The First Order - Chapter 92 - Intentions revealed! A midnight assassination!

Chapter 92: Intentions revealed! A midnight assassination!

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Surrounding the adjacent building now might already be too late.

But what Xu Man couldn’t understand was, if Ren Xiaosu could really leap across the building, then just what kind of strength and speed did he have?

Xu Man said to the other soldiers of the platoon he was leading, “You guys keep chasing him upstairs!”

He then turned around and headed downstairs, running straight for the adjacent building. Xu Man firmly believed that Ren Xiaosu wouldn’t wait to get caught on the roof. That young man would definitely jump to the next building!

Just several moments after he rushed out of the building he was in, he looked up and saw Ren Xiaosu flying overhead. The young man’s speed in the air was shockingly fast, and his body was comfortably outstretched to the extreme. Then he lightly landed on the roof of the building across the lane! In that instant, Xu Man thought he saw a bird flying.

Xu Man drew in a deep breath. He ran towards the adjacent building while saying on the comms channel, “Target Ren Xiaosu will need to have his powers reassessed! I repeat! Target’s powers will need to be reassessed!”

This young man was far from what they had imagined him! This was absolutely not a level of strength that their commonly designated F-class threats could reach!

Xu Man rushed into the building and ran like mad up the stairs to the roof. But everyone who was in this ruined city heard a loud sound come from out of the blue. The sound reverberated through the city and out into the distance, as though a death knell had suddenly sounded.

Xu Man stood in the dark building and looked around. He was puzzled. What was that sound? It sounded like it came from somewhere nearby!

A few moments ago, while Ren Xiaosu was in midair after leaping across to the next building, he saw someone standing atop a fractured skyscraper in the distance before him.

He had intended to head to that fractured skyscraper in the first place, so he wasn’t really that far from it at this point.

A moment later, he landed on the roof and stood there as he looked at the breach of the skyscraper. The broken and twisted rebar made the skyscraper look like it was a demon’s tentacles piercing the sky.

On top of that fracture, a cap-wearing girl plucked a large sniper rifle out of thin air. Then she placed a foot onto the edge of the crumbled wall and used both her hands to lift the large rifle onto her raised leg for support!

Locked and loaded, she took aim!

Ren Xiaosu did not know how Yang Xiaojin had conjured the sniper rifle. He looked in the direction Yang Xiaojin was aiming and saw Qing Zhen, who was wearing his white suit and standing in the spotlight!

Ren Xiaosu was standing in the middle between Yang Xiaojin and Qing Zhen, so he could just barely make out the situation at Qing Zhen’s location.

So… Yang Xiaojin wasn’t here for anything else. She wasn’t here to visit her relatives, nor was she here for the secret of the Jing Mountains. Right from the beginning, her purpose was to kill this young man wearing the white suit!

Ren Xiaosu had given it deep thought before and deduced there must have been an organization backing Yang Xiaojin. Moreover, the organization would also have its own intelligence agency. So this could explain why Yang Xiaojin knew about Qing Zhen’s whereabouts and that he would appear here.

Right now in the hinterlands of the Jing Mountains, this cap-wearing girl had finally revealed her intentions and was about to create her greatest assassination attempt!

Ren Xiaosu’s Advanced Firearms Proficiency made him suddenly think at this moment. He looked in the direction of the suit-wearing young man and considered the many factors affecting a long-distance shot on a target. The distance between Yang Xiaojin and the suit-wearing young man was at the point where the shooter would have to consider compensating for the Earth’s rotation. If there wasn’t any point of reference, how should the shot be carried out?

At this moment, Luo Xinyu, who wasn’t far away from the suit-wearing young man, had her head lowered. Her long hair was draped in front of her and blowing in the light breeze. When the wind stopped blowing, Luo Xinyu’s hair would also stop moving. Ren Xiaosu realized that the moment was now!

At some point in time, Luo Xinyu had freed herself from the shackles on her hands. She pulled out a black dagger from her dense hair and thrust it at the bodyguard beside Qing Zhen. But the bodyguard did not back down. Instead, a white light started glowing in his hands as he conjured two fan-like objects and aimed it at Luo Xinyu with killing intent.

Beside them, Liu Bu was dumbfounded with shock. He could never have expected the Luo Xinyu he knew to suddenly become like she was someone else. Where did that delicate and fragile Luo Xinyu go?! Was this someone else impersonating her?!

The dagger Luo Xinyu was holding looked like a work of art. But in her slender hand, the dagger somehow seemed to be imbued with so much power.

When the combat troops around them saw this development, they raised their guns and took aim at Luo Xinyu. If Qing Zhen’s bodyguard could not stand up to her, they would fire their weapons in Luo Xinyu’s path to prevent her from assassinating Qing Zhen!

But Luo Xinyu was not going to kill anyone. She had apparently done this to give Yang Xiaojin an opening. Be it Qing Zhen’s bodyguard or those troops, none of them were expecting the assasination attempt to come from the top of a far away skyscraper.

Luo Xinyu only feinted an attack before making her retreat. Almost instantly, she stepped back into a shroud of shadow in the building behind her and disappeared. It was as though the door she opened in the shroud of shadow allowed her to cross spacetime!

It was Luo Xinyu’s power. Perhaps even Ren Xiaosu did not expect another supernatural being to be hidden on their team. Furthermore, it was even the person whose acting was the best.

This turn of events overwhelmed everyone. But at this time, Qing Zhen spun and looked at the top of the skyscraper. He could feel a sharp pain in his temples!

With a pull of the trigger, the muzzle flash from Yang Xiaojin’s sniper rifle was like a fire-breathing dragon in the dark of night that suddenly brought on the bloodshed!

That bodyguard noticed the muzzle flash in his peripheral vision and immediately gave up on chasing after Luo Xinyu to return back to Qing Zhen’s side.

The duty of a bodyguard was to protect rather than to kill enemies. That bodyguard roared with rage, “Sniper!”

The distance between Yang Xiaojin and Qing Zhen allowed the bodyguard to react in time. Even though a bullet was fast, it was all relative. With the distance extended, a bullet meant for killing would still have to travel across the dense air of the night sky!

The bodyguard threw his own body in front of Qing Zhen to shield him, with those two glowing hand fans made of white light held out in front of his chest. He could have tried to push Qing Zhen aside, but Qing Zhen was just a normal person, so that would have been too slow.

Time stilled.

A sniper rifle’s bullet that was the length of a hand tore through the air of this world. The energy from its rotation distorted the air all around it as it penetrated through the night sky!

The spotlight illuminated the area around Qing Zhen like a stage. Meanwhile, that bullet seemingly penetrated through the gaps of the light beams as it arrived onstage after traveling a 1,000 meters.

With a loud impact, the rotating bullet slammed into the glowing white fans with great force. The white fans started crumbling apart bit by bit.

At one point, the bodyguard even felt like he could see the patterning on the silver hand-length bullet.

Right after, the bullet spun through his muscles and heart. It continued to pass through him as it exited the wound with a splatter of blood. This bullet that had traveled over 1,000 meters had the extraordinary capability to pierce through this supernatural being’s power and body before it finally fell to the ground.

Those two white fans were extremely tough, but they were still unable to stop death.

The blood flew through the air and splattered onto Qing Zhen’s white suit, staining it red. The spots of blood on the white suit made it look just like plum blossoms that had just bloomed in the winter forest.

But even at this moment, Qing Zhen was still looking as calm as ever. It was as though the bullet was not coming for him in the first place.

“What a pity,” Qing Zhen said and sighed. The people beside him could not tell what he meant. Was he talking about the supernatural being who was his bodyguard who had just died? Or was he referring to his white suit?

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