The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 62 - Unavoidable Confrontation

Chapter 62: Unavoidable Confrontation

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Su Wan grasped her hand uneasily. She lowered her eyebrows, obviously trying to make Jiang Xuecheng happy. “Just now Fei’er called me, asking me to accompany her to select her wedding gown and I was so happy for her, I agreed…”


Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan’s expression. She acted like a student admitting her mistake. He was initially angry that Su Wan did not discuss with him, but he now felt that her expression and tone of voice were funny.

Jiang Xuecheng held his forehead helplessly and knew he had been poisoned by a kind of poison named Su Wan. He was afraid this might last a lifetime.

When Jiang Xuecheng was silent and his expression was strange, Su Wan grabbed Jiang Xuecheng’s hand in a haste. “You aren’t angry, are you? We have lots of time together, we’ll go together next time, alright?”


Jiang Xuecheng pinched Su Wan’s nose as he took out a black credit card and handed it to her.


“I’m not angry. I see that you did not use my supplementary card, so I applied another one for you. If you wish to buy anything, just swipe as you wish. Have fun.”


At one glance, Su Wan knew it was a Centurion card. It was a privileged credit card which only the highest-level customers of the bank could enjoy.

The Centurion card was extremely valuable. It was not only exclusive, but its existence also portrayed the guest’s honorable identity.

At that moment, Su Wan had mixed feelings. Did Jiang Xuecheng’s gesture of giving her the Centurion card mean he had complete trust in her?


When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan not accepting the card, he placed the card directly in her hand. “Why? Don’t you want it?”


Su Wan took a deep breath and kept the Centurion card away with care. She smiled and shallow dimples showed on her cheeks. “Why wouldn’t I? I’m not stupid.”


It was dumb not to want money but Jiang Xuecheng had given her too much and she didn’t feel comfortable using his money. She preferred being self-reliant.


Su Wan decided to keep the card properly and only take it out as the last resort. Of course, she hoped such moments would not exist.

After their conversation, Jiang Xuecheng switched off the lights using the remote controller and then wrap his hands around Su Wan’s neck. “Wan Wan, you’re going out tomorrow. Rest early.”


Su Wan nodded her head slightly and nestled against Jiang Xuecheng’s body and drifted into dreamland.


The next morning, at the break of dawn, Su Wan woke up earlier than Jiang Xuecheng for the first time. She beat Jiang Xuecheng to the preparation of breakfast. She fried an omelette and grinded soy beans into fresh soy milk.

Su Wan had been cooking herself during the three years she studied in Dong Chen Country. Of course, as compared to Jiang Xuecheng’s culinary skills, the dishes she prepared were barely satisfactory.

After Jiang Xuecheng cleaned himself with a beam on her face, Su Wan served her finished product.


“I prepared these. Please try them. How is it?”


Jiang Xuecheng raised his eyebrows and his eyes showed disbelief. “I didn’t expect thatyou could cook.”


Sensing Jiang Xuecheng’s disbelief, Su Wan looked at him and smiled as she said, “I studied in Dong Chen country for three years and I couldn’t eat out every day. Do you think my omelette is nice?”


Jiang Xuecheng chewed on the omelette and stared at Su Wan with a faint smile on his face. “It’s so-so.”


Although she knew it was not as good as what Jiang Xuecheng prepared, Su Wan still had a sense of defeat. She rolled her eyes.


 “Who asked you to have such good culinary skills? When I was in Dong Chen Country, many of my classmates praised my culinary skills and said I excel in both housework and social life.”


Jiang Xuecheng was calm. He looked as if he was not chewing an omelette but delicious delicacies instead. “They were just too lazy and went to your place to scourge free meals, didn’t they?”


This man was indeed wickedly clever!


When Jiang Xuecheng could say the key point, Su Wan choked and couldn’t say anymore.

She had always had the gift of the gab and was praised by others but why did she feel that she always had to admit defeat after she met Jiang Xuecheng?


Although Jiang Xuecheng ridiculed her, he still finished Su Wan’s omelette as a tribute to her effort. This made Su Wan bashful. It was rare to see Jiang Xuecheng have such good appetite!


A pleasant looking man could sit at the table seriously and finish the food she prepared. That made her feel willing to cook for him for the rest of her life.

To have a person who genuinely admired her contributions made her feel the phrase ‘a friend is rare in life’ strongly.


It seemed quite good to spend the rest of her life with such a person.

After breakfast and a little while of boredom, it was almost time to meet Lin Fei’er. Su Wan tidied her handbag hastily and said goodbye to Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan got down from the taxi. Due to her intuition produced as a product of their long years of friendship, she saw Lin Fei’er standing opposite the road almost immediately.


Today, Lin Fei’er looked good, perhaps because she was getting married. She was wearing a long red dress and was beaming and buoyant in spirit. Her cheerfulness, coupled with her tall figure and pretty face, was attracting people’s attention.

Su Wan smiled as she walked up to her. “I feel bad for making Your Majesty wait.”


Lin Fei’er lifted her brows and casually tugged Su Wan’s arms. “Oh, stop it. Come, accompany me to pick some clothes.”


The two of them went into the mall happily and to Su Wan’s surprise, Lin Fei’er did not go to the women’s department first but went straight to the shop selling high-end menswear.

Su Wan was amazed, “Fei’er, Li Peng did not accompany you but the first person you want to get clothes for is him. You’re such a loving wife. You were not like this in the past.”


Lin Fei’er took a silver grey slim shirt and put it over her arm. Then, she rolled her eyes sulkily.


“My Li Peng is not like your CEO. Today, he’s out on a business trip. To look after our whole family, could he not work hard?”


When she saw Fei’er defending Li Peng, Su Wan laughed. This good friend of hers was the kind of person who would treat you nicely from the bottom of her heart if you genuinely treat her well. Su Wan hoped Li Peng would take good care of Fei’er.


After Lin Fei’er selected two sets of menswear, Su Wan had a sudden idea. Should she buy a shirt for Jiang Xuecheng?


Jiang Xuecheng treated her well and she had recorded all this in her mind. The gifts that Jiang Xuecheng bought her were not few but she had not gifted him anything.

With this thought, Su Wan joined the team of women selecting clothes for their men.

Although Jiang Xuecheng had given her a Centurion card, Su Wan decided to use her own money. She had not received her salary yet as she had only worked at Long Teng International for less than a month but fortunately, she still had some savings.


Su Wan walked toward the specialty counter and her vision was attracted by a dark grey checkered British-style suit. This suited Jiang Xuecheng’s indifferent temperament. He would look really good in it!


Su Wan smiled slightly and stretched her hand to take the suit. Looking at the size, Su Wan estimated Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulder width and leg length silently in her heart. With his thin waist, he could fit in this suit.


Just when Su Wan was about to pay for it, she saw a familiar figure from the back.


Why did she have to bump into her when she was buying clothes? Such bad luck!

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