The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: You Can Marry Me

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His words hit her and made her face turn red. She was furious when she looked at Jiang Xuecheng’s face and his mood dropped to the freezing point.

“I don’t lack a boyfriend. What I lack is a marriage partner!”

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows. “So you wanted that man to be your marriage partner?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s sarcasm was the topmost. Su Wan shut her eyes and denied, “No!”

A man who was ill-mannered, not punctual, conceited, and looked down upon women would definitely not meet Su Wan’s spouse selection criteria.

“Then, what do you think of me?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s tone of voice was calm, as if discussing what to eat for lunch. “If you’re looking for a person to marry hastily, you may look for me.”

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng in disbelief. Her intuition told her he was making fun of her. “Mr. Jiang, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not joking.” Jiang Xuecheng’s eyelashes were long and suddenly, he looked solemn. “Please think about it.”

Being stared at by the obsidian eyes and focused on as if there was only her in the whole world was overwhelming.

The phrase ‘please think about it’ exploded in Su Wan’s mind.

Her heart raced uncontrollably. For a moment, she thought Jiang Xuecheng was serious about it…

However, how could he be?

She was not close to Jiang Xuecheng and he had great family background. Put aside his grandfather who was powerful in Jiuzhou country, he alone could manage the entire Di Chen Group and had lots more properties than the Su family.

Su Wan was not that conceited to think she had the appeal to attract the prince of an empire who was worthy of this name.

Could it be that Jiang Xuecheng wanted to take her as his shield?

Su Wan shook her head to both the answers. Just as she was about to decline, the man beside Jiang Xuecheng who was watching the scene, clapped his hands.

The man in gold-framed glasses smiled mischievously while stretching his hand out in a friendly manner. “I didn’t come for nothing today. You must be Miss Su who rescued Xuecheng?”

Su Wan nodded politely and returned his greetings but did not plan to shake his hand.

Jiang Xuecheng glared at the man and hit his palm while warning him softly, “I warn you, don’t you think of pursuing her.”

“We’ve been friends for many years. Now that you’ve taken an interest to this beauty, you’ve already forgotten about your friend.”

As if really complaining, the man introduced himself to Su Wan. “Hello, let me formally introduce myself. I’m Tang Yifeng, Jiang Xuecheng’s buddy.”

Although Tang Yifeng was not a playboy like Lu Qingyu, women who fell for him weren’t few.

Tang Yifeng was a dedicated and loyal lover who decided that he would not get married before the age of thirty-five

He knew building fellowship was good, but Jiang Xuecheng did not hope to see Tang Yifeng messing with Su Wan.

Since Su Wan didn’t want to talk, Tang Yifeng curled his lips and gave Jiang Xuecheng a push. “It’s rare for an ice cube like you take a fancy to someone. I won’t be the third wheel. Way to go, brother!”

After Tang Yifeng left, only Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were left in the café. Su Wan instantly felt awkward.

Jiang Xuecheng, on the other hand, did not sense Su Wan’s discomfort. He asked with a faint sense of concern, “Have you taken your lunch?”

Su Wan answered subconsciously, “Yes!”

However, Su Wan’s stomach rumbled at an unsuitable time. She was betrayed and exposed by her stomach.

“Then, let’s eat here. This café’s tomato steak is quite good.”

Su Wan was taken aback. She knew Jiang Xuecheng wanted to treat her. So, she smiled awkwardly and asked, “Can I say no?”

Jiang Xuecheng paid no attention to what she had said and found a place to sit down. His long fingers flipped through the menu and his eyes were fully on the menu.

However, his words sounded like a threat…

“I haven’t settled the score yet for what you did to me last night.”

Su Wan stamped her feet and resigned herself to fate. She pulled the chair and sat down. “You’re busy, so how would I dare disturb you? If I have lunch with you now, can you forget about what happened?”

Jiang Xuecheng took a glance at Su Wan and a smile appeared on his handsome face, as if he had thought of something interesting.

“It’ll depend on my mood.”

Su Wan rolled her eyes. What was the point of saying that?

When he saw Su Wan acknowledging defeat, Jiang Xuecheng was happy. He waved to the waiter of the café and started ordering, “Can I have one set each of foie gras, tomato steak, and crispy shrimp and a set of seasonal fruits, please?”

Before the waiter left, Su Wan added, “And tiramisu as well as a sundae!”

Back in high school, Su Wan was a regular customer of this café and she remembered the desserts served in this café were extraordinarily delicious, especially the tiramisu.

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows slightly, feeling surprised that Su Wan still had mood to order food. “Aren’t you afraid that desserts for lunch would be difficult to digest?”

Su Wan replied defiantly, unwilling to submit, “It’s none of your concern. Don’t worry, I’ll pay.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly. His voice was light but there was a silent threat in it.

“If I’m not happy having this meal, I may recall that incident. I still have the pictures of your forcible misconduct upon me.”


Su Wan’s hand trembled. Did this man really take pictures of her?

Despite being deceived by Jiang Xuecheng once, she still held on to her principle of better believing it exists than to believe it doesn’t. Hence, Su Wan dared not provoke Jiang Xuecheng.

She pleaded, “You are broad-minded. Please don’t make a fuss of this with me. Let’s eat in peace.”

Blue Mountain Café served its food quite promptly. Very soon, the dishes Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan had ordered were served by the waiter.

At first, Su Wan wanted to eat the tiramisu she had ordered but when she smelled the fragrant aroma of the tomato steak, she was unable to control herself.

With the fork in his left hand and the knife in his right, Jiang Xuecheng cut the steak into smaller pieces before sending it into his mouth.

His gestures were gentle and graceful. It was obvious that he had been taught fine dining etiquette.

However, in the eyes of Su Wan who was a meat lover, Jiang Xuecheng had broken the rules. What was more attractive than something delicious?

If she had known earlier, she would have ordered meat too…

Suddenly, Jiang Xuecheng took Su Wan’s plate, placed a few pieces of cut steak onto it, and shoved it back to Su Wan.

Su Wan was taken aback and recalled a casual remark she once made to Lin Fei’er.

‘It would be perfect to find a man who is willing to cut steak for me.’

Su Wan supressed this weird feeling of hers and in an unnatural way, said, “Thank you.”

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