The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004: Wrath

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The practitioners of Wangshen Watchtower frowned. Since the practitioner from the Ling Xiao Palace really went for it, Zong Chan could only fight back.

The Millet Emperor watched everything quietly in the sky. His expression remained the same as he inadvertently glanced toward the palace lord of the Ling Xiao Palace. No one could tell what he was feeling.

At that time, Ling He of the Ling Xiao Palace also strode forward. He looked toward Ye Futian and said, “I was really impressed by Brother Ye’s display the other day at the cliff, which is why I would like to consult and learn from Brother Ye. I hope you won’t hesitate to enlighten me.”

Many people looked toward Ling He. What was going on with the practitioners of Ling Xiao Palace?

Why were they so intent on fighting the people from Wangshen Watchtower? Moreover, they chose to do so at this time. Clearly, something was wrong.

The eyes of the practitioners from Turtle Deity City watching from afar flashed as they saw this scene. They investigated and found out some things that Ye Futian was not aware of.

However, it was not related to them. They initially had no plans to bring it up, as it would cause conflict.

However, looking at the situation now, it was clear that Ling Xiao Palace wanted to go against Wangshen Watchtower. As for Lin He, he was trying to force Ye Futian into a fight. If Ye Futian did not know his opponent’s true attitude and thinking, they were afraid he would suffer a huge loss.

At that time, a person looked to a location not far away from where Thunder Punishing Skylord stood and transmitted his voice, “Skylord.”

“Hmm?” Thunder Punishing Skylord looked at the person who transmitted his voice. It was the city lord of Turtle Deity City. Since they were both students of Emperor Xi, they naturally knew each other. Moreover, their relationship was decent.

“Skylord left behind a relic at the cliff in the past. I heard that a battle took place there recently. This practitioner of the Wangshen Watchtower defeated Ling He and obtained the relic that you left behind,” said the city lord of Turtle Deity City. Thunder Punishing Skylord answered, “I am aware of this.”

“At that time, this practitioner of Wangshen Watchtower brought two other people unto the Turtle Deity Island. After they separated, the two were killed by people from Ling Xiao Palace. If my guess is correct, Ling He was the one who gave the order. The murderer has been following Ling He ever since he committed the act.” The city lord continued to transmit his voice. Thunder Punishing Skylord’s eyes squinted slightly as a sparkle of electricity crackled in his eyes.

He looked toward Ling He. The young palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace continued to utter the words “Brother Ye” continuously and seemed very friendly. Earlier, he was also very generous when complimenting Ye Futian. It looked like he was a gracious loser who had genuinely accepted his defeat. Even though most could still feel a sense of oddity, none paid too much attention to it.

However, to commit an act like this behind another’s back; it was somewhat disgusting.

At the very least, he could not accept such despicable behavior.

He understood the meaning of Turtle Deity City city lord’s meaning. Ye Futian obtained his relic and could be considered related to him. The incident also started because of the relic. The city lord was hesitant on whether he should reveal this fact, so as a solution, he passed the message to him instead.

“He does not know of this?” asked Thunder Punishing Skylord by transmitting his voice.

“He should not be aware of it,” answered the city lord.

At that time, Ling He stepped through the air and landed in the space in front of Ye Futian. Then, Ye Futian glanced at him and replied, “Not interested.”

He did not really like Ling He. The fact that the Ling Xiao Palace had chosen to make a move at this time disgusted him even more. Naturally, he was not interested in sparring with Ling He. If he had to fight, should he fight seriously?

Even though he did not want to go all out, Wangshen Watchtower was already facing pressure from the Great Yan Ancient Royal Family, and now, the Ling Xiao Palace had also decided to make a move. However, he also did not want Wangshen Watchtower to face the threats of two powerful forces at the same time.

Then, Ye Futian heard a voice transmitted to him, “Ye Liunian.” He looked surprised as his gaze shifted toward the person who spoke to him.

“I have something I need to tell you. The people from Turtle Deity Island discovered that the two practitioners who followed you into Turtle Deity Island were killed after you guys separated. They found that it was Ling He who gave the order. However, they did not dare reveal this piece of intel lightly. Someone notified me of this just now, and I decided to let you know as well. You should just be prepared,” the voice transmitted into Ye Futian’s ears. He already knew whose voice it was.

It was Thunder Punishing Skylord.

The Skylord personally transmitted his voice to inform him. Naturally, Ye Futian did not doubt the authenticity of the message. The incident had definitely happened.

Lin Yuan and Lü Qing, the two practicing spiritual partners, were killed by someone under the orders of Ling He.

While the two of them were not very strong, they had still reached the Sage Plane’s cultivation level. They were very young, and they still had the best years of their lives ahead of them. After they learned that Emperor Xi would go through a divine tribulation, they tried to get to Turtle Deity Island. They met Ye Futian at the cliff and asked him to bring the two of them to Turtle Deity Island.

However, they never would have imagined that they would be killed in such an aggrieved manner.

At that moment, an intense rage emerged in Ye Futian’s heart. The fire burning in his heart was so strong that his entire body trembled slightly. However, he still managed to keep it under control.

It had been a while since he last felt so enraged. Even the ruthless incidents he encountered when he first came to the Divine Prefecture did not enrage him as much as the current moment.

