The Legend of Futian - Chapter 86 - Such Big Hatred

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Chapter 86: Such Big Hatred

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Han Mo gazed at everyone with a smile. After today, he would control Donghai Academy by himself.

He continued, “Of course, because there are many disciples of the academy, everyone will have a chance to demonstrate their abilities. I hope that in the future, the accomplished students will grasp this chance to express their talents.

“Also, since we wish to show the prince and Minister Hua our true bearing, there is no need to hold back. Being hurt in battle is inevitable. If you wish to show off your talents today, you must be willing to take on the risks.”

Han Mo’s words caused many expressions to slack. In the past, the duels in Donghai Academy would all end before it went too far. Dying or becoming fatally wounded was never allowed to happen. According to Han Mo, the disciples would go all out today. This way, uncontrollable situations may happen.

“I won’t say more. Next, let’s give our time to the disciples of the seven schools of Donghai Academy.” Han Mo smiled and returned to his seat.

The place instantly became quiet. There was an empty area in the center of the square. It would be the stage where the Donghai disciples showed off their talents; it was also a battlefield.

All were quiet. Then, everyone saw a figure walk out from the School of the Emperor Star. Seeing him, everyone grew serious. It was Zhuo Qing, number one of the dharma rank in Donghai Academy.

He slowly walked to the center and halted. He looked up in the direction of the School of the Finance Star.

“Zhuo Qing, School of the Emperor Star, Nine-star Glory Plane, challenges any willing Glory Plane disciple of the School of the Finance Star,” Zhuo Qing said. Many outsiders did not understand the situation but the people of Donghai Academy understood immediately. He was taking revenge for what Ye Futian had done. However, Ye Futian was not in the School of the Finance Star crowd. He didn’t come today.

The others looked uncomfortable. Zhuo Qing was at the highest level of the Glory Plane. There was nothing brag-worthy of challenging other Glory Plane disciples. However, he’d used the word ‘any willing,’ which was a blow to their pride. But barely anyone could beat him at this level.

Yu Sheng moved, wanting to go out. He was now in the Six-star Glory Plane and could fight Zhuo Qing.

However, Yi Xiang stopped him. Yu Sheng’s attacks and strength were no competition for anyone in the Glory Plane but he still had flaws. Unlike Ye Futian, who learned all sorts of abilities, Zhuo Qing specialized in mind spells and was good at controlling. He could also fly. This was fatal to Yu Sheng. No matter how strong he was, he might not be able to hit the opponent.

Once Yu Sheng reached the dharma state, his abilities would evolve. At that time, he would be able to fly and also cultivate sorcery.

“Is no one taking the challenge?” Seeing how there was no action, Zhuo Qing smiled.

At this time, someone walked out of the crowd and came before him. “Yang Teng, Nine-star Glory Plane,” the disciple said. “After you.”

“Please.” Zhuo Qing smirked. He instantly hovered in the air. His eyes became extremely demonic and he flew toward Yang Teng.

Yang Teng stomped on the ground and stepped forward. He rushed toward Zhuo Qing like lightning and sprang into the air. Zhuo Qing’s eyes radiated with horrible sharpness. An invisible mind storm fell upon Yang Teng’s body, rushing into his brain. Then, he was unable to control himself. His hovering body dropped to the ground. The spectators realized that Zhuo Qing could use extremely powerful mind spells to control others’ bodies. They shuddered. However, Yang Teng was also powerful. He roared and forcefully shook the mind control away. He landed on the ground gracefully.

But then, Zhuo Qing landed in the air above him. His demonic eyes stared at Yang Teng. At the same time, endless vines fell toward Yang Teng. This was the wood element spell Ye Futian had used before the School of the Emperor Star—Lock of a Thousand Vines. The spiritual qi on Yang Teng burst forward. He wanted to gather his spell but the mind storm attacked. He discovered that he could not control the spiritual qi around him and his spell would not form. With a whoosh, the vines locked down around him, immobilizing him.

Zhuo Qing descended slowly. He kept his demonic eyes on the struggling Yang Teng. Then, Yang Teng felt the vines’ sharp thorns dig into his body. He cried out from the intense pain.

With a snap, the vines stiffened. They snapped his joints and Yang Teng’s body became deformed. Now he was regretting taking up this challenge. Zhuo Qing was more powerful than what the rumors said.

Thud! Zhuo Qing’s foot fell before him. The next moment, there was a string of noise and the vines tossed Yang Teng in the direction of the School of the Finance Star. The people there caught his body but saw that his limbs were all deformed. He was curled up in extreme pain.

“Take him to get medical treatment,” Yi Xiang said. He studied Zhuo Qing, whose eyes had returned to normal.

Zhuo Qing smiled and said, “Sorry.” With that, he returned to the School of the Emperor Star crowd.

