The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: I’m Downstairs

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Everyone surrounded Su Wan. Their eyes were either brimming with ill will, jealousy, or disdain…

Su Wan pursed her lips. So, everyone thought that she was the one who seduced Jiang Xuecheng…

She was actually the victim!

Su Wan looked around and understood that if she were to argue further, it would look as if she were covering up the scandal.

She cooled herself down and with her hands crossed in front of her chest, she regarded their words which harbored malicious intentions as unheard.

“Excuse me, please don’t block my way. Thank you.”

The people did not expect Su Wan to be still calm after the taunts, as if nothing had happened.

That moment, Su Wan’s immediate superior, Ye Shanshan, walked towards her grinning.

“Su Wan, you’re back.”

Su Wan looked up at Ye Shanshan and nodded slightly but did not say anything. She would not be that naïve to think that Ye Shanshan had come for a chat.

When she saw Su Wan in silence, Ye Shanshan regarded it as guilty conscience. Hence, she stretched her right arm to block Su Wan’s way.

“Why are you keeping quiet? If you dare do it, why don’t you have the courage to admit it?”

“What have I done?”

Su Wan replied with an indifferent look. Then, she avoided Ye Shanshan’s arm and returned to her desk.

Ye Shanshan did not exprect Su Wan to have thick skin at such a young age. She pointed her middle finger at Su Wan.

“It looks like seducing Mr. Xu was not enough for you. So, when you saw Mr. Jiang, you abandoned Mr. Xu and went for Mr. Jiang instead! Am I right, Su Wan?”

Everyone in the planning department burst into an uproar!

They tried to imagine the scene when Su Wan and Mr. Xu were being alone. Too bad, Jiang Xuecheng was the first to enter and the rest of them didn’t know what happened inside the office.

However, just because they didn’t know, their imagination went wild!

Perhaps Su Wan was the one who had seduced Mr. Xu and brought about his impatience…

When she saw Jiang Xuecheng who was more handsome than Mr. Xu, Su Wan had abandoned Mr. Xu to plead innocence with the intention of seducing Mr. Jiang instead.

She might not have known Mr. Jiang was a man who didn’t like women. Her attempt to seduce him must have failed, resulting in her being yelled at by Mr. Jiang.

This inference seemed to make sense, making the flow of events much clearer!

Everyone stared at Su Wan and couldn’t wait for Su Wan’s explanation about the process…

However, Su Wan gave them the cold shoulder. She arranged the documents on her desk and spoke in a forceful voice.

“Miss Ye, I salute your ability to start a rumor but you mustn’t speak irresponsibly. Please have some self-dignity.”

The people who were nosy burst into another uproar following what Su Wan had just said.

This newcomer had a marvelous mouth!

She dared to ask Ye Shanshan to have some self-dignity!

Ye Shanshan held the highest position in the planning department. Everyone knew how Ye Shanshan had climbed up to the position of Planning Director. She had often showed off her beauty in front of Mr. Xu.

Now that Mr. Xu was not around, Ye Shanshan’s biggest backing had collapsed. Her future was uncertain. It was no wonder Ye Shanshan took Su Wan as a tool to vent her anger…

Ye Shanshan was out of breath. She ran over to Su Wan’s desk and hit the desk hardly with her finger.

“Su Wan, you’re so arrogant. Wait till you’re fired by Mr. Jiang tomorrow!”

Su Wan darted a glance at Ye Shanshan indifferently. “Is that enough?”

“You, you…”

Ye Shanshan snatched the documents from Su Wan’s hand and was about to throw them into the trash can.

Before Ye Shanshan could do that, Su Wan directed her mobile phone on her and pressed the shutter.

Su Wan calmly raised her brows. Her voice was gentle but full of threat.

“You can throw all these documents away. I’ve taken a video, and all voice recordings and scenes are in it. If I were to upload this video, everyone will know who’s reasonable and who’s not.”

The beautiful and charming Ye Shanshan frowned. She cursed in disbelief and finally put down the documents in her hands.

Others in the office who were waiting to watch the drama immediately understood that Su Wan was not someone who could be easily bullied.

When she saw everyone’s gaze shift from Su Wan to herself, Ye Shanshan was ashamed, resentful, and indignant. She immediately acted like a director of planning and snapped.

“What are you looking at? Go back to work!”

Everyone kept silent and had no mood to watch that drama. They walked back to their office.

There were still several people stealing glances at Su Wan. That woman looked as if nothing had happened and she had her hands on the computer, creating a form quietly…

Would Su Wan still have this easy look tomorrow?

After all, she had completely provoked Jiang Xuecheng. It would be strange if Mr. Jiang did not fire Su Wan!

She was really looking forward…

In the excitement of the crowd, the working hours unconsciously passed.

Following the sound of dismissal bell, Su Wan’s brows moved a little and she started to tidy her things and was ready to go home.

Never had she expected that besides her, no one else was ready to be off duty. When Su Wan stood up, everyone looked at her strangely…

Su Wan had been numb since she had been stared at in this manner the entire day. She didn’t take it seriously but took her bag and walked out of the office.

The moment Su Wan left, everyone in planning department started talking…

“She is a newcomer indeed She didn’t even know she has to stay back for another half an hour after dismissal. What bad manners!”

“Let’s not bother about her. She’d probably be sacked tomorrow!”

“She’s so brave to have forced a kiss on Mr. Jiang. Sigh, I wish to kiss Mr. Jiang on his lips too, but Mr. Jiang is so cold and I’m terrified by the sight of him…”

“He doesn’t like women. Stop dreaming. Let’s wait to see Su Wan being sacked tomorrow.”

Su Wan didn’t know after she left, she was still the subject of gossip in Long Teng International’s planning department. She hailed a taxi and went back to Lin Fei’er’s house.

When Lin Fei’er saw Su Wan’s long face, she knew she didn’t have a good day at work. However, workplaces were all the same, no matter how big the company was. The old employees were never friendly toward the newcomers…

That was the very reason Lin Fei’er chose home-based work and decided to be a freelancer.

Lin Fei’er took a cup of yogurt from the fridge and shoved it to Su Wan. “What happened? Were you bullied?”

Su Wan nodded, feeling tired. “Fei’er, now I know how scary the fighting capacity of a group of nosy women is.”

Lin Fei’er laughed. She rubbed Su Wan’s shoulders and told her, “You have to work harder, then! Just ignore them.”

Su Wan forced a smile and nodded. Just then, her phone rang.

Jiang Xuecheng’s name appeared on the screen of her phone. Su Wan’s heart raced unconsciously. She anxiously placed her phone to her right ear.

A clear male voice could be heard from the other end and it still sounded as beautiful as a cello.

“I’m downstairs.”

Su Wan took a breath and ran to the balcony. Oh god, was what Jiang Xuecheng said true?

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