The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 84 - The Storm of Planning Department!

Chapter 84: The Storm of Planning Department!

Since the day she knew about Jiang Xuecheng’s dark childhood days, Su Wan thought this man’s cold appearance was merely a façade and he could be more vulnerable than others within.

Su Wan’s slender fingers skimmed over Jiang Xuecheng’s brows and gently swept upward, trying to soothe the crisps between his brows.

She hadn’t expected her wrist to be caught not long after touching Jiang Xuecheng’s forehead.

Su Wan was stupefied. The person sleeping had awoken and was staring at her.

Usually, one who has just woken up would have hazy and blur eyes, but it was weird that Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were as sharp as a hawk, staring at his prey quickly and accurately.

Had he been pretending to sleep earlier to test her response?

Being stared at, Su Wan didn’t know why but she felt guilty. She didn’t have time to think. Her face was slightly warm and she drew her hand away from Jiang Xuecheng.

“I—I saw you frowning when you were sleeping. This habit isn’t good. You must change…”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly while she stared at Su Wan. He thought that Su Wan’s current expression was interesting.

“How was your classmates’ gathering? Why are you back so late? I was tired waiting for you.”

The mention of the classmates’ gathering made Su Wan recall how Zhou Yun’er had defamed Jiang Xuecheng. Her mood was not good. She waved her hand and explained.

“Don’t mention the gathering, it was boring. I left early but shopped for a long time at the supermarket.”

Then, Su Wan threw Jiang Xuecheng a caring look and said, “I’m sorry I made you wait so long. If there’s a next time, please sleep first if you’re tired. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Jiang Xuecheng stood up from the chair. His fingertip caressed Su Wan’s soft cheek and his voice was warm, just like the wind of spring in March.

“Wan Wan, I’ve slept for quite a while and now I’m very energetic. I wish to do something else.”

Do something else…

Jiang Xuecheng uttered these few words with an accentuated tone, obviously meaning something, making Su Wan associate it with something.

Su Wan’s heart trembled slightly and had goosebumps on her hand. Unconsciously, she felt like breaking down.

Then, Su Wan shifted her thoughts and felt that her response was absurd. Why did she have to feel guilty?

Su Wan pretended not to understand what Jiang Xuecheng said. She yawned heavily and smiled, “But I’m really tired now. I’ll go to bed first…”

Jiang Xuecheng laughed for a while. He knew he had indeed ‘tortured’ Su Wan too much yesterday and so decided to let her go today.

If he were to force her too much, he was afraid Su Wan’s fear toward him would increase. He didn’t want her to have bad feelings.


The second morning, Su Wan arrived at Long Teng International’s planning department office early. She made herself a cup of Longjing tea and tidied the documents on her computer.

As the saying goes, ‘a newly appointed official works hard to show his efficiency’. Now that she had taken on the responsibility of deputy director of the planning department, with many pairs of eyes looking, she had to work hard.

Su Wan picked the white ceramic cup up and took a sip of the tea. Before she could put the cup down, she saw the director, Ye Shanshan, dashing in hastily.

Was Ye Shanshan late, coming in at this hour?

Ye Shanshan had always been punctual. Today, she came in hastily and came dashing towards her. Su Wan had a premonition.

Was Ye Shanshan thinking of playing tricks to frame her?

Taking a few surprised glances at her, Su Wan was astonished as she noticed that Ye Shanshan looked different from her usual self.

Although Ye Shanshan still had her lovely wavy hair and was wearing a business suit that brought out her figure, half of her face was covered by huge, black framed sunglasses.

This was an indoor office and not an outdoor place with strong UV rays. Why was she wearing such huge sunglasses?

Su Wan was puzzled. She could only wait and see. She would face and solve all difficulties that came her way. Even if Ye Shanshan was here to stir up trouble, she had no fear.

Beyond Su Wan’s expectation, Ye Shanshan did not look for trouble but threw a thick pile of documents on her desk instead.

Without any expression, Ye Shanshan stood at Su Wan’s desk. Although there was a sense of disgust in her tone of voice, she did not say anything harsh.

“You didn’t come yesterday and lots of work has piled up in the planning department. Please see to these quickly.”

Then, Ye Shanshan returned to her seat. Su Wan nodded slightly toward her. Before she could flip two pages of the documents, she heard Ye Shanshan cursing in a low voice.

Ye Shanshan looked like she was in a bad mood today but did not vent her anger on her subordinates. Instead, every gesture of hers was anxious and agitated, like a thief.

Did something happen in the planning department yesterday when she took the day off?

Feeling puzzled, Su Wan looked around and realized everyone was glancing secretly at Ye Shanshan from the corner of their eyes. Several more daring girls were gesticulating secretly at Ye Shanshan. They were obviously taking pleasure in her misfortune.

In this planning department, Su Wan had no friends as she had been promoted rather fast. Since she couldn’t think of the reason and had no one to ask, she decided not to think about matters unrelated to her. Hence, she continued flipping through the document in her hand.

She thought Ye Shanshan would mellow down after a while but her emotions intensified. She sighed repeatedly and threw a circular make-up mirror to the ground.

What was wrong with Ye Shanshan today? Since she came in, she had been angry…

Su Wan glanced at the broken mirror on the floor. Before she could take pity on the mirror, a cosmetic foundation container was thrown into the trash can.

Ye Shanshan kicked up a row for over an hour and other employees sharing the same office had lost their mood to work.

A short-haired girl in the planning department stood up weakly and spoke genuinely.

“Miss Ye, if you’re not happy because of a personal matter, could you please not cause a racket here? Could you please give us a quiet working environment?”

Once these words were uttered, everyone in the planning department agreed. Ye Shanshan snorted and stood up. “Do you mean I’m disturbing your work?”

“Ah, no, I don’t mean that, Miss Ye.”

The short-haired girl took two steps backward immediately. She knew she had said something wrong. After her apology, she kept quiet and returned to her own seat.

Several people pouted and thought this had passed but no one expected a fearless person to stand up.

“Miss Ye, do you think your action of throwing the mirror and things doesn’t disturb our work? Yes, you’re our superior, but it doesn’t mean you can make as much noise as you wish!”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan turned to look at the girl who had spoken. It looked like something was going to happen in the planning department…

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