The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 2120 - The Past Life 45

Chapter 2120: The Past Life 45

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Her eyes were so overbearing, and if it were not for the redness on her cheeks, no one would have noticed that she was drunk.

Yes, she was drunk. Otherwise, she would never do such things to Nan Changfeng.

Nan Changfeng looked at the Ninth Emperor, who was striding on his abdomen. He smiled gently and said, “It’s cold here. Let’s go back to the room?”


She did not respond to him.

Nan Changfeng waited for a long time. He then looked at her again and found that the Ninth Emperor had fallen asleep.

He smiled helplessly and took the Ninth Emperor into his arms. He got up from the floor and walked toward the room.

Only after placing the Ninth Emperor on the bed did he turn around and walk toward the door.

When Nan Changfeng walked out of the door, the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

‘So she will get drunk every time she drinks the wine?

‘And when she’s drunk… She will always do such things to other women?’

He pursed his lips. “Qing Zhu…”

A green snake slowly poked its head out of his sleeve and asked suspiciously, “Master, what’s wrong?”

“Go and scare Dongfang Yu and the others.”

Qing Zhu was shocked.

It hesitated for a moment. “Master, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Do I look like someone who would do such a thing? Asking me to scare women? Where is my dignity as the king of the snake?”

Nan Changfeng glanced at Qing Zhu coldly, scaring it and making it tremble. “Alright, Master.”

In the middle of the night, the sound of a scream echoed through the whole courtyard, causing the leaves to rustle and the birds to scatter.

The Ninth Emperor slowly woke up and rubbed her temples. She turned around and suddenly felt an arm next to her. She was so shocked that she hurriedly withdrew her hand and looked at the young man lying next to her.

She then lifted her leg and kicked Nan Changfeng off the bed.

Nan Changfeng rolled off the bed before he woke up. He stood up from the floor and brushed his beautiful silver hair.

“Nan Changfeng, you climbed into my bed again?”

The young man looked at the Ninth Emperor pitifully. “Can’t you remember what you did yesterday?”

The Ninth Emperor froze.

She knew that she was not a good drinker, but she loved to drink and really could not control it because her wine was so delicious.

She had never done anything wrong when she was drunk before, and she had not seen anyone complain about it.

Yesterday… How could she have done something worse to Nan Changfeng?

The Ninth Emperor’s face turned pale. Her eyes flickered as if she was thinking of something.

‘He wants me to be responsible? Impossible!

‘I will not marry anyone in this life.

‘Can I just… Abandon him?’

“I…” The Ninth Emperor pondered for a while but still spoke out and asked, “What did I do to you?”

“You said you would marry me and bring me home.”

The Ninth Emperor was speechless.

“You also dragged me to bed and took off my clothes.”

With each sentence that Nan Changfeng uttered, the Ninth Emperor’s expression grew more anxious. Her eyes flickered a few times as if she was thinking of how to get out of it later.

“But…” Nan Changfeng smiled. “You fell asleep after you took off my clothes.”

Once he said that, the Ninth Emperor quickly sighed in relief.

Fortunately, she had not done those beastly things to Nan Changfeng.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to run away from it.


Nan Changfeng moved closer to the Ninth Emperor. The moonlight poured upon his handsome face, making him look more stunning.

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