The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Pre-requisite For Inheritance is Marriage

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Su Wan passed the phone back to Aunty Fang. She blinked, her long eyelashes fluttering.

“Is there a problem, Aunty Fang? I’m truly grateful to Mr. Jiang for taking me in, but I feel bad for taking up his time. So, I wouldn’t dare disturb him further.”

It was rare for her young master to like a girl. In a moment of desperation, Aunty Fang held on to Su Wan’s arm and said, “Young Master doesn’t feel disturbed and he urged me to take good care of Miss Su.”

Su Wan was not used to any physical contact with people whom she had just known. Thus, she pushed Aunty Fang’s hands away.

“Aunty Fang, I just happened to meet Mr. Jiang by chance and I’m a girl. It’s not appropriate for me to live with him. Furthermore, he wants you to take care of me—isn’t that controlling my freedom?”

She was an adult and not an object. Even Su Wan’s parents would not limit her freedom, let alone Jiang Xuecheng!

Aunty Fang was speechless and could see that Su Wan had no affection toward Jiang Xuecheng. She sighed softly and compromised, “Let me report to Young Master first.”

How could Aunty Fang let Jiang Xuecheng know she was leaving? She would be caught back here before she even stepped out the door.

After all, she had done terrible things to Jiang Xuecheng the previous night and was afraid that he would not let her go when he returned.

Su Wan’s lips twitched and she stopped Aunty Fang from calling him. “Aunty Fang, Mr. Jiang should be busy now. He’s probably in a meeting. Let’s not disturb him over small matters like this.”

After Su Wan’s glib persuasion, Aunty Fang finally gave in and opened the door for Su Wan.

To her, nothing done by force could be positive. Her young master had good looks, a good figure, and was the king of the business world in name. In fact, Aunty Fang believed that if he wanted to pursue a girl, it wouldn’t be too difficult. She strongly believed in his capability.

Once she stepped out of Jiang Xuecheng’s residence, Su Wan felt freedom in the air. She raised her head and narrowed her eyes, taking in the blue sky and white clouds. Her mind and body were relaxed.

When she walked out to the main entrance of Fontainebleau, she saw Lin Fei’er in red fur coat. She looked different from her immature self during high school. Now, she had voluminous wavy hair and charming femininity.

When Lin Fei’er saw Su Wan, her eyes lit up and she gave her a bear hug.

“You’ve grown more beautiful.” Lin Fei’er whistled after letting go of Su Wan, but after seeing her shoes, she ridiculed her, “I was just about to praise your taste in fashion, and then I saw your pair of sports shoes. This is such weird appreciation of beauty!”

This was Jiang Xuecheng’s choice and it wasn’t related to her!

After a little while of catching up with Lin Fei’er, she got into her car.

After passing through a traffic light, Lin Fei’er suddenly thought of something, “Wan, I remember you staying at Cloud Shadow Villa. Why were you at Fontainebleau?

Su Wan briefly explained as the situation was awkward. “Yesterday, I stayed over at a friend’s house in Fontainebleau, but I’m not too close to this friend, so I’m seeking refuge from our Queen Fei’er. Oh right, Fei’er, do you know Jiang Xuecheng?”

The minute Lin Fei’er heard Jiang Xuecheng’s name, her head whipped toward her, frightening Su Wan.

“Ah, ah, ah, he is the CEO of Di Chen Group. Handsome, rich and still single! Why do you ask about him all of a sudden? I won’t say I’d like to make him the prototype of the male character in my novel.”

Looking at the flames in Lin Fei’er’s eyes, Su Wan huffed, “It can’t be the novel Boys Love, could it?”

If Jiang Xuecheng’s cold and handsome face were to be in the top and bottom positions of Boys Love, the scene would be too beautiful. Su Wan did not even dare to think about it.

That’s right, Lin Fei’er was a complete fan of Boys Love. She had always wanted to influence Su Wan but had not succeeded yet.

Of course, after befriending Lin Fei’er for a long time, Su Wan knew lots of terminology.

Lin Fei’er laughed with a nosy tone. “You understand me. Who’s asked Jiang Xuecheng to be good-looking and rich but single all these years? All his secretaries are men. He might not be interested in girls.”

When Su Wan recalled last night’s incident where she had almost raped Jiang Xuecheng, the embarrassing scene made her start fidgeting.

Su Wan couldn’t help but defend Jiang Xuecheng slightly. “Maybe he hasn’t met the right woman yet.”

“How would you know?” Lin Fei’er glanced at Su Wan. “Wan, I’ve not seen you care for any other men besides Gu Zihang, could it be…”

Upon hearing Gu Zihang’s name, Su Wan’s expression turned lonely. She sighed lowly, “Fei’er, you probably won’t believe it but Gu Zihang is about to be engaged to my cousin sister.”

“What? You mean that white lotus Su Yurou? Is Gu Zihang blind?”

Lin Fei’er slammed on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt.

Su Wan felt giddy following the sudden brake. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why are you more stirred up than I am?”

Lin Fei’er hit the steering wheel furiously. “How could I not be stirred up? Did you know that during a gathering between classmates last year, someone asked Su Yurou about you and I almost had an argument with her because of this. Guess what she said about you?”

Su Wan’s heart sank and enquired, “What did she say?”

“Su Yurou said a few sentences in a cryptic manner but was implying that you had severe depression and was about to be admitted to a mental hospital. However, when we were in touch, you were very normal. I tried to argue with her but in the end, she nearly cried for show and tried to put the blame on me!”

Lin Fei’er then added, “It’s not the first time she’s condemned others either intentionally or unintentionally. At that time, Gu Zihang was the first to defend her but he insisted that he and you were a couple. That was why I did not suspect anything.”

Just by listening to the description, Su Wan could imagine Gu Zihang defending Su Yurou. She took a deep breath. “Fei’er, have you heard about the amalgamation of Sheng Ran? When I returned home, I realized…”

Lin Fei’er was completely surprised. She frowned and looked grave.

“Wan, how could you not know about this? Two years ago, Su Yurou’s family’s company, Heng Yuan, amalgamated with Sheng Ran Group as Sheng Yuan Group. Everyone thought the Su family wanted to restore and revitalize their family business and you own 50% of the shares, so this decision must’ve been approved by you.”

Su Wan smiled bitterly, “Fei’er, at that time, the agreement was for me to get 50% of the shares after I’m married. Before I get married, these shares will be under my grandfather’s care.”

“They can’t just ignore you and amalgamate Sheng Ran in private!”

Lin Fei’er was stamping her feet but suddenly thought of something.

“Did the agreement state that you have to marry Gu Zihang? Perhaps Su Yurou seduced Gu Zihang not only for his sake, but they could’ve had the intention to embezzle your property too…”

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