The First Order - Chapter 779 - Choosing teammates

Chapter 779: Choosing teammates

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When night was about to fall, Ren Xiaosu reluctantly put away the chess pieces. He looked at Jiang Xu and said, “Your skill seems to have deteriorated a little.”

Jiang Xu’s eyebrows twitched, and he said with a livid expression, “You better get lost while I can still hold myself back.”

Several of the reporters standing around them sniggered. They had never seen their chief editor lose so badly in front of anyone before. In fact, Jiang Xu’s chess skill was well-known throughout all of Luoyang City. Jiang Xu used to go searching for other seniors to play chess with in Luoyang City. He defeated them all and became the best elderly chess player.

But now, Jiang Xu did not even manage to win once having played three games against Ren Xiaosu.

Of course, it was not that Ren Xiaosu was good at playing chess. This happened purely because he was utterly shameless.

Jiang Xu’s general could only move one step at a time while Ren Xiaosu could move his 10 steps.

Based on Ren Xiaosu’s explanation, it was normal that Jiang Xu could only move one step at a time since he was advanced in age and his legs were not good. However, Ren Xiaosu was still young, and he was a supernatural being at that too, so it was natural that he should be allowed to move 10 steps at a time.

In fact, he had even tested it before. A normal car might not be able to outrun him in the wilderness.

Jiang Xu felt that playing chess with Ren Xiaosu was becoming more like a farce. He said, “Back to the main topic, I suggest you don’t get too close to the Wang Consortium. When I first came to the Wang Consortium, I felt the AI was quite good. Without mentioning other things, at the very least, everyone in the stronghold has enough food to eat and clothes to keep warm. But later, when I learned about their therapy, I started having second thoughts. Furthermore, the Wang Consortium is overly ambitious. I suspect the sudden eruption of the war between the Pyro Company and the Kong Consortium is also closely related to the Wang Consortium.”

Ren Xiaosu nodded. “I’ll be careful.”

As they chatted, Wang Run’s vehicle was waiting outside. After bidding Jiang Xu goodbye, Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin got into the car and headed to the dinner party. He mainly wanted to find out what Wang Shengzhi and Yang Anjing were up to tonight.

After Ren Xiaosu left, the reporters standing around Jiang Xu asked excitedly, “Chief Editor, was that him?”

Jiang Xu nodded and said with a smile, “Yes, that was him.”

A reporter asked, “Can you get some autographs for us? He was so cool when he protected our Hope Media HQ!”

During the battle in Luoyang City, the reporters and editors were all working inside the building. That night, everyone thought Hope Media was going to perish. But in the end, that person single-handedly took care of all the thugs.

Copies of that sketch of Ren Xiaosu’s back view by the female editor had long ago been made and kept as a collection by the reporters. To these people from Hope Media, Ren Xiaosu was their hero.

Honestly, even Ren Xiaosu himself was unaware of how popular he was with the employees of Hope Media.

The off-road vehicle drove all the way to the northwest of the stronghold. Ren Xiaosu had thought Wang Shengzhi’s official residence would be very luxurious, but he was surprised by it.

The vehicle drove down a path lined with trees and stopped on the side of the road.

The old and mottled courtyard house by the roadside was hidden behind dense parasol trees.

Wang Run pushed open the gate, and Ren Xiaosu stepped onto the limestone slabs in the courtyard as he walked in. He could see some bamboo planted around the yard and a koi pond as well. The place looked rather peaceful and comfortable.

Although the outside world had a lot of negative speculation about Wang Shengzhi, Ren Xiaosu was still willing to come to the Wang Consortium to meet him. After all, Wang Shengzhi had saved his life before.

Even though that red spear had only pierced his appendix, he would probably have died on the shore if no one stopped his bleeding on time and applied medicine for him on a huge wound like that.

Ren Xiaosu had always been a vengeful person but would repay kindness with kindness. Therefore, this was one of the reasons he made those promises to Yang Anjing. After all, Yang Anjing and the Wang Consortium were now inextricably linked.

The relationship between Yang Anjing and the Wang Consortium was definitely not something Ren Xiaosu had blindly speculated. Just like this time, he was originally invited here by Yang Anjing, but it was Wang Shengzhi who came to receive him in the end.

As they walked into the spacious living room, Ren Xiaosu turned around when he heard the sound of a wheelchair moving. He was surprised to see Yang Anjing, who was dressed in her black combat uniform, pushing Wang Shengzhi out of the hallway in his wheelchair.

Ren Xiaosu was a little surprised. Could these two have already gone beyond a working relationship?

He greeted, “Mr. Wang, it’s been a while.”

Wang Shengzhi smiled. “We’re already on such good terms, so don’t address me as Mr. Wang.”

“Then what should I call you?” Ren Xiaosu pondered it for a while and tried out, “Uncle?!”

Everyone in the entire villa fell silent.

Yang Anjing and Yang Xiaojin both looked at him expressionlessly. However, Wang Shengzhi started laughing. “Maybe it’s still better if you address me as Mr. Wang. Come on, the food is ready.”

After that, Yang Anjing wheeled Wang Shengzhi over to the dining room while Ren Xiaosu sat down at the dining table.

Compared to the grand banquet he had imagined, there were only Yang Anjing, Yang Xiaojin, Wang Shengzhi, and Ren Xiaosu present tonight. The dishes were extremely sumptuous, and Ren Xiaosu could see many servants busily setting up the meal. After he sat down, someone immediately laid out a napkin for him to prevent any spillage from dripping on him.

To tell the truth, this was the first time Ren Xiaosu realized these big shots were so formal when they ate.

However, none of that mattered. He only wanted to know what Wang Shengzhi and Yang Anjing were planning to get him to do.

Ren Xiaosu asked calmly, “Since the two of you hoped for me to come, here I am. What’s the hurry with eating? Although I’ve never had such exotic delicacies placed in front of me before, I can be quite weird. I always find simple food to be more palatable. So, what exactly do you want me to do? Let me say this beforehand: Don’t ask me to do things that are against my will. Whether I agree to it or not will entirely depend on me.”

Wang Shengzhi said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the first task I want to request of you is to allow me to show you what the Wang Consortium’s AI is about.”

Ren Xiaosu was puzzled. “Have you thought it through? Any normal person who gets me to agree to three promises will not waste them like that.”

“In my opinion, this will not be a waste.” Wang Shengzhi shook his head. “I went to the Northwest some time ago and personally heard Zhang Jinglin admit he’s planning to hand over control of Fortress 178 to you. Since the Northwest maintains good business and neighborly ties with the Wang Consortium, I feel that you need to understand what the Wang Consortium is doing.”

Of course, it was not as simple as Wang Shengzhi had described. However, only Yang Anjing knew what Wang Shengzhi’s true motive was.

Ren Xiaosu thought for a moment before saying, “Alright, I can do that.”

“That’s good.” Wang Shengzhi became happier. Before this, he had been looking a little gloomy. It was only at this moment that he finally cheered up.

Ren Xiaosu asked, “But I don’t understand something. Why do you insist on me coming to learn about this AI? Why me?”

Yang Anjing, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, “If you were faced with a great disaster and revolutionary change, would you rather choose a wolf or a pig as your teammate?”

Ren Xiaosu started thinking again. This question felt like it had a more profound meaning to it, and he did not know how he should answer her.

After a while of silence, he said in a serious tone, “If the conditions allow, I hope that my teammate can be a human…”


Wang Shengzhi, Yang Anjing, and Yang Xiaojin were speechless.

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