The First Order - Chapter 93 - What a scam!

Chapter 93: What a scam!

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A normal 7.62 mm bullet had 2,600 joules of kinetic energy upon firing, while a 12.7 mm bullet could reach 15,000 joules of kinetic energy.

But actually, even with such simplified data available, it would still be very difficult for people to imagine how powerful a bullet from a sniper rifle was when it hit and passed through someone.

Qing Zhen’s bodyguard was a supernatural being. But what was very shocking was that at a time when the various organizations were arresting these supernatural beings, Qing Zhen had started using them for his own purposes.

At this moment, this silent tiger of the Qing Consortium with a notorious reputation even among the other organizations was standing in the limelight as though this were his stage. He bent over to pick up the bullet off the ground and said with a smile, “The Saboteurs have finally set their sights on me?”

The people around Qing Zhen were taken aback. So it was the Saboteurs who did this? That obscure legend of a group that was being discussed by the organizations?

Qing Zhen turned to look at Liu Bu. He said with a smile, “As her agent, you didn’t even know your client is a supernatural being. You’re pretty stupid then. Rest in peace. There is no place for a useless person… in this era.”

Qing Zhen grabbed Liu Bu by his hair and stabbed the hand-length bullet into Liu Bu’s eye with his bare hands. Liu Bu could only let out a short cry of pain before he stopped moving.

Both of Qing Zhen’s hands were bloody.

Right now, Ren Xiaosu was standing atop the roof as he dumbfoundedly watched Yang Xiaojin dismount her gun and stand up without any delay. It was as though she already knew it would be very difficult to make another attempt on Qing Zhen’s life even if she were to keep shooting at him.

A second later, the sniper rifle’s muzzle swung over. It was aimed straight at Ren Xiaosu, who was on the roof. Ren Xiaosu sensed a trace of the girl’s mischief behind the scope.

Ren Xiaosu panicked. ‘Shouldn’t you fucking be taking another shot after failing to complete your mission? Why are you aiming at me?!’

But Yang Xiaojin appeared to be very calm. She had failed, so whatever happened wasn’t worth looking back on.

The rifle was fired with a cracking sound. But this time, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the gunshot. This was because Ren Xiaosu stood there without moving, and the bullet didn’t hit him either.

As Ren Xiaosu knew all about Yang Xiaojin’s firearms proficiency, he knew she hadn’t fired this shot to kill him. It was to draw a clear line between them in front of the Qing Consortium?

If it were really that, then wasn’t this done too hastily?! Or could it be that she was just doing this out of spite for Luo Xinyu’s sake?!

All of a sudden, Ren Xiaosu saw Luo Xinyu, who had just disappeared, appear on top of the skyscraper. She waved at Ren Xiaosu like she was greeting him before taking Yang Xiaojin’s hand and bringing her into the shadow with her.

Ren Xiaosu was absolutely stunned by what he had seen this time. He looked at the top of the skyscraper that was now empty, then looked over at the numerous Qing Consortium’s combat troops coming for him. ‘You guys are just gonna leave like that? Aren’t you gonna bring me along too?!’

Seeing the large force of the Qing Consortium’s combat brigade approaching, Ren Xiaosu wanted to cry. ‘You two may escape with your superpowers after attracting such firepower, but have you considered that you might be inconveniencing for others?!’

What a scam!

Honestly, Ren Xiaosu could never have imagined that Luo Xinyu and Yang Xiaojin were in on it together. Even Yang Xiaojin’s assassination attempt on Qing Zhen didn’t leave him so surprised.

At this time, Ren Xiaosu remembered the first time he met Luo Xinyu and how he had requested to switch Wang Congyang with someone else for the expedition. Back then, Luo Xinyu had secretly given Yang Xiaojin a look no one but Ren Xiaosu had noticed.

Later on, when they were eating fish together, Yang Xiaojin called Luo Xinyu over to have some as well. When someone harassed Luo Xinyu, Yang Xiaojin stood up for her just in time.

At the time, Ren Xiaosu had thought Yang Xiaojin was only doing this because they were both women. He never expected these two people already knew each other, and they even put on such a great act in front of everyone!

They did not exactly cover all details with their acting, but it was still enough to fool Ren Xiaosu, Xu Xianchu, and Liu Bu.

Luo Xinyu was only a girl. So many soldiers of the private army had died, but Luo Xinyu survived until the very end. This in and of itself should have aroused Ren Xiaosu’s suspicions.

Before he learned of this outcome, those shreds of evidence were hidden in plain sight, but he didn’t pick up on them. But after what happened here, and upon remembering, the details popped into his mind.

Ren Xiaosu watched with a pained heart as the dense, dark group of troops neared. He had been too careless!

The saying was indeed true: The prettier the animal, the deadlier it was. So this rule was not only true for the wilderness!

And these two girls had been keeping Liu Bu around because he helped to lessen the suspicion on Luo Xinyu. In the end, Luo Xinyu helped Yang Xiaojin determine Qing Zhen’s location and even helped her gain an extra moment of time.

The only surprise was that they had not expected Qing Zhen to have a supernatural being who would protect him even at the expense of the being’s own life.

What was so extraordinary about Qing Zhen that a supernatural being would follow him?!

Right at this time, the rusty iron door on the roof was shattered by someone ramming into it. Ren Xiaosu raised his gun and opened fire in that person’s path, blocking his route. He looked around him and let out a curse. “Fuck!”

Not a second later, Xu Man arrived through the shattered door onto the rooftop. When he saw Ren sprinting for the side of the roof, he attempted to shoot at him to stop him. In the end, he couldn’t match Ren Xiaosu’s speed as he tried to take aim at him!

In the ruined city, the troops in their black uniforms were making their way towards him like snakes hunting prey. Ren Xiaosu could no longer wait. He had to get out of here before they surrounded him!

Back when Ren Xiaosu, Yang Xiaojin, and Xu Xianchu penetrated into the city perimeter, he thought he would be the fastest person to get away from here in the event they had to escape.

However, that wasn’t the case at all. Yang Xiaojin and Luo Xinyu had a trick up their sleeves!

Ren Xiaosu leaped off the rooftop. The rooftop on the adjacent building was a drop of several dozen meters from the one he was on. However, Ren Xiaosu was confident he would be fine!

Xu Man rushed to the edge of the roof in the hope that he could fire another shot at Ren Xiaosu. But by the time he reached the edge, he could only see Ren Xiaosu’s receding figure running off into the distance towards the edge of the city. Xu Man shouted on the comms channel, “Target is escaping at my ten o’clock! Shrink the perimeter and lock it down!”

In the forest outside of the city, the Qing Consortium’s perimeter lockdown was still in effect. Over there were countless troops waiting for any signs of unknown danger that approached. But to everyone’s surprise, that danger turned out to be a refugee escaping towards them.

Before this, almost no one regarded this refugee to be any danger at all.

Ren Xiaosu was making a mad dash through the city streets and alleys. Ever since he jumped off the rooftop, he was trying his best not to head for higher ground. This was because he didn’t want to end up becoming a live target for the troops.

As he ran, he kept thinking about how Xu Xianchu didn’t seem to have made any moves. It would have been good if there were someone else sharing a load of this firepower at this time!

This ruined city was a huge chessboard, and Ren Xiaosu was a small chess piece running around on it. On this chessboard, the other white chess pieces on his team were gone. Meanwhile, those heavily armed black pieces were all looking to hunt him down and kill him.

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