The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 91 - A Possible Misunderstanding  

Chapter 91: A Possible Misunderstanding

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It would be April 5th in two days. Li Peng and Lin Fei’er would be getting married and if something were to go wrong, Su Wan was afraid her best friend would be at the losing end.

She recalled how on the day she and Lin Fei’er had gone shopping for wedding gown, Li Peng had not been with them. Su Wan’s crisis awareness increased that instant.


She tugged her chair quickly and dashed out of the restaurant. Lu Qingyu, who was sitting opposite her, was extremely stunned.


What was wrong with Su Wan?


A sense of surprise and bewilderment arose in Lu Qingyu’s amorous eyes. He stood up quickly to block Su Wan and asked, “Su Wan, are you okay? You won’t even have lunch with me?”


Su Wan waved him off hastily and ran out of the door carelessly. “I can’t explain now. It’s not your problem. Give me some time. I’ll be back soon!”


Looking at Su Wan’s urgent manner, Lu Qingyu’s heart was full of suspicions. He quickly stood up and ran after Su Wan.


The waiter was horror-stricken. He almost thought these two people were eating and drinking without paying. However, when he saw their bags on the seat, he was relieved.

Su Wan was anxious. She dashed out of the restaurant, panting, but out of her expectation, the man who looked like Li Peng had crossed the road with his female partner and had hailed a taxi!


She saw Li Peng open the car door in a gentlemanly manner for the short-haired girl to get in and then got up and sat beside the girl.


The anxiousness in Su Wan’s heart grew and, in a haste, she screamed loudly, “Li Peng! Li Peng!”


However, a few long buses zoomed past and blocked Su Wan’s vision and weakened her cries.


After the buses left, Su Wan looked closer again and the taxi was out of sight!


Li Peng and his seemingly intimate partner were nowhere to be seen…


Su Wan’s heart was empty. For a moment, she couldn’t tell how she felt. She just hoped she had overthought. After all, Li Peng had been treating Lin Fei’er really well and she might have misunderstood him.


Moreover, it was Li Peng who pursued Lin Fei’er on his own initiative. From high school up to university, he had not given up and presumably, he truly liked Lin Fei’er.


Su Wan didn’t hope for her best friend to follow her footsteps, betrayed by someone she loved. She knew how it felt and didn’t want Lin Fei’er to suffer such pain.

Lu Qingyu who had chased up to her saw her lowered head. He asked, “Did you see someone you know?”


Su Wan’s face showed entanglement. When she heard his question, she blinked her eyes and answered “Mm”. Then, she fell silent.


Su Wan’s response was completely imprinted into Lu Qingyu’s eyes. He narrowed his amorous eyes and examined Su Wan. Who had Su Wan seen? Why was she feeling lost now?


However, Su Wan’s mood was obviously not good. Lu Qingyu had hundreds of questions in his heart but he knew Su Wan would not tell him at this moment.


Hence, he might as well not inquire further. He merely said softly, “Alright, let’s go back to the restaurant to finish our lunch. The dishes are all cold.”


Su Wan followed Lu Qingyu back to the restaurant silently. Although the table was filled with excellent food, to her, the food was tasteless and had lost all its attraction.

The atmosphere became tense and even the waiter serving drinks could feel it. It looked as if there was a load on their minds and when they ate, there was an air of dullness.


Su Wan took some fresh mountain bamboo shoots and finally couldn’t wait to take out her mobile phone from her handbag.


She quickly selected Lin Fei’er’s name and tried sending her a message. However, she didn’t know what to say to her.


She repeatedly deleted a few messages and finally chose a softer approach. She had no evidence and it was merely her guess. It wouldn’t be good if she were to spoil Lin Fei’er and Li Peng’s relationship.


“Fei’er, where are you?”


Lin Fei’er’s reply was extremely fast: “At home. Why? Did you suddenly miss me?”


Su Wan pursed her lips. Her eyelashes were down and she quickly keyed in several words.


“I came to Beitong for an on-site investigation and tried the food at a Western restaurant. It tastes quite good. Next time, you can come with your husband-to-be. Has he been very busy recently?”


Lin Fei’er responded very quickly: “Yes, Li Peng has been requested by his company to entertain a client. Today, he had to accompany a client for lunch.”


Su Wan was silent for a moment and keyed in a sentence to probe further. “Male or female client? Aren’t you worried?”


Lin Fei’er replied: “Cough, clients are either men or women, they couldn’t be lady boys, could they? Furthermore, Li Peng is extremely honest. He told me his client is a woman. Rather than me worrying about Li Peng, you should be the one worrying about your CEO! He is always surrounded by beautiful girls!”


When she saw the reply, a light flashed through Su Wan’s eyes. Her face showed slight alarm. So, she had been wrong. Li Peng had informed Lin Fei’er of his lunch date with a female client.


The base line of love might be mutual trust. If your partner is loyal to you, you should not suspect him without reasons.


The heaviness in Su Wan’s heart slowly fell to the ground. She started to relax and teased Lin Fei’er a little before putting her phone back into her handbag.


Her knitted brows slowly relaxed and she took a piece of grilled fish. Her appetite slowly returned.


Lu Qingyu noticed Su Wan’s change. He shook the red wine in his hand and beamed while speaking to Su Wan, “Your face changes very quickly. Your frown never left your face just now, so why are you suddenly happy now?”


Su Wan shot him a side glance. She smiled and said, “Women change their expressions as quickly as flipping through a book. Master Lu, is this the first time you’ve encountered this?”


“It’s too bad.” Lu Qingyu leisurely sighed. “All my previous women have changed expressions because of me but Miss Su, I don’t know for whom you change your expressions for.”


Su Wan silently darted Lu Qingyu a glance. This was her first time meeting someone who loved to show off his love stories, as if afraid that others would not know he was a playboy.


She swallowed the slice of fish and shook her hand, “So, Master Lu, you know your limits. I’m relieved.”


Lu Qingyu saw Su Wan’s tepid attitude. He took a sip of the red wine and his initial smiley face had now become distracted. “Why do I feel as if we click pretty well?”


“But I don’t think so.”


Lu Qingyu looked at Su Wan with great interest, just like a snake with eyes emitting green light, fixing its gaze on its prey, making Su Wan feel very uneasy.


Lu Qingyu had been brushed off again and again by Su Wan and he felt his lunch treat was wasted. Why was Su Wan invulnerably headstrong?

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