The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 65 - Take This As A Gift

Chapter 65: Take This As A Gift

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When they heard the salesperson’s question, as if awakening from a dream, Su Wan and Lin Fei’er remembered they had not paid for the suit.


Su Wan darted a faint look at the salesperson and took out a card holder from her handbag. When Su Wan opened the card holder, the salesperson alertly noticed the corner of a low-profile but luxurious black card.


The salesperson trembled and her eyes were filled with disbelief. Was the card she just saw a Centurion card?


Although this was the most high-end mall in S City and she had already worked here for several years, she had never met a customer who owned a Centurion card. She had only seen an imitation Centurion card herself during her training.


Su Wan did not take out that card but instead presented a platinum card for payment.


The salesperson was disappointed. That moment, she dared not think Su Wan was an ordinary person. After all, the price of this suit alone was equivalent to several months of her salary.


Su Wan took the bill and accepted the shopping bag with the suit in it agilely. She smiled at Lin Fei’er, “I’m done shopping. Now, it’s time to accompany our bride-to-be to select her wedding gown.”


When the salesperson heard what Su Wan said, the salesperson’s eyes lit up and her smile became warm and friendly.


“Are you planning to buy a wedding gown? The east zone of our shop has various new designs of wedding gown, which are all handmade. The texture and quality are first-rate and the designs are gorgeous.”


Su Wan darted a cold look at the salesperson. She turned around and tugged at Lin Fei’er. “Fei’er, let’s go.”


Today, she had seen a salesperson who flattered the rich and looked down upon the poor to attract business and had two sides of face. It was too bad that she would never come to this place to shop anymore.


When the salesperson received Su Wan’s cold look, she trembled spontaneously. This girl was about her age but her aura was strong.


Lin Fei’er caught up with Su Wan. She seized Su Wan’s arm with a beam and asked, “Wan, why do I feel like you have developed an ice cube face like your boss at home just several days after you got married?”


Su Wan rolled her eyes sulkily. “I feel that you have been with Li Peng for so long but you still jump up and down and have not learned his steadiness.”


Lin Fei’er stuck out her tongue and declared arrogantly, “I’m youthful and cute, why do I have to learn from that old man?”


Su Wan felt her stomach aching after hearing Lin Fei’er’s narcissistic words. She laughed and said, “Yes, yes, yes, our queen is always eighteen.”


The two of them joked and laughed all the way, as if they had returned to the carefree time when they were in high school, until they walked into a shop selling wedding gowns.


From the showcase, Lin Fei’er was attracted by a pure white wedding gown.


The gown had a luxurious cutting. There were only some pearls on the waist area and the lacy train of the gown, and it would look gorgeous. However, she was not comfortable with its price.


The shop promoter came up to them very quickly. She took a glance at Su Wan and Lin Fei’er and showed an appropriate professional smile, “Hello, are you planning to get a wedding gown? May I know who between the two of you is buying?”


Lin Fei’er let go of her hand holding Su Wan and nodded first. The promoter skimmed through Lin Fei’er and made her suggestion.


“You have a good figure and you are tall. Do you like this design?” The promoter stretched out her right hand and pointed to the wedding gown with pearls which Lin Fei’er had stared at for a long time just now.


Lin Fei’er stared at Su Wan as if seeking for help. She liked it but thought it was expensive and couldn’t get herself to buy it. Hence, she wanted to hear Su Wan’s opinion.


Su Wan smiled faintly and felt that this promoter had sharp observations. She tilted her head slightly to look at the promoter and asked, “Can we try on the wedding gown?”


The promoter quickly nodded. “Yes, of course.”


Lin Fei’er was then brought to the fitting room by the promoter. Su Wan waited silently outside. Her eyes swept across the wedding gowns in this shop and thought there was a superb collection of beautiful wedding gowns here but generally, all of them looked about the same.


Nowadays in Jiuzhou, many couples were going for Western-style wedding ceremonies but she preferred traditional Chinese clothing. If she wanted a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, would Jiang Xuecheng agree to it?


At this thought, an image of Jiang Xuecheng in traditional Chinese clothing appeared in her mind. Su Wan was amused by her own thoughts.

Jiang Xuecheng was a person who was more indifferent than anyone else. If he were to wear the Chinese traditional costume, he should look like a royal prince.


Su Wan’s thoughts drifted and just when she spaced out, the door of the fitting room swung opened. Su Wan turned around and looked at the person who walked out.


Lin Fei’er’s hair was held high and the elegant cut of the gown outlined her exquisite body. Trailing behind Lin Fei’er’s, the white train of the gown flickered gently and the pearls on it emitted rays of light.


Su Wan was slightly astonished. For a moment, she had forgotten to breathe. Lin Fei’er looked gorgeous!


Lin Fei’er saw Su Wan’s blank look and immediately, some restraint and tension appeared on her face. “Wan, how do I look?”


Su Wan nodded her head and praised her, “Nice! You look like a fairy maiden. This gown fits you perfectly like it has been custom-made for you!”


Then, Su Wan went around Lin Fei’er several times to look at her in the gown. The more she looked, the more satisfied she was. It was flawless. When she saw Lin Fei’er’s wedding gown, she was tempted to have a Western-style wedding.


Cough, cough. She had difficulty in making a selection when it came to beautiful things.

The promoter was surrounding Lin Fei’er too and she kept praising her. “You look beautiful in this wedding gown. It is absolute perfection! At first, I thought the size might not be right and I would have to order one in your size, but it looks like it fits you perfectly now.”


Lin Fei’er walked to the mirror bashfully and turned around twice to look at herself in the mirror. She was satisfied with the wedding gown but stepped back at the sight of its high price.


The promoter could sense Lin Fei’er’s hesitance. So, she started to promote in hopes of convincing her.


“Marriage is the most important thing in a woman’s life. If the wedding gown fits, the wedding ceremony would be more spectacular. Would you like me to wrap this up for you?”


Lin Fei’er shut her eyes but had not been convinced. At a loss, she replied, “Let’s take a look at the other wedding gowns.”


Su Wan walked over to her nimbly and placed her credit card in Lin Fei’er’s palm. “I think you look good in this wedding gown. Let’s get it.”


Lin Fei’er frowned slightly. This wedding gown was not cheap. She couldn’t accept spending her good friend’s money.


Su Wan knew Lin Fei’er very well. She seized her hand and soothed her. “Just take this as my wedding gift for you and Li Peng!

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