The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 85 - Given An Important But Tough Task!

Chapter 85: Given An Important But Tough Task!

Ye Shanshan had built up her power and influence in the planning department for quite some time. When Mr. Liu was still the deputy general manager, which girl in the planning department was not afraid of her?

However, now that Mr. Liu had been sacked, Ye Shanshan no longer had any backing. Today, she was not in good shape too. It really gave one a feeling that life had its ups and downs…

Su Wan examined Ye Shanshan and the girl who dared to confront her calmly and was ready to continue with her work.

She didn’t understand the cause of this morning’s incident, so she had better be wise and mind her own business.

However, the reality was far more intense than Su Wan had imagined. Initially, she wanted to be onlooker but Ye Shanshan and that girl went into a quarrel.

Ye Shanshan darted a look at that girl and started threatening her. “You retorted against your superior. Are you thinking of not working at Long Teng International anymore?”

That girl did not give in just like that but rather straightened her back even more. “I’m just speaking the truth. Ye Shanshan, you are merely the director of the planning department and not the person in charge of the company. What right do you have to fire me?”


Ye Shanshan choked on these words and was almost out of breath. What made her terror-stricken was the others’ echo in support of that girl.

Someone started discussing softly but after that, someone else spoke in front of Ye Shanshan and they spoke louder and louder.

“Some people dress up and make up to seduce men. She got lonely after Mr. Liu got sacked and went to seduce Mr. Lin instead. Who doesn’t know Mrs. Lin is tough?”

“That’s right. She was beaten up by the empress and still has the cheek to come and work.”

Hey, didn’t you see that she has covered her wound on her face with a huge pair of sunglasses? Let’s not bad-mouth. Exposing someone’s scandal is not good…”

Ye Shanshan was extremely angry. An evil flame arose within her and she wished to tear those busybodies to pieces.

It wasn’t her who seduced Mr. Lin. If it wasn’t for Mr. Lin taking the initiative to repeatedly approach her in an overly friendly manner after Mr. Liu got into trouble, how would she have dared to mess with the tigress of Mr. Lin?

However, a group of girls were noisily laughing and gossiping, taking the incident of her being beaten by Mrs. Lin as a joke. Ye Shanshan had a throbbing pain in her heart but didn’t know which subordinate she should pick to start giving her a lesson.

Since when did she lose her prestige in the planning department?


Su Wan, who was observing quietly by the side, heard her colleagues’ discussion. She was shocked and felt a sense of coldness on her back.

She had thought Mr. Liu who harassed her was a single case but never had she expected Long Teng International to have such a serious unhealthy culture.

A leader who set a bad example would be followed by his subordinates!

The noise in the planning department was probably too loud that it startled people from the other departments of Long Teng International. While everyone was taunting Ye Shanshan, the manager of human resource department, Wang Meiyu, came into their office. Very quickly, Ye Shanshan was summoned.

In a disorderly haste, Ye Shanshan touched up her makeup and glared at the girl who was the first to drag out her scandal. Then, she hastily followed Wang Meiyu.

After Ye Shanshan left, the wave in the planning department did not subside but instead, the discussion was carried out merrily.

“Hey, the manager of the human resource department has come into view. Do you think Miss Ye will be fired?”

“They wouldn’t do that. Although Ye Shanshan has gotten into trouble this time, her execution ability is still quite good. Will Long Teng International really fire her?”

“I think that even if they don’t sack Ye Shanshan, she’s now on the cusp of the storm. The company would consider her influence and would definitely not put her in an important position.

The gossiping went on and Su Wan was a little agitated listening to it. Just as she took up her white ceramic tea cup and was about to take a sip of her Longjing green tea, Wang Meiyu, the human resource manager, came in once again and called her name.

“Su Wan, please come over, I have something to tell you.”

“Alright, Ms. Wang. I’ll come right now.”

Su Wan put her tea cup down in astonishment. She had guessed the reason she was called was related to Ye Shanshan. Immediately, she followed Ms. Wang.

Several girls in the planning department heard Ms. Wang summoning Su Wan and instantly started guessing possible outcomes. Luck between people could never be compared. Now that Ye Shanshan had gone down, wasn’t this a good opportunity for Su Wan to be promoted?

If not for their offense toward Su Wan on her first day of work, some people would be congratulating Su Wan now.


Su Wan followed Wang Meiyu to her single office. Her eyes swept across the surrounding but did not see Ye Shanshan. She was surprised.

Ms. Wang had dismissed Ye Shanshan. Her efficiency was amazing!

Wang Meiyu pushed her thin-framed glasses up and stoically shot Su Wan two glances.

“Su Wan, I’ve seen your curriculum vitae and some past planning cases. You have good creativity and capabilities. Compared to the others in the planning department, you probably lack actual experience. Now, there’s a tough project for you, do you want to try?”

Ms. Wang was polite but Su Wan knew she had no reason and opportunity to decline. She had also wanted to accept a big planning project to test her own ability.

Su Wan thought for a while and sat down calmly. She smiled at Wang Meiyu and replied, “Thank you, Ms. Wang, for giving me a chance to perform. I’ll try my best.”

Wang Meiyu had heard many of these guarantees and was not visibly moved. She merely slid a thick pile of documents calmly toward Su Wan.

“Ye Shanshan used to be in charge of this project. I know both of you have had some conflicts in the past but this is not important. I wish you could show me a perfect result for this project.”

Su Wan took the files over and nodded in a neither cringy nor arrogant manner. “I will not bring the emotions from my personal conflicts with Ms. Ye to my work. Everyone recognizes Ms. Ye’s ability. She has something I should learn from.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Meiyu took a few more glances at Su Wan, as if stunned by Su Wan’s appraisal of Ye Shanshan. To hit a man when he’s down was something most people would do, more so when friction had occurred between Su Wan and Ye Shanshan before.

She should probably think highly of Su Wan. She was someone whom her superior had ordered to take good care of. She must have something extraordinary…

Su Wan walked out of Wang Meiyu’s office and couldn’t help but open the cover of the documents. There were several words on its cover – A Bid for Beitong Development Zone.

When she saw the title, Su Wan was taken aback. She had not expected to be given such an important task!

According to what she knew, not only did Gu Group wish to have the land of Beitong, but Lu Qingyu wanted a foot in it too.

Su Wan looked down and smiled bitterly. No wonder Ms. Wang had said it was a tough project…

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