The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 66 - Don’t Open Your Eyes, Surprise!

Chapter 66: Don’t Open Your Eyes, Surprise!

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Marriage is an important matter. One might only have one wedding in their entire life. As a good friend, Su Wan sincerely wished for Lin Fei’er to have a perfect wedding ceremony.


Lin Fei’er was extremely touched but what came out from her mouth was teasing. “Alright, alright, wait till your wedding ceremony, I won’t have a five-figure cash gift in return.”


Su Wan darted Lin Fei’er a look and joked, “If you can’t afford to give me a cash gift by then, I won’t let you enter.”


“Are you such a miser? Your boss at home has many properties and you still care about my cash gift?”


“Yup, I care about it, can’t I?”


When the promoter saw the good relationship between Su Wan and Lin Fei’er, a sense of envy arose in her heart. That moment, she did not forget her duty. “Miss, are you going to be the bridesmaid? Would you like to select a bridesmaid gown?”


Su Wan smiled and waved her hand and was about to answer but Lin Fei’er beat her to it. “It’s not necessary. My friend is married and she can’t be my bridesmaid.”


Lin Fei’er then felt sorry. When they were in high school, she and Su Wan had made an agreement that the other would be the bridesmaid for whoever who got married first. However, both of them had not expected neither to have the opportunity to be the other’s bridesmaid.


On the other hand, the promoter was stunned when she heard this and couldn’t help taking a few more glances at Su Wan. This girl looked younger than Lin Fei’er and looked like a fresh graduate but she was married!


Su Wan caught the promoter’s expression of disbelief. She shrugged. She didn’t think she would get married at such a young age either and her husband was a man whom she had only met for a little more than a month.


In the past, she had heard people saying that marriage was like life’s fortress, that one would suffer once they stepped in. However, after her marriage with Jiang Xuecheng, she felt a light at the end of the tunnel and there was hope in her life.


After accompanying Lin Fei’er, Su Wan hailed a taxi and returned to Fontainebleau.


Just when she entered, Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng sitting upright in the living hall. His expression was serious and indifferent. Beside him stood his personal assistant, Ah Si. At that moment, Ah Si seemed to be reporting something to Jiang Xuecheng.


“Young Master, we’ve won the tender for the island you’ve taken fancy to. The procedure of ownership can be done in several days.”


Jiang Xuecheng nodded in a careless way. When he heard the sound of footsteps, his eyes shifted to look at Su Wan who had just returned.


Ah Si smiled and nodded respectfully at Su Wan. “Hello, Young Madam.”


Su Wan smiled and nodded, then placed her handbag and shopping bag on the table. She turned around to look at Jiang Xuecheng. “You’re so busy even on Sundays. Is something up in your company?”


Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan in a gentle manner. His lips curved into a smile and his eyes were glistening like stars. “You’re back? Nothing happened in the company.”


After that, Jiang Xuecheng hinted Ah Si with his eyes, indicating that he could leave.

Ah Si grinned from ear to ear as he turned to leave. The moment he stepped out of the door, he couldn’t help but turn his mouth down. In his heart, he was thinking his young master had turned from an indifferent CEO to an uxorious man.

He had not seen Jiang Xuecheng treating anyone so gently before. Could a marriage turn a person around?


This happened too quickly! This energy was scary!


Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes swept to the shopping bag Su Wan placed on the table. Curiosity flashed through his dark eyes as he asked, “What did you buy?”


She had gone out to the mall for more than half a day but had only brought one shopping bag back. Didn’t she see something that she liked?


Su Wan held the bag in her hand seriously. There was a cheeky smile on her face. “Guess!”


Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips and replied with a faint smile, “Clothes?”


Since Su Wan had accompanied Lin Fei’er to pick her wedding gown, they would shop at the womenswear department. So, the possibility of clothes in this bag was the highest.

When Su Wan heard his answer, she was stunned but she believed Jiang Xuecheng had not guessed that a suit was in there.


“Your guess is too broad. Be more specific!”


Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows. His eyeballs moved and he was unsure as to why Su Wan wanted to play a guessing game with him. However, since Su Wan asked, the answer must be something unique.


“Could it be clothes for me?”


Su Wan’s expression changed. She widened her eyes in disbelief and the item in her hand almost fell to the ground.


What did Jiang Xuecheng eat when he was growing up? He was very smart and could even guess it right!


When he saw Su Wan’s expression, Jiang Xuecheng knew he had guessed correctly. He took the bag and narrowed his eyes.


“Wan Wan, did you really buy me clothes?”


Su Wan nodded. She had wanted to give Jiang Xuecheng a surprise at first but now she did not feel a sense of achievement.


She felt her IQ was being crushed. She was speechless!


Su Wan took that dark grey checkered British-style suit out and shook it in front of Jiang Xuecheng.


“Here it is. I thought it’ll fit you, so I bought it. How did you guess it right?”


“My intuition.” Jiang Xuecheng then shifted his vision onto the British-style suit. He had some emotions within and when he spoke again, his voice was soft and low. “You went for so long and didn’t think of getting something for yourself?”


Su Wan smiled and shrugged, “When I first moved to Fontainebleau, I saw a whole row of female clothing in the closet. I don’t need anything else.”


Jiang Xuecheng was in a daze when he saw Su Wan speaking casually. Very quickly, he smiled, “Close your eyes. I have something for you too.”


“What? Why is it so secretive?”


Su Wan kept her eyes opened in surprise. Although Jiang Xuecheng had told her he wanted to give her a surprise, what was it?


Jiang Xuecheng remained smiling and tugged Su Wan. He covered her eyes with his hands and said, “Close your eyes first.”


Su Wan’s body trembled slightly. The warmth of Jiang Xuecheng’s palm was spreading from her cheeks all the way down to her limbs and bones.


The icy breath started surrounding her. When she sensed that the breath was Jiang Xuecheng’s unique breath, Su Wan’s heart immediately raced. Subconsciously, she closed her eyes.


When Jiang Xuecheng drew his hand back, it was as if time had slowed down. Su Wan frowned. What was he trying to do?


“Can you find the thing?”


Su Wan was waiting anxiously and almost opened her eyes but was caught by Jiang Xuecheng. “You’re not allowed to open your eyes.”


Su Wan pouted. Since she could not peep, she obediently kept her eyes shut.


Suddenly, Su Wan felt her left hand being held up by Jiang Xuecheng carefully. A cold metal circular item wrapped around her ring finger!


This was…


Light flashed through Su Wan’s heart. The surprise Jiang Xuecheng mentioned was definitely a ring!

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