The Genius System Without Equal - Chapter 764 - Traveling to the Sacred Place of the Light Clan Together

Chapter 764: Traveling to the Sacred Place of the Light Clan Together

Ghost came back shortly after with some herbs that were strange to Xiao Luo in hand. She put them on a flat stone to pound them. When she was going to apply them to Xiao Luo’s wounds, she explained, “These are Xianling Grasses, very effective for skin lesions. But it will hurt a little when I start to apply them. Hang in there, okay?”

Xiao Luo nodded, as a way to tell her he had been clear about that. Then he said, “Well, let me do it myself.”

Ghost giggled, as if she had seen through him. “Little Luoluo, you are shy, aren’t you? Okay then. You do it yourself.”


Xiao Luo flushed because of a 16- or 17-year-old teenage girl. He was extremely embarrassed. He was not shy. He was just not used to it.

“Hold this for me.” He handed her Duck Emperor in a coma.

Ghost put it on the palm of her hand carefully. While she was gazing at the mini Duck Emperor, a smile emerged on her pretty face. Her almond-shaped eyes had the shape of the new moon by then. “Wow, duckling, how cute! Look at its mouth. It’s adorable!”

Xiao Luo did not speak. He started to take his clothes off. The mini Duck Emperor had an irresistible charm for girls indeed. It looked adorable from any angle, kind of like the virtual Q pets in the Original World. He had to admit that.

In spite of the coma, Duck Emperor came to its senses when it had heard praises. “Did someone just say I am handsome? I feel like I heard that. Gee, little fairy?”

“Hello, Duckling,” Ghost greeted it with a smile.


Duck Emperor extended its wing and shook it. “No, no, no. In terms of age, I’m very senior to you. You should call me Grandpa Duck with respect.”

“Okay, Duckling. Yes, Duckling!” Ghost said with a smile, narrowing her eyes and touching its soft white feather.

“What the…! I will get a good sleep first and then we’ll talk about it.”

Duck Emperor was exhausted. It did not have the energy to correct the way Ghost addressed it. It fell asleep on the palm of Ghost’s hand as soon as it finished speaking.

Xiao Luo had taken his tops off. The wounds on his body were exposed to the air completely. Each of them was shocking at sight. All of them came from the tearing of those blue wolves’ sharp claws.

Ghost swallowed saliva again when she had smelled fresh blood. Two blue lights flashed in her almond-shaped eyes, and then disappeared immediately. She shifted her attention right away by looking towards the forest.

Xiao Luo applied those Xianling Grasses that had been pounded into pieces to his wounds with care. Those grasses had a strong effect. As soon as he applied them, they felt like a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. There were no words that could describe that sharp pain properly. It hurt so much that Xiao Luo clenched his teeth, and his forehead was sweating. However, he did not scream even once.

The more painful, the more awake!

In the end, he became numb to the pain. When he had applied the herb to all of his wounds, Xiao Luo put his clothes on slowly. Sitting cross-legged, he started the healing process slowly to cure his injuries.

“I applied pounded Xianling Grasses when I was injured, too, but it hurt so much that I couldn’t stop screaming. How did you manage to not scream? You’ve got so many deep wounds. Even the bones are exposed. Shouldn’t you have fainted because of the pain?” Ghost asked curiously, her head tilted.

Xiao Luo had no idea how to answer this question, so he only smiled back at her. Then he focused on the healing process.

“Interesting guy!”

Ghost rolled her eyes that looked like two black gems in a quirky manner. Then she stayed close to Xiao Luo to protect him, so that nothing could interrupt his healing process.

The night passed very soon. The day started in the dark forest.

It was during the day, but it was still not that bright, even kind of dark, in the forest, probably because the leaves there were too dense.

After the whole night’s healing, Xiao Luo’s injuries had almost recovered. Except for his left shoulder and right foot, the other parts of his body were already fine. If he could spend one more day doing this, he would be fully recovered, and his strength would recover as well.

“Little Luoluo, I’ve made a decision. I will go to the sacred place of the Light Clan with you!” Ghost said excitedly after seeing him wake from the healing process.

Xiao Luo was struck dumb by this news. She would go to the sacred place of the Light Clan with him? What did that mean?

He asked immediately, “Why do you suddenly want to go to the sacred place of the Light Clan?”

“Why are you going there?” Ghost answered.

“I want to see what it looks like,” Xiao Luo lied to her.

“So do I. I want to see what it looks like, too,” Ghost said seriously.


It was really tricky for him. He had had enough with that annoying duck. And at the moment, a teenage girl he knew almost nothing about wanted to come with him. She looked quite naïve. If he took her with him, he was sure he would bring more trouble to himself.

“Little Luoluo. Why that face? I’m strong. You are only a Martial Master. You will run into many bullies on the way. But you can rest assured as long as I am with you, because I will protect you,” Ghost promised, patting her chest.

Protect me?

Xiao Luo was not sure whether he should laugh or cry. If he had not been injured by the force of the layers of space, he would not have sunk to being chased by a herd of blue wolves.

“Shouldn’t you think about it a little more?”

“I’ve thought about it long enough. You’ve got a detailed map. I’m sure we will arrive at the sacred place of the Light Clan smoothly if I travel with you,” Ghost said decisively.

Feeling awkward, Xiao Luo said, “I mean, I might be a burden for you on the way. I might cause you a lot of trouble. I think you should rethink about the companions you are gonna travel with.”

This girl was kind of his savior, but he knew it would be troublesome to take her, so he did not know what to do. Besides, Ghost had a powerful family behind her, which he would not fear if his strength recovered. However, his strength had not recovered yet.

“No, I don’t need to rethink about it. I want to go with you,” Ghost said. Then she took a look at Duck Emperor in her hand. “And Duckling is so cute. I want it to be my pet beast. Little Luoluo, is that okay for you?”

“Absolutely!” Xiao Luo answered quickly, without hesitation.

Duck Emperor suddenly got to its feet. It shouted in a rage, “I beg your pardon. Goddamn jerk, doesn’t your heart ache? It is true that I have never admitted that I am your pet beast, but you gave me away even without thinking. You, you, you… We have been through a lot throughout the journey, from the Chaos Dimension to the Arcana Land, haven’t we? But you…mother ducker. Your Grandpa Duck Emperor is really pissed off.”


“Gee, Duckling, how come you are awake?” Ghost asked, blinking.

“Because I am so pissed off by that goddamn jerk. By the way, stop calling me duckling, Girl. Call me Grandpa Duck,” Duck Emperor said seriously.

“Okay, Duckling. Yes, Duckling!” Ghost showed an innocent smile.

Duck Emperor gave its own head a hard beat. “Fine. I surrender!”

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