The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 77 - A Day Off, An Unexpected Call

Chapter 77: A Day Off, An Unexpected Call

Last night’s scene made its way into Su Wan’s mind just like a movie being replayed.

The residuals of the flaming heat seemed to remain on her skin and the man’s gentle lover’s prattle still echoed in her ears.

In a flash, Su Wan’s face blushed like a red apple. She had to admit that Jiang Xuecheng had considered her feelings last night, but who on earth said it wouldn’t hurt?

Jiang Xuecheng, you’re a big liar!

She felt the pain throughout her body and her bones felt like they were falling apart, like she had been run over by a car.

She still had to go to work today!

“Wan Wan, you’re awake?”

The familiar deep male voice echoed into her ears with a sense of happiness. He was obviously in good mood.

Su Wan turned her head and saw Jiang Xuecheng beside her. A perfect smile glowed on his handsome face and his whole body emitted a feeling of joy and relaxation.

Why was his condition and hers completely different? This was not fair!

“Wan Wan, are you all right?”

Su Wan angrily darted him a look. Her lips curved downwards. “Don’t speak. When you do, I feel uncomfortable.”

As she said that, she swiftly fled the room with all her might.

This was too awkward! She couldn’t stay put in this house any longer, not even for another second!

When she stayed here, the previous night’s scene would automatically replay in her mind.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Su Wan still had not walked out of yesterday’s phobia. She regretted so much. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have washed the strawberries!

She put her head down sullenly and walked slowly toward the living hall. That big bad wolf was waiting for her in the living hall.

“Wan Wan, come and have breakfast.”

Su Wan’s eyes swept across Jiang Xuecheng’s handsome face. He was smiling and he looked naïve and harmless.

Su Wan knew she couldn’t be angry with a smiling person.

Slowly, she walked over and picked the farthest place from Jiang Xuecheng before she sat down.

A bowl of lily bulbs and Job’s tears congee, a plate of milk-flavored hotcakes, and black glutinous rice cakes sat on the table. The food was hot and fragrant and her mood instantly turned for the better.

Su Wan took the lily bulbs and Job’s tears congee and ate it silently.

Jiang Xuecheng knew Su Wan was ignoring him. He actually hadn’t meant to break his promise but Su Wan was too attractive, cough cough…

“Wan Wan, I woke up early to cook today’s congee. How does it taste?”

Su Wan was eating the congee and took two bites of the black glutinous rice cake. Jiang Xuecheng was finally more pleasing to the eye.

“It’s okay.”

Su Wan placed the empty congee bowl down on the table. Although she saluted Jiang Xuecheng’s excellent culinary skills, she could only give a moderate comment after last night’s incident.

There was a light smile in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. Su Wan seemed to hate him less compared to just now.

Jiang Xuecheng was a person who would reach for a yard after taking an inch. He walked quickly toward Su Wan with his eyes as bright as stars.

“Wan Wan, how about letting me comb your hair today?”

Su Wan shot Jiang Xuecheng a skeptical look. “You comb my hair for me? You don’t even know how to tie a ponytail, do you?”

It would be difficult to manage if a girl’s hair was too long. Su Wan’s hair fell to a little above her waist. Sometimes, Su Wan would think it was a waste of time to tie her hair and would go out with her long hair down.

When Su Wan did not decline, Jiang Xuecheng took it that Su Wan had agreed. He laughed arrogantly and said, “How could I be unable to handle such a simple task?”

Then, Jiang Xuecheng ran into the room to get a carved fine-tooth ivory comb. He came back with the tool very quickly, so Su Wan sat down quietly to become his guinea pig.

Jiang Xuecheng earnestly brought her thick, black hair up and carefully combed it downward.

Su Wan bit her lips. Although she couldn’t see Jiang Xuecheng’s face now, she could feel the man’s carefulness and tenderness from his gentle strokes.

Jiang Xuecheng slowly combed Su Wan’s hair and the anger slowly diminished without her realizing.

She had no stand to blame him. After all, they were legal husband and wife, weren’t they?

Jiang Xuecheng had completed his task while Su Wan was thinking. He had tied Su Wan’s hair, using a hair tie, into a high ponytail.


Jiang Xuecheng smiled. He stood up and reported to Su Wan gently.

Su Wan raised her brows and started to examine Jiang Xuecheng’s work in the mirror. The girl in the mirror had her black hair tidily tied up and she looked charming.

She had never tied a high ponytail before but looking at herself today, the effect of a high ponytail was quite good. It made Su Wan look youthful and full of enthusiasm.

“I can’t believe you’re so good at this.”

Su Wan looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. Then, she walked toward the door, about to get her bag and depart.

Just as Su Wan was opening the door, Jiang Xuecheng called out to her.

“Wan Wan, are you going to work? I called the office this morning and told them that you weren’t feeling well and would like to take a day off.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan turned around in surprise but saw Jiang Xuecheng standing calmly. His eyes which were as dark as the night were smiling.

Su Wan was touched at the thought of Jiang Xuecheng making the arrangement for her but very quickly, she thought of another matter.

Her brows were raised and she walked toward the back of Jiang Xuecheng. She couldn’t help but ask, “Do the people at Long Teng International know you’re my husband?”

“Aren’t you willing to let people know you’re my wife?”

Jiang Xuecheng then sat down and stretched out his right hand to grab a book from the bookshelf. He then leisurely flipped to the first page of the book.

Su Wan shook her head and her face was somewhat worried. “I do not wish to let the Su and Gu family know at the moment. I’m afraid they’ll think of a countermeasure.”

She wanted to take advantage of the Su family not knowing she was Jiang Xuecheng’s wife to strike back in surprise.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng laughed softly. “What if they know?”

He could hear the worry in her words. A flash of light could be seen in his eyes and with a soft sigh, he put the book in his hand down and brushed Su Wan’s bangs.

“Why do you still worry? Let your husband deal with this.”

Su Wan bit her lips but her thoughts were still anxious. Hence, Jiang Xuecheng patiently explained, “Only the senior management of Long Teng International know about our marriage. Don’t worry. To keep their job, they definitely won’t spill the beans.”

Su Wan relaxed and she felt lighter. When he saw that she had recollected her emotions, he drove to the Di Chen Group headquarters.

Just a while after Jiang Xuecheng left, Su Wan’s mobile phone rang…

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