The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 651 - The Person I Like

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Chapter 651: The Person I Like

Lucas didn’t expect Connor, a handsome nobleman who had gotten married and had a child a long time ago, would pay attention to the gossip of wealthy families.

Connor also seemed a little embarrassed. He laughed and said, “Ahem, this isn’t really a secret. Back then, many major families knew about it. But based on the way they handled it afterward, it should be the Walkers at fault.”

Kenneth also nodded. “That should be the case. Nate isn’t a good person at all, and he’s definitely considered a playboy among the scions of his generation. He’s so much more of a womanizer than I used to be.”

Noticing Lucas’s bizarre gaze, Kenneth coughed twice and hurriedly said, “I’m no longer the same as before, and I’ve long kicked a lot of my bad habits. But according to a few of my friends, Nate is still a womanizer who has plenty of lovers out there. We’re all men, and we can tell that he was obviously lying about loving Alexis.

“Besides, given the status of the Walkers, Nate’s marriage will be nothing more than an alliance between two families. He was obviously lying about being in love with Alexis. I’m certain that Nate Walker did this on purpose!”

After all, Kenneth was also a scion of a wealthy family, so he knew Nate’s mentally very well.

Although what Kenneth said about marriages in wealthy families being nothing but loveless alliances between families didn’t sit too well with Lena, she had to admit that what he said made sense.

If Nate really fancied Alexis, he could have confessed to her at any other time, but he chose her 20th birthday party. Clearly, he had an ulterior motive.

But it was true that not everyone present could be so insightful.

Many young women in their twenties were impressed by Nate’s behavior and were rather bewildered by Alexis’s decision to reject him on the spot.

“Seriously, isn’t Alexis being a little too heartless? Nate has already said all of that, and he even specially chose to confess to her on her twentieth birthday. Isn’t it really romantic!?! Why did she turn him down?”

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Nate is from a top-tier family in San Francisco! If he proposed to me, I would definitely say yes to him without a second thought!”

“Hey, Miss Cole is just too condescending, and her standards are too high. If even a man like Nate can’t even impress her, what kind of man does she want? She really doesn’t know how lucky she is.”

Most of them were young women who were hopeless romantics that cared only about love. Although their voices were soft when they gathered together to chat, Lucas had an impeccable sense of hearing, so he heard everything they said clearly.

He smiled a little with contempt before turning around to look at Alexis to see what decision she would make.

Alexis wasn’t touched by Nate’s pestering and clingy confession. Instead, she was extremely disgusted. “Nate, do you not understand human language? I said that there’s no misunderstanding between us, and I’m repulsed by everything you do!

“Don’t treat me like a silly young girl or try to coax me like I’m one. You know best just what your motive is. Don’t take everyone for a fool!”

Nate clenched his teeth with all his might before barely managing to control his expression.

Alexis’s disgust toward him was really far beyond his imagination, making him furious.

I may be at fault for that incident, but two years have passed since then. Why is Alexis still being so calculative and bearing a grudge against me?

After taking a deep breath, Nate continued to act like a devoted lover and said with determination, “Alexis, I know that no matter what I say today, you will still have misunderstandings about me, so I won’t go on any further. I really adore you, and I want you to be my wife. I’ll never give up on this!”

Alexis was about to hit the roof because of how shameless and thick-skinned Nate was.

Does this shameless man not understand English?

Aren’t my disgust and rejection obvious enough? Why does he keep talking and acting like he’s so devoted to me?

Seeing the pretentiously devoted look on his face, Alexis felt nauseous.

“Nate, that’s enough! No matter what you say, I won’t like you because there’s someone else I adore. So, just give up!” Alexis hollered in exasperation.

“What? There’s someone you like?” Nate was stunned for a moment, and a fleeting trace of anger suddenly surged in his heart

But he soon came back to his senses and said with an affectionate expression, “Alexis, I know you’re upset with me. But even so, you don’t have to turn me down with such an excuse, do you? I know you won’t fall for someone else.”

With his understanding of Alexis, the noble little princess of the Cole family, who had high standards and wouldn’t take ordinary people seriously, he felt that she wouldn’t easily fall for anyone. He thought so because she had always been hostile toward him even though he was self-admittedly outstanding and had put in so much effort to pursue her.

Thus, Nate was very certain that Alexis must have said it as an excuse to reject him.

The others in the hall also started discussing Alexis.

“Does Alexis really have someone she likes? I’ve never heard her mention it before. I wonder which scion it is.”

“Who knows? We’re pretty close to Alexis, and we’ve never heard her mentioning anything about having a crush on someone! Could it be that she’s just finding an excuse to turn Nate down, just like he said?”

“That’s hard to say. Just because Alexis doesn’t like Nate, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be in love with someone else, right? But it’s her birthday today, so the person she’s in love with should also be here, right? We just don’t know who he is.”

“What’s going on? Is Alexis going to announce the identity of her crush today? The scions of California are all here today. That means Alexis’s crush must be here too!”

“But Nate should have the highest status in the whole of California, right? If Alexis doesn’t even like Nate, which scion do you think she would fall for?”

While everyone was discussing, Alexis suddenly said sneeringly, “Nate, do you think I must be in love with you? Let me tell you. The person I like is really right here!”

Then under everyone’s surprised gaze, Alexis walked straight toward a spot near a corner.

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