The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 58 - Experts from the Capital

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Chapter 58 Experts from the Capital

When Qin Haodong came to the Criminal Police Unit, Nalan Wuxia was sitting in her office anxiously waiting for him. Beside her was Wang Jianfeng, the captain of the Criminal Police Unit.

Seeing Qin Haodong enter the door, Nalan Wuxia said happily, “Doctor Qin, you finally come!”

Wang Jianfeng said, “Little Qin, I’m sorry we have to trouble you again, but this case is of great importance. We really have no better way, otherwise we won’t call you here.”

“Captain Wang, don’t stand on ceremony. I can help you with anything.”

Then Qin Haodong sat down beside Nalan Wuxia.

Wang Jianfeng said, “Captain Nalan, please tell Doctor Qin about the case.”

“We have news from Burma’s informer that there was a bumper harvest of opium poppy in the Golden Triangle area this year, an increase of 30% compared with ordinary year, which directly leads to the difficulty of drug control in Jiangnan Province and even in the whole country.

According to internal information, the drug traffickers in the Golden Triangle area were ready to sell all the increased drugs to our country because of the large population, the rapid economic development and the balloon of people’s income in our country.

In order to cut off the drug trade in the Golden Triangle area and fight the anti-drug war in an all-round way, the police department had set up a Special Task Force.

Qin Haodong asked, “What does this have to do with Jiangnan?”

“According to the latest reports, Burma’s drug traffickers have sent hatchet men to our country with a large number of drugs to try out ways to deliver drugs, and this hatchet man chose Jiangnan City as his target,” Nalan Wuxia said.

Qin Haodong nodded inwardly. The police of Huaxia employed huge force in fighting against drug trafficking. It seemed that the spies had entered the top level of drug traffickers since they could get such accurate information.

“According to the information obtained, we have controlled the suspect and brought him to the Criminal Force Unit. But after careful search, even using anti-drug dogs, we have not found where the drugs are.

“Later, we conducted a shock interrogation on the suspect, but the effect was very unsatisfactory. Now, 19 hours have passed and nothing has been achieved.”

Wang Jianfeng said, “The suspect is a young man of about 30 years old, taking a child who has just reached the age of one, which brings great difficulties to our interrogation.

“Now the problem is, if we can’t find any strong evidence in 24 hours, we’ll have to let him go.

“The release of the suspect will show that our Jiangnan police are powerless to deal with the latest drug delivery in Myanmar, and that a large number of drugs will probably flow into Jiangnan.

“In this case, we think of Doctor Qin. We want you to use hypnosis to help us interrogate the suspect.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “This case has been reported to the Chinese Police Department, which attaches great importance to it. Fang Chuanxiong, the head of the Special Task Force, has taken two interrogation experts on the way to Jiangnan.

“However, our Jiangnan police will feel shame if depending on the police department to solve the case. So we want to solve the case quickly before the two experts arrive. We need your help.”

Qin Haodong said casually, “No problem. It’s only a few minutes to interrogate a little hatchet man…”

But just then, the door opened with a middle-aged police officer coming in from outside. Behind him were two men in their fifties. Although they looked gentle, their pride could hardly be concealed.

After a slight pause, Wang Jianfeng immediately welcomed him and said, “Leader Fang, you are so quick!”

Nalan Wuxia also stood up, and she whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “This is Fang Chuanxiong, the head of the Special Task Force. Those two people should be interrogation experts. I didn’t expect them to come so soon.”

After some greetings, Fang Chuanxiong sat down and said, “Captain Wang, how is the case going?”

Wang Jianfeng said with some embarrassment, “There has been no progress, no drugs found, and the suspect kept his mouth shut, so far there is no breakthrough.”

Fang Chuanxiong frowned, he looked at his watch and said, “The case has passed for 19 hours. How come there is no result at all? What’s wrong with your investigation work?”

Wang Jianfeng’s cheeks were flushed but he had nothing to say. As the saying went, Officials one rank superior crushed the inferior. Moreover, he was more than one rank inferior to Fang Chuanxiong who was one rank higher than the chief of the Public Security Bureau in Jiangnan City.

And it was true that he failed to solve the case quickly, so he could only listen to what Fang Chuanxiong said.

At this time, a tall and thin expert with glasses said, “Captain Fang, they are not to blame. Jiangnan is a small place. The police are inexperienced and incompetent in handling cases. It’s normal that they can’t solve such big cases.”

This sounded like a defense for Wang Jianfeng, but in fact, it belittled the ability of the whole Jiangnan police to handle cases.

Nalan Wuxia said with a sunken face, “This gentleman, please respect our Jiangnan police.”

The other pudgy expert grinned coldly and said, “If you want to be respected, you have to have that ability. If you have the ability, you don’t have to invite us here.”

Nalan Wuxia said angrily, “Without you, we Jiangnan police can solve the case as well, and no one invited you to come!”

The pudgy expert was obviously arrogant and used to be worshipped everywhere like the moon. Now a little policewoman didn’t give him face like that. He immediately got angry. “Since you have the ability, why haven’t you got the result yet?”

“That’s because I just arrived. If I came early, the case would have been solved!”