Many people could feel the coldness. Zhuo Qing had directly disabled a disciple of the School of the Finance Star. He was so cruel.

“The student of the Emperor Star headmaster is as expected,” a clan member praised. They had seen situations like this many times before and were used to it.

“In the future, he will definitely be an important figure of Donghai City,” many praised.

The headmaster of Emperor Star smiled and said, “Zhuo Qing is not just this. Next year, he will attend His Majesty’s Tingfeng Banquet.”

“Yes, with Zhuo Qing’s talent, he will definitely make a show at the Tingfeng Banquet,” someone said with a laugh. Everyone was praising Zhuo Qing. No one ever asked about the defeated one.

While everyone was talking, Yu Sheng stepped onto the battlefield. He gazed at the School of the Emperor Star and said coldly, “Yu Sheng, Six-star Glory Plane, challenges everyone from Emperor Star under the Seven-star Glory Plane.”

The chattering stopped. Countless eyes studied this burly figure. A Six-star Glory Plane was challenging everyone from Emperor Star under Seven-star? Was he crazy?

“It’s him.” Lin Xiyue’s eyes brightened. Yu Sheng was so wild but Ye Futian had not appeared.

“Isn’t that the kid who came to our home with the Qin Devil before? Is his brain okay?” Mu Hong from the School of the Flirting Star asked his children, the Mu Yunqing siblings.

Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni’s eyes flashed. They thought this guy was so messed up. Back when he was a Five-star Glory Plane, not even those in the Eight-star dared to fight directly with him. Now that he was in the Six-star Glory Plane, those under Seven-star probably wouldn’t even be able to break through his defenses. He could sweep the battlefield.

“Father, he is pretty strong,” Mu Yunqing said weakly. Mu Hong nodded and looked back at Yu Sheng. If that was the case, he would just watch.

“Presumptuous. One of our students is enough for you,” an elder from the School of the Emperor Star said. Then he ordered a student beside him to fight. That student forced himself forward. His eyes were a bit fearful when he looked at Yu Sheng. Many understood that the school had sent the student to be destroyed.

Reality proved them right. When Yu Sheng applied his power, his fist sent the boy flying. Then he tossed the boy in the direction of the School of the Emperor Star. With a menacing cold stare, he glared and said, “Despicable.”

With that, he returned to his school.

“He does have some skills.” Mu Hong was shocked. The scene seemed odd to him. He asked Mu Yunqing, “Is the Qin Devil’s disciple also cultivating here?”

“Yes.” Mu Yunqing nodded.

“How is he?” Mu Hong asked.

“His cultivation should be equal to me.” Mu Yunqing answered, speaking only of cultivation instead of ability.

The battles continued. The outstanding students of all seven schools came out to display their abilities. However, the spectators all realized that the School of the Finance Star had grudges with many people. The schools of Emperor Star, Treasury Star, and Flirting Star all seemed to target them. It was difficult for the students of the Finance Star. They were constantly challenged and constantly lost. They rarely won and many were treated cruelly.

When Zhou Mu, the disciple of the Art Saint, came up, the atmosphere was pushed to the peak. Zhou Mu’s cultivation had improved. He was now in the Seven-star Glory Plane and challenged the Eight-star students of the School of the Finance Star.

“Good,” someone praised. “As expected of the Art Saint inheritor. He can summon beasts through his paintings that are stronger than real demons.”

“He does have the style of the past Art Saint. There is no other like him,” many big figures said.

But at this time, two figures walked into the crowd. Ye Futian carried the Qin Devil and found his school. He pushed through the crowd. Ye Futian was not planning on coming but his teacher wanted to have a look. After this, Donghai Academy would no longer be the academy of the past. Many familiar people would be present today too.

Cheers exploded. Ye Futian looked up and saw Zhou Mu had summoned a beast to defeat his opponent. Many spectators glanced at the School of the Finance Star. Their disciples had lost horribly today.

“Brother Fengliu?” At this time, someone saw Ye Futian carrying Hua Fengliu toward their school and immediately called out.

“Hua Fengliu, the Qin Devil, has appeared.”

“Is that his disciple?” many asked.

Ye Futian was speechless. He muttered, “Professor, you’re too out there.”

“I have a reputation,” Hua Fengliu replied nonchalantly. Ye Futian could not argue.

“Haha, today the Art Saint’s disciple had shown his talents. Coincidentally, Brother Fengliu has appeared with his disciple. They should duel so we can see if Brother Fengliu’s disciple can be compared to the Art Saint’s.” A bright voice sounded. It was Mu Hong.

As soon as he finished, many eyes from Donghai Academy turned toward him. They were all shocked and stared at him as if looking at an idiot.

How much did he hate the Art Saint that he wanted to humiliate the man this badly?

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