The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Too Embarrassed to Apply Medicine

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After all the trouble, the bell boy managed to drag the man away from Su Wan’s body. As he did that, he teased, “Miss Su, your boyfriend is reluctant to part with you.”

Here was another person who regard this shameless guy as her boyfriend.

Su Wan was almost breathless and could only smile vaguely. She even had to talk to the bell boy in a gentle manner to get him to help bring the man to her room.

After laying the man down, the bell boy skimmed through the man’s appearance and his eyes showed a deep uncertainty.

Watching the bell boy focusing his vision on the man, Su Wan’s heart skipped a beat. Could this man be an escaped criminal?

Had she put forth so much effort into rescuing a big bad wolf?

He could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Just as Su Wan was feeling suspicious, the bell boy smiled. “Miss Su, your boyfriend’s appearance matches yours but I think he looks familiar, like someone I’ve seen in some magazine…”

A surge of emotion welled up within Su Wan upon realizing someone could identify him. She blurted, “He didn’t appear in some ‘Online Arrest’ kind of police magazine, did he?”

“Haha, Miss Su, you are funny. How would I read that kind of magazine?”

The bell boy halted, then he tilted his head a little to think. “It should be a fashion magazine, as my little sister likes to buy fashion magazines. Maybe your boyfriend looks like a celebrity. He’s very good looking.”

Su Wan nodded disappointedly and closed the door after the bell boy left.

After taking a few steps out of the room, something flashed through the bell boy’s mind. He suddenly recalled where he had seen this handsome man!

Wasn’t he the extraordinary handsome man who had appeared on the cover of the Aristocrat magazine that his little sister had bought just a few days ago?

He could still remember how his sister was obsessed with him. According to his sister, he was the new CEO of Di Chen Group, the most eligible bachelor in S City, and could even be known as the king of the business world.

However, there was a rumor that this CEO kept a distance from women. His sexual orientation seemed different, causing his little sister to be sad…

At the thought of this, the bell boy wanted to inform Su Wan, but her room door had been shut.

Then, the bell boy thought carefully again. Lifetime Affinity Hotel was a lower-class hotel and the talented genius of Di Chen Group would never step in here. At this thought, he turned around and left.

On the other hand, Su Wan had missed the opportunity to know the man’s true identity. Looking at the unconscious man, Su Wan sighed and went to get a basin of warm water.

After that, Su Wan carefully removed the man’s shirt and was shocked when she saw the bleeding wound on his back.

This man had such strong willpower to be able to endure till now!

Her initial indignation for being molested had been suppressed. She started to clean the man’s wound, first with hydrogen peroxide solution, then with saline to reduce inflammation.

After cleaning, the man’s back did not look too terrifying anymore. Su Wan let out a sigh of relief.

Su Wan then wiped his wound with an iodophor cotton swab and covered his wound with sterilized gauze. Lastly, she bandaged the wound carefully.

When the bandage went around the man’s abdomen, Su Wan saw his good figure and couldn’t help but gasp in admiration.

Su Wan liked neither men with huge muscles nor men who were overly skinny. This man looked tall but his skin was firm. He was obviously someone who worked out.

Wasn’t this the legendary ‘slender when clothed and buff when unclothed’?

While Su Wan was bandaging his wound, the man could feel the pain but made no noise. Instead, he bit his lip gently to endure the pain.

The strong willpower of this man had unconsciously become the subject of admiration for Su Wan, so her earlier dislike towards this man was slowly fading.

However, Su Wan was in a dilemma after nursing his upper body. She didn’t know if the man’s lower body was injured.

The man was wearing a pair of black and expensive trousers. She couldn’t make out if he was injured. Perhaps he was hurt but it wasn’t as serious as his back.

Just as Su Wan was about to give up on the idea of checking his lower body and seek the bell boy’s help, she clenched her teeth and decided she would do it herself.

She thought she could do this as she had gone overseas for three years of liberal education, although she dared not go for life drawing sessions when her friend had invited her.

Doctors care for their patients like how parents care for their children. Now that she was taking the role of a doctor, she should not have gender discrimination toward this patient.

Su Wan laid the man on the bed and carefully climbed up the bed. She knelt beside him to avoid pressing on his wounds.

Su Wan calmed herself down and made up her mind to stretch her hand toward the man’s trouser zipper.

The man’s trouser zipper was narrow, unlike the zipper on jeans. Su Wan couldn’t help but sigh. She was sweating as she was nervous and wiped away her sweat on her forehead.

Before touching the zipper, she pulled back her hand.

It was just a simple gesture of unzipping, what was there to be afraid of? He was just an unconscious patient. How could he do anything towards her?

Su Wan scolded herself for being useless. Then, she stretched out her hand again but her hand was trembling, making her feel defeated.

It was merely a small distance but Su Wan put forth lots of effort to convince herself. Finally, when her hand was about to touch the zipper, Su Wan felt like she was about to reach the coast of success.

“What are you doing?”

The man who had just awoken from fainting and had not regained all his senses opened his eyes and saw a sight that startled him.

The woman whom he forced a kiss on earlier was kneeling beside him. Her head was down, showing off her beautiful side profile, and her slender hand was about to touch his trouser zipper.

From his angle, he could see the woman’s indistinct light blue camisole straps and her delicate collarbone. When he looked downward a little, he could see a bit of her breast.

The man’s eyes darkened and deepened endlessly.

The sudden question caught Su Wan, who was preparing herself mentally, unaware.

She raised her head and saw the man. He was now conscious and his eyes were on her. His extravagantly beautiful eyes were a pair that no one dared to look straight into.

Looking at that pair of eyes, Su Wan was filled with a guilty conscience. “Ah!” she shouted and moved her hand away.

However, because she was nervous, in a flurry, Su Wan lost her balance and fell directly on top of the man’s body. Her lips touched his lower jaw.

Su Wan’s cheeks turned red instantly and all of a sudden, the blood rushed to her face…

That was it, she had reached the peak of her embarrassment!

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