The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Kind Rescue

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Su Wan shivered when the eyes of the burly man with the scar swept across her. From his eyes, she sensed a thirst for blood. These men came in full fury and didn’t look like good people. Who were they looking for…

Never had she expected that S City’s public order would get worse than ever before in just three years. First, there was the kissing rogue, then there was the burly man with the scar.

Just as Su Wan shuddered in fear, the seven to eight fierce-looking men had run forward. After a short while, they were out of sight.

Su Wan, who was on tenterhooks, finally relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. She then realized she was still in the embrace of the shameless man and couldn’t break loose.

She glared fiercely at the man holding her. However, her misty eyes had no lethality but instead, they were luring and tempting.

When he realized that Su Wan did not know how to breathe when kissing, the handsome man slowly let go of her.

Once Su Wan regained her freedom, she took two steps backward immediately. While she stared alertly at the man not far from her, she gasped for air.

This was the first time Su Wan felt blessed to be able to breathe!

The man relaxed when he saw Su Wan recovering from her shortness of breath. He began to explain, “I’m sorry, I…”

Although the man’s voice was the type Su Wan liked, her face turned dark when she thought of what he did to her.

If an apology could settle everything, what would be the use of the police?

Su Wan glared furiously at the man. She was thinking if she should step on him with her high heels or give him two tight slaps before sending him to the police station, so as to let him know she was not a person to mess with!

Just as Su Wan was contemplating how to settle the score with this shameless guy, the man fell to the ground without warning!

Su Wan was shocked but at the same time, she was suspicious. She had suffered loss just a while ago and had regained her alertness. Su Wan took out the water tumbler from her bag and carefully walked closer toward the man.

If the man was pretending, she would give him a deadly blow!

Beyond Su Wan’s expectations, the man had really fainted. Su Wan frowned as she looked at the man on the ground. Under the moonlight, his handsome face appeared to be more likeable.

Due to the abrupt incident which happened earlier, Su Wan had only noticed the man’s good looks then but now that she had regained her rationality, she realized how extraordinarily pale the man looked. Even his lips were pale.

A strange thought came flashing through Su Wan’s mind. Could he be the one the burly men were looking for? Did he throw away his outer coat and force a kiss on her to cover his face to keep himself alive?

Looking at the unconscious man, Su Wan’s expression deepened. She half squatted to support the man but suddenly, her hand felt wet and warm. She looked at her hand…

Oh god, there was blood on her hand!

Was it the man’s blood?!

Su Wan looked gloomy and realized she had gotten herself into trouble. She was just an innocent passer-by and although he was compelled against his wish to kiss her, she had indeed lost her first kiss because of him…

Once the group of men in black realized that something wasn’t right, they might return any time. Should she ignore him? If she were to interfere in this matter, she might lose her life…

In a trance, Su Wan recalled the scene three years ago when she was sitting outside the operation theater with tears in her eyes, waiting anxiously for her parents’ fate.

In the end, all she got was the doctor’s apology. “I’m sorry, we have tried our best. If the patients were sent here earlier, perhaps we could have rescued them, but the best timing had passed.”

That year, her parents had met with an accident, and the driver had fled. The closed-circuit television at the place of accident was out of service, so they were not able to find the driver till now. The passers-by were afraid of getting themselves into trouble and no one was willing to call for an ambulance…

At the thought of her sad past, Su Wan closed her eyes. Then, she made up her mind to save the man. She took off her outer coat to drape over the man’s body. Very quickly, she walked to the street to hail a taxi.

After getting a taxi, Su Wan dragged the man into the car with all her might.

The taxi driver was friendly. Through the rear-view mirror, he looked at Su Wan and the man draped with an outer coat who was leaning against her, deep in sleep.

“Miss, is your boyfriend drunk?” The driver struck a conversation.

Su Wan was tidying the man’s clothes to avoid his blood from staining the taxi. Upon hearing what that driver said, Su Wan’s forehead creased.

Her boyfriend?

This man was not her boyfriend!

However, in this situation, Su Wan could not deny it and had to force a smile to reply, “Yes, he drank too much today and fell just now. His knees are bleeding now.”

As if sensing Su Wan’s dissatisfaction, the man leaned closer against her and found himself a comfortable position, with his hands around her waist and his head on her soft thighs.

The man had fainted but could still hug her! It was beyond her expectations!

He indeed had the character of a hooligan!

Owing to their current identity as a courting couple coupled with his injury, Su Wan did not push the man aside.

However, Su Wan disliked close encounters with strangers. As she could not push him aside, her heart was filled with suppressed grievance. All she could do was to try to part the man’s arms but he shamelessly hugged her tighter!

Just then, they came to a halt at the traffic light. The driver saw Su Wan’s little gesture and advised her, “You youngsters should have more self-control and not go to disco bars. If you do not like your boyfriend to drink so much alcohol, try to convince him.”

Su Wan nodded and answered him gloomily, then she called the hotel front desk, “Hello, I’m Miss Su of Room 03. Could you please get someone to buy some medicine for wounds? I’ll pay double the price…”

The reason she brought him back to the hotel and not the hospital was because it was too late and she didn’t know the man’s identity. If she were to bring him to the hospital, how would she explain their relationship?

The receptionist at the hotel front desk instantly agreed when she heard Su Wan’s willingness to pay double the price.

“We have arrived. Please pay.”

Upon the driver’s reminder, Su Wan raised her head and saw Lifetime Affinity Hotel in front of her.

Su Wan took some money out of her purse and dragged the unconscious man out of the car with all her might. She supported him with her body and limped toward the hotel.

Lifetime Affinity Hotel’s bell boy was waiting for Su Wan to pay him double the price of the medicine. When he saw her, he helped her support the man.

Although the man was unconscious, he grabbed Su Wan’s hand tightly and did not want to let go, just like a child reluctant to leave his toys.

‘This shameless guy is detestable!’

At that moment, Su Wan became gloomier.

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