The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 526 - Ming Ye

Chapter 526: Ming Ye

The man with the jade demon eyes stared at Su Wan indifferently, his voice cold.

“If I tell you to dig, then dig. Stop talking so much nonsense.”

Su Wan restrained her expression and walked over unwillingly. She held the knife, and when she saw the bloody back of the man, she couldn’t help but be frightened.

This woman was really slow…

The man with the jade demon eyes frowned, and was about to tell Su Wan to hurry up.

Suddenly, Su Wan lowered her head. The ice-cold blade touched his skin and made him shut his mouth.

“I’ve never done such a thing before. It will probably hurt a lot. Bear with it for now.”

When Su Wan’s gentle voice fell into his ears, the man with the jade demon eyes pursed his lips, and a trace of sarcasm flashed across his long and narrow eyes.

How could digging a bullet hurt?

Back when he was imprisoned in that damned place, those beasts had experimented with his body over and over, and this little bit of pain was not even one-thousandth of what he had experienced back then!

He had experienced what it meant to live a life worse than death!

They did not treat him as a human at all!

Fortunately, he found an opportunity and finally escaped.

In that damned place that could not see the light of day, he had sworn that as long as he could escape, he would never return!

As for those heartless beasts…

He wanted to slowly nurture his own powers and let those people experience what it was like back then!

As the memories of the past surfaced in his mind, the man with the jade demon eyes could not help but clench his fists.

His eyes, which were as sharp as knives, were filled with malice. If anyone saw his eyes at this moment, they would definitely be terrified.

Su Wan lowered her eyes and saw him pursing his lips. She thought that he was enduring the pain.

She knew that she should not sympathize with someone who wanted to kill her, but when this man only showed half of his face, he really looked like Jiang Xuecheng.

Not only was his face similar, but when Su Wan entered the room, she found that his back looked like Jiang Xuecheng’s. Even his height seemed to be the same.

Perhaps due to her love for him, she could not help but slow down the movements in her hands. Su Wan carefully reached for the knife and comforted him slowly.

“It’s almost done. Don’t be afraid.”

When Su Wan spoke the interstellar language, she was still extremely flustered. However, her tone was very pleasant, like a clear spring in the valley, or like a gentle breeze coming from the spring sun.

The man was startled. An indescribable emotion rose from the bottom of his heart. His jade eyes darkened, and his thin lips spilled out.

“Your name Is Su Wan, right?”

The old man whom Su Wan called Uncle Wang had once called her by this name.

When Su Wan heard this, she was stunned. Then, she slowly nodded. “Yes, my name is Su Wan.”

“Ming Ye.”

He spoke very casually. Su Wan was slow for a while before she realized that he was referring to his name.

“Your name is Ming Ye?”

Su Wan stared at his cold eyes and silently agreed with this name.

This name, which sounded like it belonged to the dark element, really suited him.

The man with the jade demon eyes tightened his hands under his sleeves. For some reason, when he heard Su Wan call his name, a strange feeling flashed through his heart.

Perhaps it was because, other than himself, this woman was the first person who knew his name.

Back then in that damned place, he didn’t have a name. What was given to him by those beasts was just a cold code name.

Ming Ye was the name he gave himself, which meant eternal darkness.

Indeed, from the moment he saw this world, he was destined to be robbed of light and could only be a shadow in the darkness.

Seeing the tip of the knife touching a metallic object, Su Wan’s body could not help but tremble slightly.

She bit down hard to prevent the terrified screams from overflowing.

A thin layer of sweat suddenly appeared on Su Wan’s forehead. Ever since she was young, she had never thought that she would one day be removing a bullet from someone!

Her profession was clearly not in the medical and emergency department!

It was like telling her teacher that this question was beyond her scope…

“Don’t shake your hand. Just use a little more force and the bullet will come out.”

Ming Ye glanced over impatiently. When he saw this woman’s trembling appearance, he felt a little unhappy in his heart.

If Su Wan continued to delay him like this, he did not know how much blood he would lose.

Ah, if those beasts knew that his blood had been wasted like this, what would they think?

The corners of Ming Ye’s lips curled up, revealing a fleeting sneer.

After being reprimanded by Ming Ye twice, Su Wan held the dagger in her sweaty hand and ruthlessly pulled out the bullet!

With a crisp clink, a metal bullet fell to the ground and bounced a few times.

Because of Su Wan’s horrible digging skills, Ming Ye’s right back was covered in blood and flesh. It was a terrifying sight.

But it was strange. An ordinary person would have died long ago after being shot. Even if they didn’t die, they would still have to face the King of Hell after Su Wan’s bullet digging skill.

But looking at this man, other than his pale face, he wasn’t even breathing irregularly!

Su Wan heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Too many things had happened today. She felt that she would definitely have nightmares at night!

“Bandage me up.”

Seeing that Su Wan was about to turn around and leave, Ming Ye spoke coldly again, his tone still commanding.

Su Wan turned around helplessly. She took out a fresh white towel and slowly wiped off the dirty blood stains on Ming Ye’s back.

Previously, she was extremely nervous because she had to dig bullets for someone else, so Su Wan did not have the mood to think about anything else. Now that she looked at this man’s back carefully, it was really terrifying.

Was he really not in pain?

Su Wan even suspected that this man’s sense of pain was inhibited!

If it was her, she would have died from the pain long ago after being dug out with such a clumsy method and without a numbing needle!

He was still alive and well. He was really lucky!

Besides, Ming Ye did not say a word throughout the whole process except for criticizing her for being too slow.

Su Wan raised her eyebrows slightly. “Weren’t you afraid that I would accidentally kill you just now?”

As soon as Su Wan finished her sentence, she heard Ming Ye directly deny her conjecture.


Ming Ye’s eyes were deep. He did not have confidence in Su Wan’s medical skills. He just firmly believed that he would not die.

Su Wan pursed her lips when she heard that and continued to bandage.

He raised his eyes and glanced at Su Wan. At a close distance, other than her slightly tanned skin, this woman’s facial features were very good.

Her long eyelashes blinked gently, making her pair of clear and bright almond eyes more lively.

Ming Ye stared at Su Wan’s delicate skin and said thoughtfully.

“Actually, you’re not black at all, are you?”

If she was really that black, then her skin should be very rough, but on closer inspection, that was not the case.

Su Wan was bandaging him with a cloth strip. When she heard this, her hands immediately trembled.

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