Lin Yuan and Lü Qing were not really close to him. They were only acquaintances he met on the road. He brought the two along and arrived together with them on Turtle Deity Island. No relationship had even been established, which was why, after they arrived at Turtle Deity Island, they separated and went their own way. He did not try to make them stay. After all, they were from different worlds.

However, due to a trivial incident at the cliff, Ling He had chosen to secretly send someone to kill the two juniors instead of targeting him directly. In front of Ling He, practitioners at the plane levels of Lin Yuan and Lü Qing were only like ants. They could be crushed easily and possessed no power to resist.

He could imagine the despair of Lin Yuan and Lü Qing. Two energetic youngsters who had arrived enthusiastically to observe Emperor Xi’s divine tribulation. However, just as they arrived, they were obliterated mercilessly.

While their plane levels were low, getting to the Sage Plane would have also been tough! Like himself back then, every step he took was filled with difficulties, but he kept going.

However, death was just absurd.

Moreover, this murderer of Lin Yuan and Lü Qing was still acting gracefully in front of everyone, calling Ye Futian Brother Ye, and showering him with generous compliments. Ye Futian raised his head to look at that face. He felt intense hate, to the point where he was nauseated.

Ling He looked at Ye Futian from a certain distance. He still looked graceful, with an air of exuberance around him. He held an amazing status. He was the young palace lord of Ling Xiao Palace and possessed great strength and exceptional potential. One could even say that not many in the Donghua Domain could compare to him. So, it was natural that he was in high spirits.

In his eyes, two Sage Plane level practitioners were probably not even worth his attention.

A gentle smile was inside Ling He’s eyes. However, he saw Ye Futian raise his head and glare at him. A cold and piercing gaze shot at him for a brief moment. That glare made him uncomfortable. It was cold and emotionless. He could even detect a hint of killing intent.

Ling He’s heart was also icy. It was just as well. After all, he also had the same idea. He never imagined that Ye Liunian would think the same thing.

“Brother Ye received enlightenment of the path at the cliff. Your talents are remarkable. Don’t be stingy in guiding others,” Ling He continued. Clearly, he would not let Ye Futian reject his request. Ling Xiao Palace had already initiated the attack; even if their counterparts did not want to, they would be forced to fight.

Ye Futian looked at him. He had changed his mind. However, he did not reveal the truth he had learned. Ling Xiao Palace was one of the strongest factions. The reason why the people from Turtle Deity Island hid the information was most likely due to this as well. If he were to reveal it after the Thunder Punishing Skylord notified him about it, it would be like selling them out. It was immoral.

From what Ling He did to Lin Yuan and Lü Qing, who knew what else would he do in the future?

This was a person who ignored other people’s lives. He did not care at all.

Ye Futian looked at Ling He and said, “It looks like you will fight, regardless of whether I agree to it or not.”

Ling He smiled and looked at Ye Futian. He moved his foot forward. The aura of the Great Path began to exude from his body, and might filled the sky. He did not reply. Obviously, he was responding with his actions. Earlier, when the Ling Xiao Palace cultivator tried to initiate a fight with Zong Chan, did he not also just started fighting? He did not even consider the fact that Zong Chan was still in the midst of battle.

“I lost to Brother Ye when it came to enlightenment at the cliff. That is why I want to receive your guidance in the form of a battle,” Ling He said casually. He looked down at Ye Futian with an arrogant expression on his face. While Ye Futian was quite famous, having defeated Yan Dongyang before, Ling He was not a common character. Ye Futian was still not on his radar. When he lost in receiving enlightenment of the path, he contributed his loss to luck. On the surface, he complimented and praised Ye Futian, but in truth, he was still incredibly proud. Otherwise, he would not have so easily gave the order to kill Lin Yuan and Lü Qing.

He did not care.

“Do you want me to take this?” From behind Ye Futian, Beigong Ao walked forward and transmitted his voice to Ye Futian. The opponent’s plane level was higher than Ye Futian’s. His aura of the Great Path was also powerful. He was worried that Ye Futian would be at a disadvantage.

Ling He was also someone whose Great Path was at the perfect grade. He was a titan-like force, the great heir to Ling Xiao Palace, and not some common folk.

Ye Futian stretched out his hand and gestured for Beigong Ao to step down. Seeing his gesture, Beigong Ao understood and retreated behind. Meanwhile, Ye Futian walked forward and looked up at Ling He, who was standing in midair.

“My plane level is higher than Brother Ye. Brother Ye, please go ahead and initiate the first strike,” said Ling He, continuing to act gracefully and politely. He had come to force Ye Futian into fighting him; however, he still maintained a battle etiquette to allow Ye Futian to strike first.

However, with the plane level advantage, what was the meaning of being able to strike first? A person’s plane level was always the main factor deciding the outcome of a battle.

Ling He might seem like he was gracious, but the truth was that he was shameless. It was never a fair battle in the first place.

“Okay then.” Nonetheless, Ye Futian accepted the answer directly. He looked at Ling He and said, “Since there’s a difference in our plane level, I will do my best and go all out.”

“Relax, I naturally understand. Please go ahead, Brother Ye.” Ling He laughed in his mind. Ye Futian’s answer was exactly what he wanted!

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