The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 2121 - The Past Life 46

Chapter 2121: The Past Life 46

“Did you just say you want to marry me? Really?”

The Ninth Emperor blinked. “How can you trust a drunk man’s words?”

“But there is a saying that says people speak the truth when drunk. Maybe you have been planning to marry me, so you are saying it when you’re drunk.”

“That is for ordinary people. I am not an ordinary person, so don’t take my words seriously.” The Ninth Emperor smiled awkwardly.

Nan Changfeng chuckled. A beautiful smile appeared upon his face as he brushed the Ninth Emperor’s hair gently.

“But I’m taking it seriously…”

Somehow, seeing the smile upon the young man’s face, the Ninth Emperor’s heart skipped a beat. That feeling came too suddenly, something that she had ever had before.

She subconsciously controlled her nervousness and gritted her teeth. “I just heard Dongfang Yu’s voice. I have to see what happened to her.”

The Ninth Emperor stood up and just wanted to leave when Nan Changfeng pulled her arm.

She stopped.

“She is just having a nightmare. There’s no need to go.”

“Really?” The Ninth Emperor turned back and asked.

Nan Changfeng smiled. “I’ve asked Qing Zhu to check it out. She was only having a nightmare. It’s already late, and it’s better not to disturb her now.”


The Ninth Emperor felt relieved. ‘So it was just a nightmare. I thought someone came to my place to bully my people…

‘Since it was just a nightmare, I guess I don’t have to go there.’

“Sleep. Go back to your room.”

The Ninth Emperor yawned as sleepiness hit her again. She slowly walked back to the bed and fell back to sleep.

Nan Changfeng smiled faintly as he walked forward.

This time, he did not go to bed, nor did he leave, but only looked at her from the bed with eyes filled with gentleness.


In the other room…

Dongfang Yu was curled up into a ball. There was a huge snake next to her.

The green snake was as big as a human, wrapping itself around her body, scaring her.

Dongfang Yu closed her eyes that were already filled with tears.

Who would not be scared to death if a huge snake suddenly appeared in your room and was intensely staring into your eyes?

“Qing Zhu, have I offended you before? Why are you trying to scare me?” Dongfang Yu cried out like a two-hundred-pound child, looking so pitiful.

Up until now, she had not even been able to get over it.

“You did not offend me. It’s just that…”

‘You’ve offended my master.’

Of course, Qing Zhu dare not say that out loud.

It knew that the Ninth Emperor liked these girls very much. Its master would be beaten up if she knew what he had done.

So, it paused for a moment and continued, “It’s just that I don’t like to sleep alone, so I came to find you.”

Dongfang Yu’s face turned paler.

She was terrified of snakes, and even though she was familiar with Qing Zhu, she still could not accept it.

“You have your master. Why are you looking for me?”

Qing Zhu blinked. “My master is not a woman. I want to sleep with a woman in my arms.”

Dongfang Yu froze.

The slippery snake scale touched her skin, giving her goosebumps and making her cry even more miserable.

“Then, you can go to Tian Xuan. Why did you come to me?”

Qing Zhu laughed. “That wolf girl is too fierce. I can only come to you.”

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