaries are far from being his match. This is indeed a civilization with extremely developed individual strength,” Tedrian muttered.

The Heart Tree King nodded and slowly said, “The other party’s strategy is very clear. They plan to build an interception circle here. It’s obvious that it hasn’t been built yet, so we can destroy it… Next time, we’ll choose to teleport to the coordinates at the back and have the troops build a temporary base there as a guide point. When the time comes, we’ll gather a large force and launch an all-out attack.” “We don’t have to do what we did in the past. Should we first find out more information before launching an all-out attack?” The Subduing Tree King glanced at him.

“Of course, we have to collect intelligence, but if we only focus on this, it will be too conservative and inflexible. It’s best to adjust the plan according to the situation. Probing information is one thing, but it’s also important to take the opportunity to disrupt the enemy’s deployment. There’s no conflict between the two. If we let the enemy build an intercepting circle comfortably, we will have to spend more than ten times the cost to break through. We might as well take action now and destroy the enemy’s plan.”

The Heart Tree King narrowed his eyes. The World Tree Civilization was pragmatic, and he did not have a habit of waiting for others to finish preparing before attacking.

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