The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 900 - It's All Your Fault!

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Chapter 900: 900: It’s All Your Fault!

Cheng Shuyu had no other choice. She was aware of Jing Lu’s character, and she would never want to force her daughter in this manner.

She thought of Di Anran’s identity as the princess of Country B. That should be revealed soon. It wouldn’t matter if she told Jing Lu about it now then.

Therefore, she whispered into Jing Lu’s ears, “I’ll tell you something that is top secret. It is our only chance to reverse things, but you can’t tell anybody.”

Jing Lu’s eyes lit up with hope as she asked, “What is it?”

“The truth is that the Di family of Country Z is only a part of another family in Country B. Do you know who the Di family is in Country B?”

Jing Lu snorted as she said, “The Di family is already the richest family in Country Z. So what if they are also the richest in Country B?”

“No! Not only are they the richest, but they are also the royal family of Country B.”

Jing Lu widened her eyes in shock.

“Jinqian is a royal princess?!”

Then, she pushed Cheng Shuyu away and said, “This is all your fault! If you hadn’t mistreated her so badly, I would have been a princess too once she went back to the Di family! This is all your fault!”

“No!” Cheng Shuyu quickly grabbed onto Jing Lu’s hands and said, “I wasn’t talking about Jinqian. Jinqian’s family has already broken ties with the royal family in Country B, but your sister, Di Anran… The only reason why she was swapped with Jing Qian was because of her father, who is the twin brother of Di Jingxuan. Her father is a prince from Country B!”

Jing Lu was shocked.

She looked at Cheng Shuyu. She thought of how even though Di Anran might no longer be the young miss of the Di family, she was still a princess from Country B. But what about her? They shared the same mother. Why was it that she was so unlucky and ended up in the Jing family instead?

She was just a woman who can be tortured by a small family here in the Imperial City.

Jealousy filled her entire body. This was all because of her mother and Di Anran. Her mother would be able to marry a prince, and Di Anran, who lost her identity as the young miss of the Di family, ended up as a princess?!

What was she left with?

She was tortured until she couldn’t see the sunlight, and the only thing that she had left was that piece of land, but these two were still trying to take away the one thing that she had left.

They deserved to die!

Both of them should die!

As for Cheng Shuyu, she didn’t even realize how Jing Lu was already becoming rotten due to jealousy and fury. Instead, she continued rambling about how great her elder daughter was.

“Anran will be returning to the royal family in Country B. Her great grandfather is the king of the country now, and he only has 2 sons. One of them is Jinqian’s and Anran’s grandfather while the other one is the next king to the throne. Although Anran’s grandfather has died, she is the only one who remained in the royal family. Di Jingxuan has already left the royal family and will never return. This is why Di Anran’s grandfather looked highly of her. Anran just got home. She will need to prove herself in front of the king.

“Xiao Lu, you only have to give a piece of land to your sister. Once she steadies her position in the royal family, I will also become part of the royal family. We definitely won’t forget about you.”

Jing Lu smiled and suggested, “Mum, since she’s so good, why don’t you get her to look for help from her great grandfather! Get them to send me the cure! Or, she can get someone to kidnap Bai Tu. Once his life is threatened, he will definitely give me the cure!”

Cheng Shuyu suddenly looked excited.

“Oh my! Why didn’t I think of that? Xiao Lu! Quick! Sign these papers, and I will get your sister to save you!”

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