The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 58 - Love A Person And Those Related To Her

Chapter 58: Love A Person And Those Related To Her

Jiang Xuecheng handed the washed vegetables to Xie Changfeng. His voice was simple and indifferent as he replied, “Zhao Hua University.”

Xie Changfeng was just about to say something but when he heard the name of the university, he froze and almost dropped the vegetables!

Did he hear wrongly? Did the kid say he was from Zhao Hua University?

If Chang Xin University was one of the top universities in Jiuzhou, then, Zhao Hua University was the lead of the top universities in Jiuzhou!

The quota for each intake was limited but many students wanted to enter this university, be it local or foreign students. They were proud of their ability to study at Zhao Hua University.

That year, when Xie Changfeng registered for tertiary education, his preferred university was Zhao Hua University but had to diverge from his dreams as his marks were slightly lower. Finally, he had to settle for his second choice, Chang Xin University.

Then, due to his outstanding results, he was asked to stay back as a lecturer at Chang Xin University. He had many academic exchange opportunities with Zhao Hua University and the more he interacted with the students of Zhao Hua University, the more he felt they were above all the others.

Xie Changfeng let out a long breath. When he scanned through Jiang Xuecheng again, he seemed more pleasing to the eye now.

“I heard you mentioning your mother’s name just now. What’s your view on the studies of Chinese ancient civilization?”

Jiang Xuecheng had a faint smile. He shared his views on the studies of Chinese ancient civilization with Xie Changfeng. As Xie Changfend listened, he nodded silently and found that his views concurred with this junior’s.

So, both of them started chatting about everything.

The more Xie Changfeng listened, the more he was interested. Unconsciously, he had forgotten to cook. Following his admiration for Jiang Xuecheng, he changed the way he addressed him from ‘kid’ to his name.

After half an hour, Xie Changfeng screamed and remembered they had not cooked. He hit his head and said, “We were too carried away chatting and have forgotten about lunch.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and said softly, “Grandfather, please get some rest in the living hall, I’ll cook. I heard you like traditional Chinese paintings. I brought two genuine paintings of some decades ago. Please have a look.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Changfeng’s feisty eyes lit up, “Who’s masterpiece?”

Jiang Xuecheng took a seasoning bottle and mentioned casually, “Pa-ta Shan-Jen’s ‘Bamboo and Mandarin Duck’ and Huang Gongwang’s ‘Picture of Jade Trees on the Cliff’. I’ve put them on the table in the living room.”

Xie Changfeng was shaking vigorously. Without bothering if it was real or fake, he dashed to the living hall.

Pa-ta Shan-Jen’s ‘Bamboo and Mandarin Duck’!

Huang Gongwang’s ‘Picture of Jade Trees on the Cliff’!

These two ancestors were Xie Changfeng’s favorite artists but the prices of their art pieces were sky-high.

The Xie family were a family of scholars and could not afford the high price of the paintings. Hence, in the past, Xie Changfeng could only admire them in the museum and had no chance to collect them.

When he saw Xie Changfeng’s hurried look, Jiang Xuecheng smiled slightly. He knew he had done the right thing. So, he focused on cutting the vegetables.

Su Wan and Lin Xuan, who were chatting in the living hall, heard Xie Changfeng’s hurried steps and didn’t know what had happened.

Xie Changfeng ignored their glances. He found the bag containing the paintings. With a genuine but nervous mood, Xie Changfeng opened the two elaborately mounted paintings.

Just when Su Wan and Lin Xuan came nearer to take a look, they suddenly saw Xie Changfeng’s face turn red. He held the paintings carefully and screamed like a kid. Then, tears rolled down the old man’s cheeks.

With that drastic and time-beaten voice coupled with joy, he was like a traveler who had returned to his own country after wandering for a long time!

Su Wan and Lin Xuan gazed at one another. As his family members, they had not seen him forget himself and make such a scene before.

Su Wan walked up to him in suspicion and asked lightly, “Grandfather, what’s happened to you?”

Hot tears welled up in Xie Changfeng’s eyes. He took a glance at her and suddenly laughed, “Wan, I’m very happy with this grandson-in-law! Jiang Xuecheng has his own mind and he’s well-spoken. I’m very satisfied!”

To get his approval, Su Wan felt as if the rain was red.

She had been Xie Changfeng’s granddaughter for more than twenty years and she had never heard him praise anyone!

Didn’t Xie Changfeng dislike Jiang Xuecheng earlier? It had only been a short while and Jiang Xuecheng had already won her grandfather’s heart. Her grandfather had even approved of Jiang Xuecheng being his grandson-in-law!

Su Wan was extremely curious as to how Jiang Xuecheng had won grandfather’s heart. She raised her brows and asked in a thick nosy voice, “Grandfather, what are you holding?”

Xie Changfeng smiled as he introduced the two paintings to Su Wan. He then laid out the paintings for Su Wan and Lin Xuan to see.

Su Wan looked at the two paintings carefully. She was not a person who appreciated paintings but she could feel that these were paintings of great quality.

Although they were well-preserved, these two paintings were decades old and the paper had turned yellow. Despite the condition, the artistic conception of the paintings was still intact and noble.

However, they were only able to view it for several minutes before Xie Changfeng kept them. He said he wanted to hang them up in his study room.

Su Wan shrugged and she was surprised that Jiang Xuecheng had spent such a huge amount on this gift. Any one of these paintings’ prices started at over one hundred million yuan.

At the same time, Su Wan felt the paintings were far more important to her grandfather than her being his granddaughter. He had given her away just like that.

Jiang Xuecheng was such a sly fox. He had thought of the strategy to win her grandfather’s heart and had even kept it a secret from her. This was such a scheming mind!

Just when Su Wan was having mixed feelings, Jiang Xuecheng finally walked out with corn and spareribs soup and cuttlefish soup. Although he was holding the dishes in his hands, he walked casually, as if taking a stroll, and he looked like a prince.

Xie Changfeng stood up excitedly. His sharp eyes were filled with glow of excitement. “Grandson-in-law, I love the two paintings you brought me!”

Jiang Xuecheng placed the dishes on the dining table calmly and returned a warm smile. “I’m glad you like them, Grandfather.”

Su Wan secretly shot him a glance and said smilingly to the old folks, “There are many more dishes in the kitchen. I’ll go and help Xuecheng.”

Lin Xuan smiled as she nodded. She amiably enjoined, “Go, but be careful not to burn yourself.”

Su Wan answered yes and then followed Jiang Xuecheng to the kitchen. While she carried the fruits platter, she complained to Jiang Xuecheng, “Why didn’t you tell me you were buying such expensive paintings? Don’t do that next time.”

Jiang Xuecheng didn’t mind the amount he had spent. His dark eyes were calm and focused as he looked at Su Wan.

“That’s nothing. I love you and I’ll definitely treat your family members well.”

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