The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 668 - Things Wouldn’t Be The Same

Chapter 668: Things Wouldn’t Be The Same

The two female nurses did not expect things to turn out this way. They looked at each other, not knowing whether they should go up and drag Su Wan away.

Time passed, minute by minute, and the air was as still as water.

The emperor looked deeply at Su Wan. His face was cold, but his eyes were so gloomy that it made one’s heart turn cold, as if one had fallen into a cold abyss!

Yes, the incident at Glory World Hotel was an accident, but he had indeed did Su Wan wrong.

At that time, he had asked Su Wan what compensation she wanted, but Su Wan did not want anything. She only said that she wanted to stay in the God’s Palace.

Because she admired him.

And now, Su Wan wanted to take back the compensation he had previously…

For the child in her belly?!

Ha, she had never considered herself!

She was pregnant with someone else’s child, yet she still wanted to stay by his side. She kept saying that she admired him and only him. Was such a woman really worth not parting with?

Su Wan saw the bone-chilling look in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes, and her fingertips suddenly trembled. She gritted her teeth and knew that she could not back down.

Even if she was misunderstood by Jiang Xuecheng, even if Jiang Xuecheng hated her at this moment, she had to protect her and his child.

“Your Highness, I beg you…”

Su Wan raised her head and looked at the man in front of her. Her gaze did not show any fear. It seemed a little humble because it was stained with a few drops of tears.

Her posture was even lower than the dust.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan’s somewhat pale face, and his expression could not help but become absent-minded.

–This seemed to be the first time Su Wan had begged him like this, but it was for the sake of an illegitimate child with unknown origin!

But no matter what, when he met Su Wan’s eyes, he could not even bear to say no.

It was really ridiculous.

Jiang Xuecheng’s fingertips turned white. He felt as if someone had grabbed his heart tightly without him noticing. Half of his mind was filled with seawater, and the other half was filled with flames. His heart felt as if it was being twisted.

The air sank into a long silence. After a long time, he finally spoke.

“Alright, I promise you.”

These short words seemed to have used up all his strength when he said them. It even made Jiang Xuecheng feel a bit dizzy. He even felt that he couldn’t stand properly.

However, this emperor of the God’s Palace was still standing perfectly fine. His figure was tall and graceful. His long and narrow eyes swept his surroundings as if they were going to freeze the air.

The man’s calm voice swept past her ears, causing Su Wan’s heart to suddenly relax!

It wasn’t that she didn’t see the fury and disgust in Jiang Xuecheng, but she needed this promise.

Jiang Xuecheng was a very trustworthy person. He would keep his word. Su Wan’s heart finally relaxed. At least for now, Jiang Xuecheng wouldn’t do anything to her and the child in her belly.

Su Wan stared into Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. She opened her thin lips slightly, and her gentle voice sounded sincere.

“Your Highness, thank you.”

Jiang Xuecheng did not say a word when he heard that. He moved his eyes away from Su Wan’s face and pursed his thin lips tightly. His handsome and stunning face was covered with a thick layer of hostility.

Su Wan saw that Jiang Xuecheng did not speak, so she simply shut her mouth. She glanced at Jiang Xuecheng reluctantly, feeling a little uncomfortable.

In fact, this was the child they shared. However, when this child was conceived, it did not receive the father’s approval.

Actually, when she thought about it, it was a little sad…

Seeing that Su Wan was looking at Jiang Xuecheng reluctantly, the high priest’s beautiful eyes narrowed. She immediately flicked her sleeves, and her face, which was as smooth as jade, looked dignified and proud.

“Since His Highness has agreed to you, you can go in now!”

When Su Wan heard this, she suddenly came back to her senses. She shifted her gaze to the high priest and suddenly remembered something.

When she was on Earth looking for information for Lin Fei’er, although the child could be tested for DNA information by extracting the placental villi by the eighth week, it would also result in a certain probability of having a miscarriage.

Su Wan knew that Jiang Xuecheng would not pay attention to her anymore, so she spoke to the high priest in embarrassment.

“I’ve asked others before. I heard that this test might not be very good for the child. Will you give me a pregnancy injection or prescribe pregnancy medicine afterwards?”

The high priest glanced at Su Wan impatiently. “Do you think that we will mistreat you and His Highness’ child?”

Jiang Xuecheng was stunned when he heard that. He did not expect the high priest to call the child in Su Wan’s belly his.

When Su Wan heard the high priest say this, she could not make any further requests. She could only follow the two nurses into the corridor.

When he saw Su Wan turn around, Jiang Xuecheng finally shifted his gaze back to Su Wan.

The two female nurses were protecting Su Wan on both sides. Perhaps it was because they were on the tall side, but Su Wan, who was sandwiched in the middle, appeared very delicate.

That back view actually gave off a feeling of lovesickness and losing her.

The emperor clenched his hands tightly, his heart filled with complicated emotions.

Perhaps for him and Su Wan, things wouldn’t be the same going forward.

What Jiang Xuecheng did not expect was that Su Wan had only gone in for about two minutes when a nurse came to invite the high priest next to her to talk.

By the time the High Priest returned, she had already changed into her sterile clothes.

Jiang Xuecheng frowned and glanced at the middle-aged woman in the sterile clothes. Although the high priest wasn’t young, her features were like that of a twenty-eight-year-old girl, but her temperament was too solemn and dignified.

“High Priest, are you going to –”

The high priest coldly glanced at Jiang Xuecheng.

“This matter concerns the image of the God’s Palace. I can’t rest assured about the test results, so I want to go in and take a look.”

The corners of Jiang Xuecheng’s lips were pursed. She didn’t know why, but she felt that the high priest was more concerned about this matter than he was.

However, it was also true. Everyone knew that the high priest paid the most attention to the prestige of the God’s Palace…

The high priest seemed to see through Jiang Xuecheng’s doubts. Her eyes were burning, and she very naturally stroked her right hand.

“If you’re not afraid of the results, then we’ll go in together.”

When Jiang Xuecheng heard this, his face darkened. In the end, he still refused.

Compared to knowing the result directly, he would rather wait outside. At the very least, the heartache would come later.

In the operating theater, the lights were bright.

Su Wan lay in the center of the operating table. She felt a group of people wearing white coats and white masks swaying in front of her eyes.

—These were the most outstanding medical talents in this world!

They were not old. Their exposed eyes showed that they were around thirty years old, and the chief physician looked to be in their forties at most.

Su Wan’s heart was pounding. After lying on the operating table, she became more and more nervous.

There was a B-scan monitoring the whole process. Su Wan felt a drop of cold sweat flowing down her hair and down her cheek.

It felt a little itchy, but she could not reach out to wipe that drop of cold sweat.

All of a sudden, Su Wan saw the oldest chief physician raise their hand.

Was it about to start?!

Su Wan blinked her eyes in a trance, and soon, a doctor came forward and inserted a needle into Su Wan’s skin…

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