The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 48 - His Thoughtfulness

Chapter 48: His Thoughtfulness

That spirit was currently moving her pair of fair legs, arousing his urge to hold them in his hands right away.

Jiang Xuecheng calmed himself down and took a deep breath before walking over towards her. His footsteps were not too light but Su Wan was immersed in her own world and did not notice someone approaching.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes deepened and hugged Su Wan from the back. “What are you looking at?”

Hearing his voice, Su Wan was startled and the mandarin ducks pillow in her hands dropped.

She was about to turn around to face Jiang Xuecheng but found a pair of broad and solid hands stretching towards her body.

A novel experience defeated Su Wan.

Su Wan was shy and afraid and she place a pillow in front of her to separate Jiang Xuecheng’s palm from her body.

Jiang Xuecheng removed the pillow. When he saw the pattern on the pillow, he smiled deeper and placed the pillow against Su Wan’s back.

“Wan Wan, are you shy?”

When he asked the question, he had held Su Wan tightly. He lowered his body gently nearer to Su Wan with just a little space in between so Su Wan doesn’t feel too bad.

The man’s breath kept probing into Su Wan’s nose. It was cool, pleasant, and fascinating.

Su Wan turned her head slightly to the side, not daring to look directly into Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes which were as deep as an abyss.


Jiang Xuecheng tapped on Su Wan’s nose and smiled lightly. His smile brought about a tease.

“Your face is so hot and you say you’re not shy?”

Jiang Xuecheng seemed to like tapping on her nose…

Because of Jiang Xuecheng’s teasing, Su Wan pouted. She was unwilling to submit to defeat. “No, I’m nervous, do you understand?”

Heaven knows she wasn’t ready!

To her surprise, Jiang Xuecheng did not tease her further but as if thought of something, whispered in her ears.

“It’s like this the first time. Wan Wan, I’m nervous too.”


Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng and didn’t understand him at first until the demon grabbed her hand…

Su Wan was scared and her soul almost left her. This rascal!

She was startled and her trembling look was like a feeble lamb waiting to be slaughtered!

Although she had not experienced it herself, the thought of it told her it was not something ordinary people could bear!

“Jiang…Xuecheng, I, I’m really scared. We’ll do it next time, alright?”

Su Wan’s eyes turned misty and she looked at Jiang Xuecheng with her pitiful eyes. Her voice was soft. If she were to plead on other matters, Jiang Xuecheng’s heart would’ve definitely soften.

However, Su Wan didn’t know that the way she spoke didn’t have the intended effect on the man but instead aroused his desire!

Jiang Xuecheng laid a kiss on Su Wan’s cheek gently and his voice was bewitching.

“Wan Wan, I’m actually very nervous too. I can guarantee that if we wait for the next time, both of us beginners will still be afraid. Let’s be brave and do it today.”

Jiang Xuecheng then claimed Su Wan’s lips. He willfully exerted his kiss and in no time, stole Su Wan’s soul.

“Aww, aww, aww!”

Jiang Xuecheng, you beast!

You said you’d respect my views!

Suddenly, Su Wan felt something sticky and hot between her legs and she mentally calculated today’s date. Su Wan shuddered and sensed something!

Su Wan’s body rose and fell for a while, then she pushed away Jiang Xuecheng with all her might.

“Don’t! I can’t do it today! My period is here!”

Jiang Xuecheng had initially thought that Su Wan was lying because she was afraid. So, he carelessly swept across the direction Su Wan gestured at.

In a moment, the sight of the blanket stained red hit Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes.

Su Wan was secretly happy, as if surviving after a disaster, but Jiang Xuecheng didn’t look happy. He had never thought that the heavens would make fun of him on purpose.

When he saw Su Wan’s happy face, Jiang Xuecheng sighed helplessly. This was the first time he felt defeated. Was it so terrifying to be his wife?

Jiang Xuecheng managed his emotions and gently stroked Su Wan’s hair while asking, “Is it painful when you’re on your period? If you don’t feel well, we’ll put that aside these few days. Go and clean yourself up first.”

Su Wan was dizzy and Jiang Xuecheng’s doting made her feel shy.

Then, she remembered something very important!

Su Wan’s face turned red, just like jade stained with rouge. It was another type of beauty.

She hesitated for a few seconds and then murmured in a low voice, “But I, I don’t have pads…”

Jiang Xuecheng was taken aback. Although he had asked someone to prepare some clothes and daily essentials for Su Wan, he had forgotten this item!

He didn’t expect her to need it so early!

Then, Jiang Xuecheng’s calmness returned. His voice exploded in Su Wan’s heart.

“Wait for me obediently at home. There’s a 24-hour convenience store at Fontainebleau. I’ll go get you the thing you need. Wait for me. If you feel uncomfortable, go take a shower. Remember to use warm water…”

It was late now. How would people regard him buying items for a female’s personal use?

Su Wan’s face was redder but she had no better way of handling this. Hence, she could only nod and agree.

If not for Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng would probably never step into this convenience store.

When the young female salesperson saw him, all her sleepiness disappeared and she was fully awake. She thought she must have seen wrongly.

Who in Fontainebleau, the entire S City, or even the whole country, did not know Jiang Xuecheng?

The female salesperson started tidying her hair and came up to him with a gentle and beautiful smile.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang, may I help you?”

Was he looking for something to eat because it was late and he was hungry?

The girl stared at Jiang Xuecheng’s handsome face crazily and a few guesses rose in her heart. Jiang Xuecheng shot her a glance and she was overwhelmed.

However, beyond her expectation, the man with charming eyes and brows spat out words she couldn’t believe.

“Do you know which brand of sanitary pad is the best?”

Sanitary pads?

The female sales person’s eyes widened. She was so shocked she was almost out of breath.

Mr. Jiang stayed alone at Fontainebleau and she had never heard of him having a girlfriend. Why did he need sanitary pads?

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