The First Order - Chapter 85 - Mr. Zhang

Chapter 85: Mr. Zhang

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When Ren Xiaosu left, made it crystal clear to Yan Liuyuan that if Big Sister Xiaoyu was still taking care of him at that time, he would have to bring her along with him as well. If Xiaoyu had already taken the money and left, then Yan Liuyuan should go there and hide by himself.

Don’t hope to get lucky, and leave immediately at the sign of any trouble!

In Ren Xiaosu’s opinion, nothing was more important in this world than staying alive. It was better to have a gun for self-defense than having nothing at all.

Ren Xiaosu also wished that he could bring the gun with him into the Jing Mountains. But compared to his own safety, he felt that it was better to leave the gun for Yan Liuyuan.

It was just that Yan Liuyuan and Ren Xiaosu could not have expected something would happen so soon after Yan Liuyuan had retrieved the gun.

At this moment, Yan Liuyuan was actually not worried for himself. This was because he believed the place Ren Xiaosu had prepared for him would be safe and sound. He also believed that Ren Xiaosu would be back for him.

What he was worried about was Ren Xiaosu.

Ever since Yan Liuyuan gained his power of affecting luck, he suffered the side effects of making a wish several times. Therefore, he knew well that those side effects… were not simply a sickness.

Yan Liuyuan looked in the direction of the Jing Mountains with a frown. He knew that Ren Xiaosu must’ve encountered danger, and it was definitely something extremely dangerous too.

This was his inexorable destiny, and this was the cause and effect of him making a wish!

“Ren Xiaosu…” There was a pent-up feeling in Yan Liuyuan’s heart. In times of danger, these two brothers would always be worrying about each other’s safety instead of their own.

“Big Sister Xiaoyu, come with me.” Yan Liuyuan turned around and went into the house to pick up some clothes before getting ready to head out of the school. Xiaoyu did not even ask where they were going. She just took the money out from between the bricks on the ground and followed him.

But Zhang Jinglin caught his arm and stopped him. Zhang Jinglin sighed and said, “It’s not safe out there in the wilderness. You don’t have to escape. Let me handle it for you.”

“Let you handle it?” Yan Liuyuan didn’t understand what Zhang Jinglin meant. While they were talking, he even thought of breaking free from Zhang Jinglin grasp. However, he discovered that Zhang Jinglin was much stronger than he had thought and couldn’t break free from him.

Zhang Jinglin said, “The wolf pack has already returned. The place Ren Xiaosu prepared for you is very well-hidden, but it won’t escape the wolves’ noses. I’m afraid that Ren Xiaosu probably did not expect the wolf pack to return so soon either.”

Yan Liuyuan had some doubts. Why did Zhang Jinglin know the wolves were back? There was clearly no one in town who had sighted the wolf pack or heard any news about it.

Meanwhile, the stronghold’s gate was being raised. Soon after, Zhang Jinglin and the others could hear the sound of footsteps. It looked like the gunshots had also alarmed those in the stronghold, and the private army’s troops had come out to check!

The town started stirring, and the nocturnal commotion made all the refugees crawl out of bed. Everyone came out onto the street and looked in the direction of the school where there were some movements. Some of the more daring ones even headed over to the school to check out what was happening.

Zhang Jinglin waited silently. Not long after, someone kicked open the front door of the school. Wang Congyang led a squad of troops and walked in. He observed the surroundings and had a look at the five corpses lying on the ground, then looked over at Zhang Jinglin. At this moment, the gun was in Zhang Jinglin’s hand.

Wang Congyang smiled and said, “The pistol was indeed taken by that kid, Ren Xiaosu. I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time. There isn’t anyone else in town who has the balls to go and get their hands on a gun. Only he would dare to do something like that.”

Zhang Jinglin and the others did not say anything. Xiaoyu looked anxiously at Zhang Jinglin as though she was worried he couldn’t handle the situation before him.