Qin Haodong couldn’t bear to see these two self-righteous guys who prided themselves on being a veteran. He stood up to speak for Nalan Wuxia.

“Who are you?”

The pudgy expert looked at Qin Haodong and asked.

Seeing them falling into a quarrel, Wang Jianfeng hastily explained, “This is Doctor Qin, Qin Haodong, who was invited by our Criminal Police Unit to help us solve this case.”

As soon as he said this, the two experts laughed together and said, “You Jiangnan police can’t admit your incompetence, yet you even asked a doctor to help the interrogation. I have lived for more than 50 years and have never heard such a funny joke.”

Wang Jianfeng’s face also changed, and he said, “Doctor Qin is very proficient in psychology and once he helped us…”

Before he could finish speaking, Fang Chuanxiong interrupted him impatiently, “Well, there’s not much time left. Let’s seize the time to do business.”

He stood up and said to Wang Jianfeng, “Where is the interrogation room? Let the experts start working immediately.”

Obviously, he did not take Qin Haodong into account at all, thinking that a young man in his twenties wouldn’t be helpful in the trial of the case.

Wang Jianfeng was very clear about Qin Haodong’s abilities. He didn’t give up hope and said, “Captain Fang, why don’t you let Doctor Qin try first? Then experts can start later.”

The expert with glasses said unhappily, “What do you mean? Would a little doctor’s interrogation level be higher than ours?”

“There’s no need to waste time,” said the pudgy expert with a haughty face. “No one in China can solve this case in five hours except the two of us.”

Fang Chuanxiong was not satisfied with what Wang Jianfeng had done. He said in a cold voice, “Captain Wang, we have no time to waste. Lead the way quickly.”

Shaking his head helplessly, Wang Jianfeng took them to the interrogation room.

Nalan Wuxia said indignantly, “D*mn things, they think they’re great because they are from the capital.”

Qin Haodong didn’t care. He was happy for not having to do anything.

“Now that there are experts, I’ll go back.”

“Don’t, Doctor Qin. I just met the hatchet man. This man is obviously carefully chosen by the big drug dealers in Myanmar. He has a very strong psychological quality and rich experience in confronting the police.

Such a person is very difficult, I have a premonition that the two experts are useless. At that time we will still need you.”

Qin Haodong said, “I don’t care. I’m just a little doctor. It’s your police’s job to solve the case.”

Then he turned his head and was about to leave. Nalan Wuxia took his hand.

Qin Haodong turned around and smiled at her. “Nanlan officer, are you flirting with me?”

“Bah, nonsense.” Nalan Wuxia threw off Qin Haodong’s hand and said, “Qin Haodong, whether you are a doctor or a student, but this case is very important for the whole country. We should know that if these drugs enter our country, it’s innocent people who are getting hurt.

“Aren’t you a doctor who saves lives and injuries? If you help solve this case, you will have more merit than saving one patient or even one hundred patients.”

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and said, “Well, you convinced me. I can wait here for a while, but there is only one condition.”

“I promise you anything, as long as you are willing to help,” Nalan Wuxia said excitedly.

Qin Haodong stared at her from toe to head, which made her a little panicked. Then laughed playfully. “In fact, nothing big, that is, you accompany me to eat a meal, drink a tea and you chat with me, namely three escort services!”

“Bah! You’re pulling my leg!” Nalan Wuxia rolled her eyes charmingly. “Say, what do you want to eat?”

“It doesn’t matter what you eat. The key is who you eat with, and everything will taste good when eating with a beautiful woman.”

Qin Haodong made fun of Nalan Wuxia for a while. They had dinner together and then the long wait began.

Time passed quickly, and four and a half hours had passed while waiting, but there was still no news coming from the interrogation room.

Fang Chuanxiong was calm at first, thinking that the two experts he brought would be able to manage the case quickly, but with the passage of time, he began to be restless and paced back and forth in the hall of the Criminal Police Unit.

As the head of the Special Task Force, of course, he hoped that his first case would be handled perfectly, but now it seemed very difficult.

Wang Jianfeng accompanied him all the time, and he also looked anxious. Only Qin Haodong looked relaxed. He chatted with Nalan Wuxia at the corner, sometimes making her giggle and sometimes blushing.

Ten minutes later, with only 20 minutes to go from 24 hours, the door of the interrogation room opened and the two experts came out.

“Well, the big experts come out. They’re really an expert. They solve the case when there are still 20 minutes left. It seems that we should go out and celebrate it,” Qin Haodong said with a laugh.

Fang Chuanxiong also asked eagerly, “How about the case?”

The two experts were extremely embarrassed, and the man with glasses said in a low voice, “Captain Fang, the suspect is too cunning, so there’s no result yet.”

“Don’t you say that the Jiangnan police are incompetent? You are a great expert from the capital. How can you not even solve this problem?”

This guy had just publicly belittled the Jiangnan police, so Nalan had been suppressing her anger.

“Uh…” The expert with glasses didn’t expect to fall into this awkward situation. He blushed and couldn’t speak.

The pudgy expert said, “In fact, we are not to blame. The time left was too short. If we intervene in the first place, we should surely be able to elicit the truth.”

Qin Haodong said, “Big expert, just as you said, only you can solve this case in five hours in the whole country. Why is time too short now?”

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