The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Master Jiang Who Does Not Lack Money

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Being toyed around by Su Wan unconsciously, Jiang Xuecheng’s face darkened. Initially, he was not very sleepy, but now he was wide awake.

Jiang Xuecheng placed his hand in Su Wan’s hand and slowly climbed up to the bed and lay down on his own place.

Too bad, the woman was not satisfied with just holding the little puppy’s hand. She turned around and hugged Jiang Xuecheng tightly.

Su Wan was pressed against Jiang Xuecheng’s arms. She found a comfortable position in his embrace and settled down, satisfied.

Su Wan’s soft face kept rubbing against Jiang Xuecheng’s back and her sweet fragrance probed into his nose. Jiang Xuecheng finally understood that such sweet but cruel torture existed in this world.

That was it. Since he couldn’t sleep, Jiang Xuecheng opened his eyes slightly. He turned to his side and enjoyed the sight of Su Wan’s charming sleeping face in his embrace until dawn.

The next morning, at the break of dawn, the woman finally awoke.

The moment Su Wan opened her eyes, she found herself lying in Jiang Xuecheng’s embrace!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah….” she cried in fear.

Su Wan suddenly thought of something and swiftly lowered her head to look.

Phew! The buttons on her blouse were all intact. It looked like nothing had happened last night.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan when he saw her shock, followed by her gesture of checking her clothing.

“Why are you screaming? Did you think I’d take things too hard and take a fancy to you? You were the one who hugged me and didn’t let go. You were the one who did not behave and lay in my arms the whole night.”

Couldn’t this man say something nice? Had he suffered loss?!

Come to think of it, Su Wan could recall herself hugging, touching, and kissing the ‘little puppy’. If a man had no response, he was either a gentleman or something must be wrong with him.

Sensing that her thoughts had gone astray, Su Wan felt a slight warmth creeping up her face as she rebutted, reluctant to show her weakness, “You are a man, don’t you know how to push me away?”

“I wished I could but you were too strong and I was afraid my wound would split.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked coldly at Su Wan who was now blushing. He started to massage his right hand that had carried the weight of Su Wan’s head all night and now felt numb. When his right hand regained its senses, Jiang Xuecheng continued teasing her.

“I have not seen a woman with as poor of a sleeping posture as you. How could you get married?”

Being hit on a sore spot, Su Wan started to pull a long face. She put on her slippers and was about to enter the washroom to clean herself. Nearing the washroom, she threw him her words indignantly.

“What does my poor sleeping posture have to do with you? My fiancé wouldn’t mind this little thing. So, I won’t trouble you to care about my marriage.”

Upon hearing the word ‘fiancé’, Jiang Xuecheng remembered that this woman was no longer available. His eyes sank and he looked down, covering up all his emotions.

After both Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng cleaned themselves up, they started to have their western-style breakfast together. However, due to the unhappy arguments in the morning, both of them were silent during breakfast.

Suddenly, Su Wan’s phone rang and broke the silence between them.

She answered the call and heard a stranger’s voice. “Young Master, I’m here. Could you please come down?”

Su Wan raised her brows and shoved the phone to Jiang Xuecheng, “Here, the call is for you.”

Su Wan watched as Jiang Xuecheng put down his cutlery gently. This man’s dining etiquette was impeccable. It looked like he was from a family with good upbringing. He was addressed as young master. What could be his identity?

After the call, Jiang Xuecheng got up and smiled slightly. He then leaned closer to Su Wan.

What was this man doing?

Before waiting for Su Wan to turn her head, Jiang Xuecheng got closer to her and brushed her lips with his hand.

Although Jiang Xuecheng’s action was swift and it was done only in the blink of an eye, it was too much for Su Wan to take in.

Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng furiously. Her stance was like a fierce cat making threatening gestures. “Why did you get so close to me?”

“There were bread crumbs on your lips,” Jiang Xuecheng explained as his long eyes rolled lightly, making his face look even more handsome.

Gosh, she had just made a fool of herself in front of him. Su Wan tried to weep but failed to shed a tear. She had just known this man for two days, how did she manage to embarrass herself more than she had in the last twenty years altogether?

Jiang Xuecheng swept across Su Wan’s remorseful look and started saying, “Go down with me.”

Su Wan narrowed her eyes to look at Jiang Xuecheng. She wasn’t happy with his instructing tone.

However, she recalled the man saying he would bring her a set of ladies clothing today. So, she would treat that as compensation and it was better than not getting anything in return for all her effort.

Even if she ignored the money she spent on medicine, her heart still ached when she saw the Dior coat she rarely wore stained with the man’s blood.

Su Wan lowered her head and trailed behind Jiang Xuecheng.

When they came to the main hotel entrance, Su Wan was attracted to the black sports car just in front of the entrance.

Su Wan came from a well-to-do family but when she saw the sports car, she marveled at its beauty.

It was a Koenigsegg Agera R!

This car was a limited-edition sports car. Never had she expected to see it in front of a small hotel in a rural area.

Who could the driver of this sports car be?

Without waiting for long, the driver winded down the car window. The man’s dressing was very ordinary and he was brisk, unlike the typical lot who were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

It looked like some rich men kept a low profile too. After satisfying her curiosity, Su Wan shifted her vision toward Jiang Xuecheng and asked, “Why isn’t the one who is supposed to pick you here yet?”

“Isn’t he in front of you?” Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips slightly. He looked even colder now.

Who was he referring to?

Su Wan’s eyes skimmed around but did not see anyone…

Just then, the man who drove the Koenigsegg Agera R opened the car door and came walking toward Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

Could this man be…

Su Wan’s eyes widened. She watched in shock as the tall man bowed respectfully to Jiang Xuecheng. “Young Master, I’ve brought the things you asked me to bring. Do we depart now?”

Young master? So, the man was Ah Si, Jiang Xuecheng’s driver…

It looked like Jiang Xuecheng was rich.

On the other side, Ah Si was also looking at Su Wan from head to toe. He wanted to see how the woman who spent the night with his young master looked like. She was good-looking but from her expression, she was as if…

Sigh, as long as his young master liked her. Heaven knows, his young master was one who kept a distance away from women. Had he gotten this all straightened out?

Not bothered by his nosy subordinate, Jiang Xuecheng ordered, “Ah Si, pass her the set of ladies clothes and give her a check amounting to five million Chinese Yuan.”

Ah Si was stunned. Issue a check?

Did his young master and this woman have an unexplainable story…?

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