From outside, Wang Fugui came running in with his clothes all haphazard. He smiled and said in a servile manner to Wang Congyang, “Sir, there must be a mistake somewhere!”

“There isn’t any mistake.” Wang Congyang shook his head. “I’m quite certain Wang Dongyang was killed by Ren Xiaosu.”

Wang Fugui took a stack of money out of his pocket at the words and tried to push it onto Wang Congyang. “You’re not really on good terms with Wang Dongyang anyway, so whether or not he was really killed by Ren Xiaosu, maybe we should give this matter some further thought.”

“Hahaha,” Wang Congyang laughed and shoved Wang Fugui aside. “Do you think I’m like the others from the stronghold who only have eyes for money? Round them all up! I’ll wait for Ren Xiaosu to come back and see how he explains himself!”

Though pushed aside, Wang Fugui came up to him again. As a result, Wang Congyang pulled his pistol out of its holster and pointed it right at Wang Fugui’s temple. “Stay away, understand?”

Then Wang Congyang was taken aback, because he saw Zhang Jinglin take some papers out of his pocket. Zhang Jinglin said, “Bring this into the stronghold and let Fatty Luo come and see me.”

Wang Congyang looked at Zhang Jinglin with suspicion. This was because Zhang Jinglin’s tone was too calm for this situation. In the vicinity of Stronghold 113, Zhang Jinglin was probably the only person Wang Congyang had met in his life who dared to call Boss Luo Fatty Luo.

Zhang Jinglin did not explain what the papers were. In the past, Wang Congyang had taken notice of Zhang Jinglin. He felt that Zhang Jinglin was no ordinary person, but he did not delve any deeper into it. Honestly, it did not matter to him whether Zhang Jinglin was normal or not.

But it was different now. He realized he had been embroiled into the mystery of Zhang Jinglin’s identity now.

As such, Wang Congyang was even a little afraid to take the red documentation from Zhang Jinglin. It looked a little aged, and the outside covering was slightly damaged.

Zhang Jinglin handed his documentation to Wang Congyang. “Here you go, bring it to him and he’ll understand. This isn’t something that you can handle anymore.”

“Watch them,” Wang Congyang told the private troops beside him. It wouldn’t do to get others to run this errand. He would need to head back to the stronghold personally and look for Boss Luo himself.

And yet he was afraid he had been fooled. Based on Wang Congyang’s meticulous nature, it was absolutely necessary to keep the soldiers behind to watch over Zhang Jinglin and Yan Liuyuan.

Xiaoyu looked over at Zhang Jinglin in worry. “Mr. Zhang, will it be alright?”

Zhang Jinglin waved it off. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen. They wouldn’t dare to do anything to me yet.”

Yan Liuyuan whispered from next to him, “Sorry, Teacher.”

If he had not fired the gun, Zhang Jinglin wouldn’t have had to expose his identity.

Zhang Jinglin gave him a glance and sighed. “You were not in the wrong. It’s this world’s fault. Besides, I still have to thank you. You only did it because you wanted to save me.”

In Zhang Jinglin’s opinion, he did not think that Yan Liuyuan had done anything wrong. If he hadn’t fired the gun, it would have ended tragically for both Liuyuan and Xiaoyu, as well as himself. This was because Zhang Jinglin was simply a normal teacher now.

Did Yan Liuyuan show off his fortune? No.

Did Yan Liuyuan kill the wrong people? No.

Zhang Jinglin suddenly felt that Yan Liuyuan was quite similar to Ren Xiaosu in some ways. He was ruthless like Ren Xiaosu, he was cold to his enemies like Ren Xiaosu, and he always had precaution for this world like Ren Xiaosu did.

In the past, Zhang Jinglin felt that it wasn’t good for Ren Xiaosu to be this way. But for some reason, he started thinking Ren Xiaosu was much more human than most people after interacting with him for some time.

This might sound a little wrong, but it was what Zhang Jinglin thought.

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